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IPA – 2008 Sector for Development SMEE

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IPA – 2008 Sector for Development SMEE - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IPA – 2008 Sector for Development SMEE. 1 . Improved Quality of Business Support Services in Serbia by Creating a Standardized Model – IPA 08 Overall Objective

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IPA – 2008

Sector for Development SMEE

1. Improved Quality of Business Support Services in Serbia by Creating a Standardized Model– IPA 08

Overall Objective

Improve the quality, range and availability of business support services throughout Serbia to accelerate the development of the SME sector and improve the competitiveness;

Activity 1: Establishing a Standard Set of Services by the Serbian Agency for the Development of SMEs and Entrepreneurship to be Delivered by All Regional SME and Development Agencies;

Activity 2: Building Capacity of Regional SME and Development Agencies;

Activity 3: Establishing and Implementing Quality Standards for the delivery of Business Support Services;

Activity 4: Approval and Certification of Business Support Providers;

Activity 5: Delivery of Programme of Business Support for SMEs and Entrepreneurs

Duration – 24 months

Budget – 2.5 million Euro

2. Building Institutional Capacity and Creating Environment for Competitiveness and Innovation in Serbia – IPA 08

Overall Objective

Higher rates of growth and increased competitiveness of Serbia through the strengthening of the institutional capacity and developing the support framework for increased levels of innovation in enterprises;

Key components and related activities

  • Capacity building of public institutions
  • Capacity building of Business and Innovation Support Organisations (BISOs)
  • Development of the nation-wide innovation support network (portal)
  • Promotion and Awareness of Competitiveness through Innovation


Budget– 2.5 million Euro

3. Increased Capacity for Public Private Sector Dialogue within SME Policy Creation and Implementation Process / FORUM– IPA 08

Overall Objective

The Overall Objective is improved economic growth in Serbia through an improved SME development process in which both the public and SME sectors cooperate in the policy development and implementation process;

  • Activity 1: Establishing the Membership, Role and Organisation of the Forum
  • Activity 2: Establishing the Secretariat and Technical Support for the Forum
  • Activity 3: Training and Development for Forum Members
  • Activity 4: Promotion and Awareness of the SME Sector
  • Activity 5: SME Information

Duration –

Budget – 2.2 million Euro


4. Technical Assistance for Establishment and Operation of Business Incubators in Serbia through strengthening of Business Incubator Support Centre within the Serbian Agency for the Development of SMEs and Entrepreneurship – IPA 08

Overall objective

Generate new enterprises and job creation through development of sustainablebusiness incubator support infrastructure in the Republic of Serbia;

Activity 1:Capacity and institutional strengthening of the Business Incubator Support Centre within the Agency;

Activity 2:Screening of the existing situation and the status of business incubators and selection of 15 incubators and their management teams;

Activity 3:Organizing meetings with donors;

Activity 4:Exploring possibilities for the establishment of the Network,

Analysis of legal framework and formation of the Network,

Specifying the role and type of operations of the Network;

Duration – 24 months

Budget– 2.5 million Euro


5. Project – Development of handicrafts in the Republic of Serbia

Overall Objective:

In accordance with the Program for the development of SMEs, the Project is being carried out with the aim to develop traditional and other handicrafts. It is a complete and fully developed sector of traditional and other handicrafts in the Republic of Serbia.

Activities 1: Drafting and passing the Law on Handicrafts

Activities 2:Designed and developed nomenclature and national framework for qualifications and occupations in the area of handicrafts.

Activities 3:Completed system of schools and education with the aim to develop knowledge and skills necessary for the development of traditional and other handicrafts.

Activities 4:Set up the chamber system of professional and business associations of craftsmen and setting up the register of members of associations.

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