Adventures in hrp
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Adventures in HRP PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Adventures in HRP. Ellyn Daugherty San Mateo Biotech Career [email protected] EMC/Paradigm VWR/ San Mateo Biotechnology Career Pathway

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Adventures in HRP

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Adventures in HRP

Ellyn Daugherty

San Mateo Biotech Career

[email protected]



San Mateo Biotechnology


Giving motivated teenagers and adults the skills to pursue several career and academic options.

Partnerships with Industry and Academia

Biotechnology is an opportunity to teach science in a way that results in science literacy & research skills & career awareness for virtually every student.

  • Students learn the skills and gain the confidence and self-directedness that are necessary for independent research(science fair projects) and higher-level science courses.

  • Students see meaning and application in their math, biology and chemistry.

  • Students learn the science and business of biotech so that they are better prepared to make decisions about their futures and society.

The HRP Activities are found in Chapter 6

  • Text - Chapter 6 and 14

  • Lab Manual - Labs 6f-6h, 14a

  • Student CD Tutorials for basic skills

  • Course Planner/Instructor’s Guide

Biotech 3 HRP labs:

  • Peroxidase Assay

  • HRP extraction from HR Root

  • HRP assay using PAGE

  • HRP assay w/ TMB indicator

  • HRP used in ELISAs

How Do You Make the Phosphate Buffer?

You need 100 mL of a 25 mM NaH2PO4 * H20, pH 7 buffer.

conc. desired X volume desired X molecular weight = amount of solute

in mol/L in L in g/mol in g

Convert 25 mM = 0.025 mM and convert 100 mL = 0.1 L

0.025 mol/L X 0.1 L X 138 g/mol = 0.345 g NaH2PO4 * H20

0.345 g of NaH2PO4 * H20 is measured measured on a balance and put into an appropriate vessel. Then, solvent is added up to the 100 mL graduation.

100 mL

Adjust pH to 7 and add dH20 to 100 mL

add solvent (dH20) to 75 mL

0.345 g NaH2PO4 * H20

HRP is 43 kD

50 kD

35 kD

My Professional Goals


  • Biotechnology programs in everyhigh school, CTE center, and community college, tailored to the student population and industry and community needs

  • Aligned and articulated programs in HS and CC so that teenagers and adults have the same platform from which to enter specialized programs

  • To make it as easy as possible for educators to do the other 2

Get help starting or improving a biotech program !

Ellyn Daugherty

SM Biotech Career Pathway

[email protected]

JEFF GANDY 800.848.9033 [email protected]

Holly Ahern



Sandy Duffey

for preview copy

[email protected]

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