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Message Strategy. Marketing 3344. Objectives. Methods. Context for Message Strategy. Advertising Strategy (Planning, Preparation, Placement). Message Strategy. Message Strategy: Objectives and Methods. Objective #1: Promote brand recall. Method A: Repetition ads

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Message Strategy

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Message Strategy

Marketing 3344



Context for Message Strategy

Advertising Strategy

(Planning, Preparation, Placement)

Message Strategy

Message Strategy: Objectives and Methods

Objective #1:

Promote brand recall

  • Method A: Repetition ads

  • Method B: Slogan and jingle ads

Objective #2:

Link key attributes to the brand name

  • Method A: Unique selling proposition (USP) ads

Ad in Context Example

ALTOIDS has successfully used repetition with ads like these to create brand recall.

PPT 11- 4

Ad in Context Example

Volvo uses the unique selling proposition in this ad.

PPT 11-5

Message Strategy: Objectives and Methods

  • Method A: Reason-why ads

  • Method B: Hard-sell ads

  • Method C: Comparison ads

  • Method D: Testimonial ads

  • Method E: Demonstration ads

  • Method F: Infomercials

Objective #3:

Persuade the consumer

Ad in Context Example

Comparison ads, like this one, work better when the comparison directly names brands.

PPT 11-7

Message Strategy: Objectives and Methods

  • Method A: Feel good ads

  • Method B: Humor ads

  • Method C: Sex-appeal ads

Objective #4: Affective Association

Message Strategy: Objectives and Methods

Objective #5: Scare the consumer into action

  • Method A: Fear- appeal ads

Objective #6: Change behavior by inducing anxiety

  • Anxiety ads

  • Social Anxiety ads

Message Strategy: Objectives and Methods

Objective #7: Transform consumption experiences

  • Method A: Transformational ads

  • Method A: Slice-of-life ads

  • Method B: Branded Entertainment, Product placement, Short Internet Films, Madison & Vine

Objective #8: Situate the brand socially

Message Strategy: Objectives and Methods

Objective # 9: Define the brand image

  • Image ads

PPT 11-11

Ad in Context Example

Product placement isn’t just for movies and TV.

PPT 11-12

Ad in Context Example

“Image ads” carry little hard product information and rely on appealing visuals instead.

In the End….

Message development is where the advertising and brand battle is won or lost . . .

  • Creatives have to turn client wishes into effective advertising.

  • Creatives need to get into the mind of the consumer/target audience.

  • Advertisers need to merge culture and brand.

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