Welcome to the webinar on social media marketing
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welcome to the webinar on social media marketing. the #1 reason on social media for not making any money?. PART 1 / Nick Peall socializing your sales funnels. Social Sales Funnel (affiliate). Social Sales Funnel (services).

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welcome to the webinar on social media marketing

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welcome to the webinar onsocial media marketing

the #1 reason on social mediafor not making any money?

PART 1 / Nick Peallsocializing yoursales funnels

Social Sales Funnel(affiliate)

Social Sales Funnel(services)

Social proof, also known as informational social influence, is a psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others reflect correct behavior for a given situation…

Not only does social proof overcome buying decisions, it helps guide consumer behaviour!

why use social proof?

one study found that when evaluating a product, consumers were more likely to incorporate the opinions of others through the use of social proof

"Informational Influence and the Ambiguity of Product Experience: Order Effects on the Weighting of Evidence". Journal of Consumer Psychology 

why use social proof?

“selling… is telling the truth in a convincing way”

gather the facts and testimonials from happy customers to influence your marketing audience!when your prospects see you have satisfied clients it helps remove fears of post purchase disapproval

why use social proof?

people find others’ opinions interesting

Testimonials attract attention and engage the viewer because people are curious about other people, especially when they are discussing a relevant product or service

why use social proof?

soft selling works on social media!

advertising is often made of pushy sales copy, testimonials are subtly persuasive! most people

rather hearing a friend suggest something of interest, when compared to having it sold to them by a salesman or commercial offer

why use social proof?

that‘s my bit done…who has a good question?

PART 2 / Rosh Khanengaging your fans to increase edgerank



EdgeRank Strategies

TIP 1:Ask Questions

  • Simple and effective

  • People love to talk about themselves

  • More interaction = higher EdgeRank

  • Great for consumer opinions & ideas

EdgeRank Strategies

TIP 2:Post Games & Use Trivia

  • Very effective strategy

  • People want to show off their knowledge

  • Have predetermined days so people “look forward”

EdgeRank Strategies

  • Ideas:

  • Where am I?

  • What am I listening to right now?

  • Where was our company founded?

EdgeRank Strategies

TIP 3:Interact With Fan Engagement

  • Large part of your strategy

  • Fuel the discussion (Longer thread = higher EdgeRank)

  • Tip: Use the “trolls” to your advantage

  • Examples: Why? When? What? Where? How?

EdgeRank Strategies

TIP 4:Use Facebook Questions

  • Located just above the Wall

  • Find hot-button topics in your industry and center your questions around them

  • Find passion points

EdgeRank Strategies

TIP 5:Use Relevant Photos

  • Eye-catching strategy

  • Support status updates with photos

  • Action shots or product/service

  • Facebookers prefer to click than read

  • Hack character limits

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