What s hot and what s not
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What teens really read…and then tell their friends to read! What bookclubs really read and tell their friends to read! Karol Sacca Retired -but never tired of reading Parachute , CO 81635 970-285-7017 [email protected] What’s Hot and What’s Not.

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What s hot and what s not

What teens reallyread…and then tell their friends to read!

What bookclubsreally read and tell their friends to read!

Karol Sacca

Retired -but never tired of reading

Parachute, CO 81635


[email protected]

What’s Hot and What’s Not

Colorado Teacher of the Year Finalist 2004

Lucy Schweers

Excellence in Paralibrarianship 2012

Eleanor park rainbow rowell
Eleanor & ParkRainbow Rowell

  • 1986

  • 2 geeky narrators

  • Park: Korean/white

  • Eleanor “thinks she is fat” wild clothes-hair etc

  • School bus ride-first love

  • OK this one wins all my votes…must read!

The statistical probability of love at first sight jennifer e smith
The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight Jennifer E. Smith

  • Incredible, near perfect clean love story

  • Takes place in a 24 hour period

  • Girl: misses plane to attend dad’s remarriage in London

  • Boy: meets girl while waiting at airport-sits next to her on plane

  • The apart then together? Forever?

  • This is a perfect “clean” love story

The chosen one carol lynch williams

The Chosen One Carol Lynch Williams

“Your heart will race, teeth grind and the brow bead with sweat”

Young girl told she must marry her uncle

BUT she has fallen in love with a kind young man

Can she(they leave) leave the compound

I would have never selected this one..but it captured me!

Old one but a great girl’s read!

Need a got to get your reading..this is one of my 233 picks

Falling for you lisa schroeder
Falling for You Lisa Schroeder

  • Terrible home life-stepfather ugh!

  • Great job at flower shop

  • Falls in “love” with very possessive boy-too much

  • Tension created by storytelling model

Love and other perishable items laura buzo
Love and Other Perishable Items Laura Buzo

  • Set in Australia

  • H.S. girl (16 years old) gets job at local grocery story

  • Falls crazy in love with at 20 something yr old

  • Of course he is on love with someone else

  • Great dialogue-fun read

Just one day gayle foreman
Just One Day Gayle Foreman

  • High school grad gets dream tip to Europe

  • Meets Dutch actor

  • Slips away on an unplanned trip to Paris where he disappears.

  • She returns to U.S. to

  • Ugh! sequel…his story due fall 2013

Easy tamara webber
EasyTamara Webber

  • College age girl attends costume party-designated driver

  • Goes to leave and rape attempted-graphic

  • “Rescued” by a stranger

  • Great resource material at end

  • Consider pair to the true story

In too deep amanda grace
In Too DeepAmanda Grace

  • Rumor starts to snowball

  • Party-drinking…

  • Carter raped Sam(girl), when in fact it is a lie

  • BUT Issues with Carter…did he rape others?

  • Could be a great girls only book club

Rape girl alina kline
Rape GirlAlina Kline

  • Flip Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson and you have it

  • Girl tells of her rape!

  • Reactions: oh my

The girl who was suppose to die by april h enry
The Girl who was Suppose to Dieby April Henry

  • “Take her out back and kill her off…”

  • Girl, Stolen: kidnapped in back of car

  • The Night She Disappeared-girl goes out to deliver pizza…never returns

  • One of my 233 go to reads

Shadowlands kate brian
Shadowlands Kate Brian

  • Rory (girl) is in witness protection

  • New town, new friends until one is missing

    • The serial killer she turned in is hunting her

  • High school-graphic violence

  • If we survive by andrew klavan
    If We Survive by Andrew Klavan

    • 4 kids and sponsor go to Central America to rebuild a school

    • Community LOVES them…then

    • Revolution…oh my.. page 1

    • They are targeted to die

    • Can they get out?

    • Can they survive?

    Boy nobody by allen zadoff
    Boy Nobody by Allen Zadoff

    • New kid in school, no real friends then zap someone dies…

    • a Jason Bourne-like assassin

    • Get assignments from “The Program”

    • But is the program wearing off?

    • High action, quick start

    Call the shots don calame
    Call the ShotsDon Calame

    • Oh! the boys are back

    • Book 3 of their adventures.

    • This adventure: a low- budget horror film

    • Adventure #1: see and prove you have seen a full( frontal) in real life naked girl.

    • Adventure #2: safe sex and winning a band contest when no one plays an instrument.

    A thousand words by jennifer brown
    A Thousand WordsBy Jennifer Brown

    • Topic: Sextexting

    • The girl send nude photo to senior boyfriend…she is drunk

    • The ripple in the pond effect

    • Realistic

    Boy 21 matthew quick
    Boy 21 Matthew Quick

    • All about high school basketball

    • Finley is the only white kid on his team

    • Coach says new kid “Boy 21” (super star was perfect until a family tragedy… ( Parents have been murdered)

    • Boy 21 claims he is extraterrestrial who parents are coming (from space) to get him

    • Goal: get the new kid back in the game!

    34 pieces of you carmen rodrigues
    34 Pieces of YouCarmen Rodrigues

    • Ellie is dead: drug overdose

    • 34 strips of paper hidden in a box under Ellie’s bed

    • Secrets revealed when brother, best friend and sister look into her death

    Crazy dangerous andrew klavan
    Crazy DangerousAndrew Klavan

    • “Do Right -Fear Nothing”

    • Bully theme

    • Preacher’s kid gets into the wrong crowd

    • Strong bully theme-tried to rescue a girl

    • Not his best

    • Like Christian message?

    My book of life by angel martine leavitt
    My Book of Life by AngelMartine Leavitt

    • 16 yr old girl caught up in drugs then prostitution

    • Gritty-real-she so longs for a home-to love her

    • Then “Call” (pimp)brings home an 11 year old girl

    • Girls go missing but why?

    • Free verse simple

    • High school and above

    May b caroline starr rose
    May BCaroline Starr Rose

    • Middle school and beyond

    • 1800’s sod houses

    • Girl sent to aid another settler recently married to a “Mail-order” bride

    • Terror-survivor tale

    • Middle school

    I hunt killers game barry lyga
    I Hunt Killers- Game Barry Lyga

    • Jazz’s father is a very famous serial killer..now in prison and has been 4 years.

    • Jazz was “trained” by dad…

    • Now there is a serial killer loose in his town

    • So…is he it? Did he do it?

    • Shivers…bodies etc

    The last thing i remember the long way home truth of the matter the final hour by andrew klavan

    The Last Thing I Remember The Long Way Home – Truth of the Matter-The Final Hourby Andrew Klavan

    Great opening

    Charlie wants to go to Air Force, is skilled in karate finds himself tied to a chair surrounded with instruments of torture

    Perfect for hard to please male readers

    Series:“The Homelanders”

    Easy go to series 4 boys

    Code name verity by elizabeth wein
    Code Name Verityby Elizabeth Wein

    • Setting: WWII Britain

    • 2 best girlfriends: one shot down over France

    • Interrogation (Nazi torture)that reveals an amazing friendship

    • Read it twice…second time you see the puzzle that was there all along

    • Easily an adult read

    Once then now morris gleitzman
    Once-Then –Now Morris Gleitzman

    "This story is my imagination trying to grasp the unimaginable"

    “Everyone needs a family, no matter where it’s found”

    Holocaust tale-Poland 1942

    Not necessary to read #1 but helpful

    Felix and Zelda jump from a Nazi death train

    All about survival

    Meets Genia –character lives forever in my heart

    Between shades of gray by ruta sepetys
    Between Shades of Gray by RutaSepetys

    Baltic States lost more than one-third of their populations during the Russian genocide.


    16 year old Lina, Mom and brother are deported to face labor camp in Siberia

    Dad? Hopefully he is in another camp

    Lina creates art in hopes it will reach him

    Question age range of readability

    I am a seal team six warrior memoirs of an american solider by howard wasdin
    I am a SEAL Team Six Warrior: memoirs of an American Soliderby Howard Wasdin

    • Great adult or teen read

    • Inspiring

    • Both have adult and YA versions

      Pair for The Alex Project

    Never fall down patricia mccormick
    Never Fall Down SoliderPatricia McCormick

    • Arn is taken from his home by the Khmer Rouge

    • Becomes a child solider

    • What a way to learn history.

    Blink once cylin busby
    Blink Once SoliderCylin Busby

    • Young man paralyzed in hospital.

    • He is only able to blink of communicate

    • is encourages by a young woman..is she real or not

    • What happened?

    Starters lissa price
    Starters SoliderLissa Price

    • Enter the future

    • Setting Beverly Hills

    • 16 yr old Callie hires her body out to those who want to experience being young again-”inhabit her”

    • This works until her body will commit murder unless her mind can stop it!

    • Enders the sequel out end of 2013

    Crash by lisa mcmann
    Crash Soliderby Lisa McMann

    • Start of a 4 book series “Visions”

    • Girls has reoccuring visions that are amazing clear -9 body bags, snow, accident

    • Visions are on TV, billboards

    • Knows one of the faces-boyfriend…can she stop ?

    • (Dead to You: Kid kidnapped year later returns)

    Fracture megan miranda
    Fracture Solider Megan Miranda

    • Accident, underwater too long

    • Should be dead-should have brain injury

    • Perfect…. Except she is drawn to those who are going to die…

    • Easy hook book for boy male and female

    Michael vey prisoner of cell rise of elgen richard paul evans
    Michael Vey- SoliderPrisoner of Cell –Rise of Elgen Richard Paul Evans

    • Oh my what an electrifying read.

    • 9th grade Michael is being bullied- has one friend-also an outcast-genius”

    • Michael has a crush on the pretty high school cheer leader

    • Both Michael and the girl discover very special “gifts”

    • One of my 233 go to books

    Ashfall winterfall mike mullen
    Ashfall Solider –WinterfallMike Mullen

    • Iowa Teen experiences explosion---attempts to find parents

    • Explosion due to Yellowstone eruption

    • Survival

    • 2 of 3 released

    • Sunrise Book 3 of Ashfall (Mike Mullen) spring 2014

    Classics they and you just don t know it yet
    Classics Solider(they and you just don’t know it yet)

    The liberation of gabriel king by k l going
    The Liberation of Gabriel King Soliderby K. L. Going

    • Old one but a great one

    • 2 5th graders have all summer to conquer their fears

    • Setting: the south- 1976

    • Great read aloud for young and old-Alex Project for middle school

    • Themes: bullying, race relations

    Mockingbird by kathryn erskine
    Mockingbird Soliderby Kathryn Erskine

    • A classic in the making

    • Enter 10 year old Caitlyn’s mind as she processes her brother’s death.

    • (Asperger’s Syndrome)

    • Strong tie To Kill a Mockingbird

    • Listed as a “J” could/should be an adult read.

    • Tender-memorable- a must read

    • National Book Award winner

    • This is a MUST on your reading list, not sure teens will find it!

    Small as an elephant by jennifer richard jacobson
    Small as an Elephant Solider by Jennifer Richard Jacobson

    • Mom has always been unpredictable- odd

    • Go tent camping in Acadia National Park

    • With very little food, supplies and money he awakes to no mom, car gone

    • Perfect read aloud

    • Survival skills, who to tell-not to tell-how long to wait

    Me before you by jo jo moyes
    Me before You Soliderby Jo JoMoyes

    • Current day England

    • Wealth young man quadraplegic

    • Care giver (young lady)

    • More than a love story?

    • Ethical questions abound

    • Great audio

    29 a novel by adena halpern
    29: a novel Soliderby Adena Halpern

    • A Birthday wish comes true …76 yr. old wants to be 29 again

    • Great LIGHT read

    • Great discussion for a ladies book club, might be fun for an intergenerational group

    Frozen in time by michael zuckoff
    Frozen in Time Soliderby Michael Zuckoff

    • WWII and current day

    • Plan crashes in Greenland, attempted recovery missions then and now.

    • Great audio

    • If a book club selection the question has to be at what cost ?

    One shot at forever by chris ballard
    One Shot at Forever Soliderby Chris Ballard

    • Alex Award winner

    • Baseball, small town and one magical season

    Calling me home julie kibler
    Calling Me Home SoliderJulie Kibler

    • Oh my, oh my this is incredible! Grab it today!

    • One black hairdresser, one white 80 something on a road trip

    • Told in 2 addictive voices

    • Mix “Scout”, The Help, Driving Miss Daisy and you have a winner here.

    Juliet in august by dianne warren
    Juliet in August Soliderby Dianne Warren


    • Enter a small town in Canada

    • Fall in love with:

    • A banker, his wife, their daughter’s wedding plans

    • A farm family that can’t make it

    • Perfect!

    • If you love Ken Haruf (Plainsong)same style

    Schroder amity gaige
    Schroder SoliderAmity Gaige

    • A “love”letter written from prison

    • Dad persuades you how much he loves his estranged wife and daughter

    • How incredible to appeal to the reader in this manner

    Power of habit charles duhigg
    Power of Habit SoliderCharles Duhigg

    • A must read or better listen!

    • Go in small doses

    • Take a peek at why you do what you do!

    • Starbucks, Fabreeze…

    The mountain between us by charles martin
    The Mountain between Us Soliderby Charles Martin

    • Set in Colorado

    • No award winner just a good story

    • Terrible storm in Colorado Springs, hire a private plane to skirt storm….