Different kinds of animals
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different kinds of animals. different kinds of animals created by Antonio . Anteaters have very long tongues. a is for anteater. Bucks live in the forest. b is for buck. Cheetah’s are the fastest animals in the world. c is for cheetah. Dingoes live in Australia. d is for dingo.

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Different kinds of animals

different kinds of animals

different kinds of animals

created by Antonio

G is for goat

  • Goats live on farms.

g is for goat

I is for iguana

Iguanas are green.

I is for iguana

L is for leoprd

There many different kinds of leopards.

l is for leoprd

M is for monkey

Monkeys are great climbers.

m is for monkey

P is for parrot

p is for parrot

R is for rabbit

r is for rabbit

S is for shark

s is for shark

V is vampire bat

  • Vampire bats only come out at night.

v is vampire bat

W is for whale

w is for whale

X is for x ray fish

x is for x ray fish

Z is for zebra

  • W years. .hen in danger zebras hit their enemies with their hooves.

z is for zebra