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EMERGENCY RESPONSE PLAN Savannah Service Center This plan was developed to provide for a safe and effective response to widespread system damage and service interruption, especially from the occurrence of a hurricane in the Savannah service area. PLAN OBJECTIVES.

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Savannah Service Center

This plan was developed to provide for a safe and effective response to widespread system damage and service interruption, especially from the occurrence of a hurricane in the Savannah service area.


In the event of widespread system damage and service interruption due to a major hurricane, Atlanta Gas Light Company’s (AGLC) objectives are:

  • Preserve the safety of the general public and the safety of AGLC employees involved in damage assessment and service restoration efforts.

  • Minimize the disruption of essential community services.

  • To employ the maximum resources available in order to fully restore the gas distribution system in the shortest possible time.

  • Effectively inform the general public concerning the extent of system damage and service interruption, the nature and scope of restoration efforts, and the estimated duration of service interruptions.

Emergency weather response plan


The purpose of this plan is to account for and utilize Critical Workforce personnel, vehicles and equipment during a hurricane related emergency situation without injury to personnel and damage to vehicles and equipment.

The plan is divided into three distinct phases:

Phase I-Preparation

Phase II-Damage Assessment

Phase III-System Restoration

Phase i preparation


During Phase I-Preparation, the main focus is on preparing the Distribution System, Savannah Service Center, and Critical Work Force team for an approaching hurricane.

Phase ii damage assessment


Following the passage of the storm through the Savannah Service Center territory, Phase II-Damage Assessment will be initiated as soon as possible. During Phase II, the primary focus is to conduct an initial assessment of the distribution system by Damage Assessment teams in order to begin planning for Phase III-System Restoration.

Phase iii system restoration


During Phase III-System Restoration, the restoration effort will be done initially with local AGLC and Contractor assets. As re-entry operations allow, additional AGLC personnel from other service centers will be integrated into the Restoration plan. The transition from Damage Assessment to System Restoration is fluid in nature and may not be discernible.


The Savannah Service Area is divided into nine damage assessment areas. Eight areas fall within Bryan, Chatham, and Effingham Counties. Damage assessment for these three counties will be resourced from Savannah Service Center personnel. The ninth damage assessment area is Liberty County. AGLC personnel from the Jesup Service Center will complete the Liberty County damage assessment.

Each damage assessment team (DAT) consists of six individuals. Each DAT has a team leader, assistant team leader and four members. These teams are comprised of Supervisors, Distribution Crew Foreman, Field Service Representatives (FSRs), and Meter Readers.


Each DAT is assigned a primary and secondary assessment area. Damage assessment of the primary area should be completed prior to beginning damage assessment of the secondary areas.

Team #1

Primary Area: Downtown

Secondary Area: Wilmington Island

Team #2

Primary Area: Pooler

Secondary Area: Garden City

Team #3

Primary Area: Effingham

Secondary Area: Hwy 17/Hwy 204/Richmond Hill

Team #4

Primary Area: Southside

Secondary Area: LaRoche


Each DAT is responsible for checking system integrity with priority to the following facilities

1. City Gate Stations (6)

2. District Regulator Stations (114)

3. Hospitals (4)

4. City Wells (#8, #11, #21)

5. Nursing Homes (11)

6. Emergency Shelters

7. Georgia Power facilities (4)

8. City/County facilities

9. Fire and Police departments

In the Threat of a Hurricane Avenue

Unless otherwise notified by the Atlanta Gas Light Company, we advise you to leave your gas meter and the pilot lights lit on your gas appliances - even if you are evacuating.

Most gas appliances have a safety valve that shuts off the flow of gas automatically if the pilot light goes off.

For our 24-hour Customer Service Department you can call 1-800-427-5463 (1-800-GAS-LINE).

To report agas leak please contact Atlanta Gas Light Company at 1-877-427-4321 (1-877-GAS-4321).

Please do not try to fix any damages. Call AvenueAGLC at the emergency numbers listed below:

1-877-427-4321 Report a gas leak

201-4551 Atlanta Gas Light at EOC Office

239-6500 (work) Frank Gray

547-0404 (cell) Frank Gray