Supervision As Developmental

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Tasks of Supervision. Part VEA

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Supervision As Developmental

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2. Tasks of Supervision Part V EA&S 551 Supervision Chapter 16

3. The Johari Window

4. The Johari Window A useful way of understanding how known and unknown platform dimensions of teachers fit into clinical supervision Depicts the relationship between two parties, teacher and clinical supervisor Revolves around aspects of the teacher’s platform: known to self and others, known to self but not others, not known to self but known to others, and not known to self or others.

5. Other Forms of Direct Assistance

6. Other Forms of Direct Assistance Demonstration Teaching Co-Teaching Assisting with Resources and Materials Assistance with Student Assessment Problem Solving

7. Establishing Procedures for Direct Assistance

8. Establishing Procedures for Direct Assistance When a crisis occurs, it is good to have a prescribed procedure to follow: Accessibility Weekly visits to be accessible Arranged time Weekly at a predetermined time Delegation Counselor, dept. head, etc.

9. Developmental Considerations in Direct Assistance Stages of readiness (schools – school units) Study group/committee – teachers, supervisors, teacher’s unions Pilot programs – volunteers What does “development” mean to different people

10. Summary If improvement is part of the school’s agenda – direct assistance is a must Direct assistance can help eliminate isolationism – foster collegiality We’ll help you – you help each other – an atmosphere of professional growth and educational importance

11. Case Study (1) Ms. Golan and her meeting with the principal about next years budget. Mr. Arostook and his meeting with irate parents – he wants her time How would you have handled this situation? What leadership theory is involved here?

12. Our Favorite Teacher (case study 2) The minute you met him, you liked him. Ben was a mainstay of the school and the community. A teacher 27 years of service, deacon of the church, a football coach with an 80% winning average, well-liked and well known by every man woman and child in the small rural town of 2,016 souls. There was just one problem.

13. Our Favorite Teacher (case study) After making two informal visits to Ben’s classroom it was very apparent that Ben didn’t know anything about teaching. In his physical education class students do not dress out and girls, who do not want to get their hair wet taking a shower, were allowed to sit and watch class. He has no written lesson plan, an it appears that the sole activity from September to April is one-on-one basketball.

14. Our Favorite Teacher (case study) In a conversation with Ben you have determined the following: Ben Has not been evaluated by an administrator in 12 years Is teaching on a “general certification” which the state offered 30 years ago. It essentially allows him to teach anything. He has little background in any subject are and none in P.E. Confides in you that he has not idea how to write a lesson plan Is six years from retirement Is unsure about his ability to change at this stage of his life.

15. Our Favorite Teacher (case study) In speaking with the superintendent you find that: This situation has been known by faculty, students, and administration for some time The community is unaware of has tolerated the situation. Community expectations for the P.E. program are not high The state has no testing program for students in P.E. No other data is available on students in P.E. She would like you to do something about it.

16. Our Favorite Teacher (case study) Assignment: Outline your strategies for working with Ben. Discuss the nature of your relationship during the upcoming year(s) and the prognosis for Ben’s future. What work do you anticipate having to do with: The superintendent The board of education The faculty The community

17. Our Favorite Teacher (case study) Help: ISLLC Standard 3, 5, & 6 Knowledges and/or Performances: Motivational theories Professional development models Change process –systems, org. and indiv. Integrity, fairness, dignity, respect, and ethics Political, social, economic, legal & cultural contexts Laws as related to education and schooling

18. Case Study

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