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Accomplishments Referral scanning process has been built and testing is underway

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Accomplishments Referral scanning process has been built and testing is underway - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Clinical Documentation Library (CDL) Highlight Report 15/01/10. Appendix A. Accomplishments Referral scanning process has been built and testing is underway Scanners have been installed and tested with the referral scanning facility

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Presentation Transcript

Clinical Documentation Library (CDL) Highlight Report 15/01/10

Appendix A

  • Accomplishments
  • Referral scanning process has been built and testing is underway
  • Scanners have been installed and tested with the referral scanning facility
  • All the dates on this project have slipped due to significant extension to project scope and changes to technical architecture

Key Milestones

  • Key Issues & Risks
  • Agreement to rationalise templates for each unit for all clinical units
  • Availability of GP surgery email addresses for emailing discharge summaries
  • Delivery of functionality to automatically populate clinical teams details
  • Lack of single referral management process to ensure that referrals are captured on arrival
  • Issues with adding historic documents if not appropriately filed and named
  • Setting up Clinical Documentation library on SharePoint with advance search facility
  • To redesign the Clinical Documentation Library Interface (Phase 2)

Mitigating Actions

The project team is working with the clinical units taking part in the pilot

Commissioning team are liaising with the commissioners

In discussion with supplier to implement the functionality. Due to its complexity the delivery dates have been slipping.

It has been agreed with the Director of Operations that this process will only take place in Centralised Bookings

Units will have to rename files to meet the file naming requirements to enable them to be processed

To be delivered by the supplier on 22/01/10. This date has slipped previously due to technical issues encountered.

Discussed with supplier and awaiting for a delivery date

  • Upcoming Activities
  • Develop e-learning training material – this is an ongoing task
  • Both scanning and SharePoint testing to be completed by 29/01/10
  • User acceptance testing and trail run of training materials
  • Arrange pilot user training for week beginning 11/03/10
  • Organise demonstrations to the wider user population to get feedback and engagement

Corporate Document Library Project as at 15/01/10

  • Accomplishments
  • IM & T policies have been published on the RNOHWeb Policy and procedure
  • Working search facility
  • Metadata to be identified in all policies has been submitted for approval
  • Roll out plan for Trust wide policies.

Key Milestones

  • Key Issues
  • Publishing Trust wide policies and procedures
  • Confirmation of the commencement of the workflow development

Mitigating Actions

Roll out plan has been devised by HR department

This has been discussed with the developer and are awaiting for a delivery date.

  • Upcoming Activities
  • Publish trust wide polices as per the roll out plan
  • Incorporate all policies into the Corporate Document Library
  • Phase 2
  • Further development of the module to provide full workflow to support our requirement

Real Time Patient Feedback Project as at 15/01/10

  • Accomplishments
  • Real time Patient feedback went live on 1/12/2009
  • Nursing department are using tablet PC’s to capture real time patient feedback. No further issues have been identified

Key Milestones

  • Key Issues
  • None

Mitigating Actions

1. None

  • Upcoming Activities
  • Phase 2
  • To complete the integration of SharePoint with Data Warehouse to produce consolidated reports on the feedback received.

Single Sign On and Context Management Highlight Report as at 15/01/10

Key Milestones

  • Accomplishments
  • We have completed 3 Implementation Pushes (Including Slope Wards, SCIC, PNI, Theatres, Plaster Theatre, SDU, SCIC, PNI Paediatric Unit, Metabolic Unit, Coxen/ADU, DOG, IM&T) – we have rolled out to a total of 270 PCs.  Feedback has been largely positive.

Mitigating Actions

The team is currently working to provide a solution which will ensure that when searching for patients with no NHS numbers in one system, subsequent applications will yield no results and force the user to repeat the patient search

The project team is working with the supplier to provide a solution

The project team is working with the supplier to provide a solution

  • Key Issues & Risks
  • Patient information sharing across systems will not work if the patient does not have a NHS number booked in the Trust systems. This presents a clinical risk as users may view the wrong patient details in a particular system.
  • Users have requested that the hospital number is displayed on peoples’ PCs and not the NHS number
  • Some Clinicians have requested some changes to ICE to enhance patient context sharing

Upcoming Activities

  • Completion of Implementation Pushes 4, 5 & 6
  • Completion of Single Sign on and Context Management functionality for RadCentre. This will enable us to complete the Push 6 roll out for Imaging
  • Completion of RNOH 1+1 Operations Manual and handover to relevant application owners and IT Support
  • Debrief and lessons learnt to be completed with the Supplier.

RNOH INSIGHT Status Update as at 15/01/10

  • Accomplishments
  • Data Warehouse
  • PAS load validation -  a number of additional data  issues have now been identified and require further investigation by the supplier and the Trust.  The sign off date has slipped  to February.
  • RadCentre data model is being constructed in the Data Warehouse and Data  transfer into the Datawarehouse  has started and we will look to validate the data during the course of January and February
  • Automated Data Cleansing of Inpatient Episodes missing referrals completed.
  • Insight Reporting
  • Completed work on Data Warehouse sourced Phase 1 Reports that are solely reliant on PAS data (based on the requirements raised by the work streams) .
  • Agreed with Finance on phase 2 PLC data flows.

Key Issues & Risks

The PAS Data transfer sign off date has slipped again to February given the number of data issues identified, that require investigation by both the Trust and supplier

Given the absence of referral information in RadCentre, we are currently not able to RIS patient exam information to the referral information in PAS

Mitigating Actions

The project team is working with the supplier to resolve these issues as a matter of urgency

The supplier is currently analysing RIS and PAS data to find another way to link them

Upcoming Activities

Data Warehouse

  • Completion of Data cleansing effort and validation of PAS load and automated update process – Sign off of PAS Data transfer in the Data warehouse
  • Analysis of RadCentre Data and completion Imaging data transfer into the Data warehouse
  • Initiate discussions regarding population of therapies data into the Data warehouse (Phase 2).

Insight Reporting

  • Present Data warehouse sourced Phase 1 reports for review by the relevant workstream leads
  • Conduct a design review of Insight to ensure that the reporting tool meets the information needs of the intended audience.
  • Complete Insight reports for the 18 Week Recovery Board

Orthotics Paper Lite Project as at 15/01/2010

  • Accomplishments
  • Interim wireless point installed to allow testing to take place
  • Further software updates have been made to the system following testing
  • Equipment requirements have now been agreed and can be purchased
  • The Tablets have been tested and they meet the user requirements
  • The Interface to PAS has been completed
  • Example demographic data load database delivered
  • Email and Faxing directly from the system using NHS mail has been tested and is working successfully.

Key Milestones

  • Key Issues
  • IT skills in the department
  • Implementation of significant changes to working practices
  • Design of comprehensive test scripts
  • Development and listing of business continuity requirements and perational plan
  • Mitigating Actions
  • Preliminary IT skills training delivered
  • Maintaining engagement of key staff
  • These are being delivered by the key users
  • This will become a critical service for delivering patient care and will be totally dependent upon the system
  • Upcoming Activities
  • Final scenarios and test scripts to be completed
  • Testing to continue on the interim version of application including further interface testing
  • Delivery of further updates to the application following user acceptance testing
  • The live wireless points to be installed
  • Business Continuity Plan and Operational Plan to be completed

PAS Discharge Summary Project as at 15/01/2010

  • Accomplishments
  • Discharge Letter Completed in readiness for the process to run within iCS PAS although there may now be some further updates required following discussion with the Users
  • A solution has been found for the Drugs database but discussion is now centred around how to update the system on a regular basis
  • Agreement has been reached with the Users as to the population of diagnosis and procedure codes

Key Milestones

  • Key Issues
  • Finalising Discharge Letter template to work within PAS
  • Embedding of process changes in areas and with personnel where Discharge Summaries are to be completed
  • Some changes may be required for Go Live

Mitigating Actions

Further minor changes required

Discussions with key stakeholders are taking place with a view to implementing this process

Raise the changes with PAS Supplier with a view to prioritising early development

  • Upcoming Activities
  • Work with the PAS supplier to get the Drug Database uploaded with a process to update this regularly
  • Set up standard phrases as appropriate
  • Obtain Clinical Sign off to the process
  • Establish Training Plan
  • Deliver Training