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Prof. Li Xuelei Universidad Del Este PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Prof. Li Xuelei Universidad Del Este. Purpose of the Presentation. Know more about China in a general way Learn basic expressions in Mandarin Chinese. weebly. http:// The consists of Mandarin Chinese. Pinyin. Chinese character. Pinyin.

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Prof. Li Xuelei Universidad Del Este

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Prof. Li Xuelei

Universidad Del Este

Purpose of the Presentation

  • Know more about China in a general way

  • Learn basic expressions in Mandarin Chinese



The consists of Mandarin Chinese


Chinese character


  • Chinese Phonetic System

  • One syllable=initial +final+tone

  • initials

  • There are 23 initials in Mandarin Chinese

  • finals

  • There are 24 finals in Mandarin Chinese

Introduction of Tones


1. Definition

  • Chinese is tone language. Every word has its specific tone or tones.

    2. Importance

  • Tones can distinguish meanings. Different tones have different meanings. For example, mā means mother while mă is horse


1st tone 2nd tone 3rd tone 4th tone

In a syllable, the tone falls on the vowels: a, o, e, I, u, Ü;

e.g. ā á ă à


Spring Festival

jiǎozi饺子 dumplings

Smiliar festivals in Puerto Rico?

  • Mother's Day: the second Sunday in May

  • Father's Day: the third Sunday in June

  • Teacher’s Day: 10th September

  • Tomb-sweeping Day: 5th April

  • Saint Valentine's Day: 14th February

Other important festivals in China

中秋节zhōngqiūjié: mid-autumn festival

端午节duānwǔjié: Dragon Boat Festival

七夕节qīxījié: Qixi festival

重阳节chóngyángjié: the double ninth festival

元宵节yuánxiāojié: Lantern Festival

Basic Expressions





zǎoshànghǎoGreeting:Good morning

早上 好

xiàwǔhǎoGreeting: Good afternoon


wǎnshànghǎoGreeting: Good evening

晚上 好


晚 安


谢 谢

búkèqi You are welcome

不 客 气

duìbù qǐ Sorry, Excuse me

对 不 起

méiguān xi No problem

没 关 系



I loveyou

Te amo, Te quiero


再 见

Adiós, Hastaluego

See you later;good-bye

Self introduction


波多黎各 bōduōlígè: Puerto Rico

法国 fǎguó: France

西班牙 xībānyá:Spain

墨西哥 mòxīgē: Mexico


律师 lǜ shī: lawyer

法官 fǎguān: judge

商人 shāngrén:  businessman

医生 yīshēng: doctor


很 高 兴认 识你

Nice to meet you.

Let’s practice

  • Pierre

  • fǎguórén(French)

  • yīshēng (doctor)

  • Rosa

  • bōduōlígèrén (Puerto Rican)

  • fǎguān(judge)

  • Rosa

  • Spanish(xībānyárén)

  • Lawyer (lǜshī)

  • Fernando

  • mòxīgērén(Mexican)

  • shāngrén(businessman)

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