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Internet2 in your future
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Internet2: In Your Future?. Jane Englert Ephrata Area School District Heather Weisse MAGPI Applications Coordinator. About this Presentation…. What is Internet2?. The Research and Education Network for the United States of America Led by 207 research universities

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Internet2: In Your Future?

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Internet2 in your future

Internet2: In Your Future?

Jane EnglertEphrata Area School District

Heather Weisse

MAGPI Applications Coordinator

About this presentation

About this Presentation…

What is internet2

What is Internet2?

  • The Research and Education Network for the United States of America

  • Led by 207 research universities

  • Close collaborations with government: NIH, NSF, NLM, NASA, to name only a few

  • An organization that serves academic and technology needs at all levels of education

  • A venue that brings together academics and scientists from all over the world

Mission and goals

Mission and Goals

Internet2 Mission

  • Develop and deploy advanced network applications and technologies, accelerating the creation of tomorrow’s Internet.

    Internet2 Goals

  • Enable new generation of applications

  • Re-create leading edge R&E network capability

  • Transfer technology and experience to the global production Internet

The new internet2 network

The New Internet2 Network

Internet2 universities

Internet2 Universities

208 University Members since October 2006

International advanced networks

International Advanced Networks

Internet2 in your future

What is MAGPI?

MAGPI is a regional aggregation point for Internet2. We serve the Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey research and education communities.

Our mission?

To introduce new technology

To collaboratively develop new applications with our subscribers

To make access to these technologies and applications economical and sustainable

Act 183 efund school grant program

ACT 183:eFund School Grant Program

One facet of Act 183 –opportunities to promote and accelerate broadband deployment for school entities

Within Act 183 - a competitive grant program

Annual $10m e-fund to assist to purchase services, hardware, technical assistance, and distance education (6 years)

Pa network design

PA Network Design

Internet2 k20 initiative

Internet2 K20 Initiative

  • Connect and engage K-12s, museums, libraries, science and cultural centers, aquariums, community colleges, etc.

  • Increased opportunities for joint funding, collaboration with Higher ed, student attraction, enhanced learning and education

S ponsored e ducation g roup p articipants

Sponsored Education Group Participants

K20 national growth

K20 National Growth

Implications for teaching and learning

Implications for Teaching and Learning

“Internet2 advanced applications are helping instructors develop new teaching techniques, enhancing the learning experience for students, and extending universities beyond their geographical boundaries. By bringing together learning communities and removing barriers to information retrieval and learning resources—Internet2 applications are changing the way we learn and teach.”

Types of applications

Types of Applications?

  • Digital Library Resources

  • Remote Instrumentation

  • Simulations

  • Videoconferencing

    • Class Collaborations

    • International Collaborations

    • Access to Experts

    • Content Providers/Virtual Field Trips

    • Professional Development

Internet2 in your future

  • High-Quality: High performance networks allow for better media quality.

  • Fast!: Material can be downloaded quickly.

  • Real Time: Learning objects can be manipulated in real time.

  • Easy Access: Digital libraries are easily accessible.

National Science Digital Library

Research Channel

University Channel

Internet2 in your future

  • Real Instruments: Students can manipulate advanced scientific instruments in real time.

  • Promotes Inquiry: Remote instrumentation provides real world exposure and real world contexts for inquiry-based learning.

Lehigh University’s Electron Microscope

Virtual Temporal Bone Project

Acadia University’s MusicPath

Internet2 in your future

  • Immersion: Simulation tools provide immersive experiences for students.

  • Engagement: Technology coupled with real-world contexts engages students.

Operation Montserrat

Immersive Segmentation

An Exercise in Hard Choices

Class to class collaborations

Class-to-Class Collaborations

Create your own I2 adventure…

  • Flexibility – the event can be tailored to exact curricular needs.

  • Authentic Learning - Student to student interactions can be very powerful.

  • Engagement - The technology is especially engaging for visual and auditory learners.

Virtual Reading Group

Descent into the Underworld

International collaborations

International Collaborations

bring the world to your students…

  • Language: They provide real-world contexts for second language practice.

  • Exchange: Events promote cultural empathy, understanding and exchange.

  • Preparation: International encounters help prepare students for a global society.

Language & Culture Exchange

Penn Literacy-Dublin Project

Click for Megaconference Jr Video

Access to experts

Access to Experts

anytime, anywhere…

  • Make complex concepts accessible: Students can explore complex concepts with experts.

  • Beyond theory: Experts provide real world connections for theory.

  • Voice of Authority: Students hear directly from the “experts”

Virtual Surgery

Lenni Basso/Group Motion Collaboration

Pasteur Institute & Lafayette College

Connecting to expertise

Connecting to Expertise:

virtual surgeries for K12

TIES, Rhode Island Hospital, RINET, 12 Rhode Island Schools and 2 Minnesota schools

“It was amazing. It makes me want to work on a surgical team.” Amy K; Cambridge , MN

Internet2 in your future

  • Interactive “Meet the Author” Videoconference Events

  • 1 Hour, 15 Minutes In Length

  • Series Targets a Variety of Grade Levels

  • Partnerships with other Universities and Publishing Companies

Click for Kathe Koja Videoconference Clip

Internet2 in your future

  • Collaboration with The Free Library of Philadelphia

  • Virtual Memoir Project

    • Students investigated Waiting for Snow in Havana as a piece of memoir

    • Students are now writing their own memoirs

  • The Human Side of Revolution

    • Students are examining Waiting for Snow in Havana as a primary text document/account

    • Students will present on topics determined by the author

Content providers

Content Providers

travel virtually… expand resources

  • Budget Field Trips: Allows students to “travel” to other areas at minimum or no cost.

  • Immersion: Videoconferencing can bring “Living History” events into the classroom and “immerse” students.

  • Curriculum Supplements: Virtual field trips or distance learning events are great curricular supplements.

  • Differentiated Instruction: Distance learning supports differentiated instruction.

Internet2 in your future

  • Participants:

    • 30 Schools (including CA, MI, TX, ME, PA, NJ, KY, NY, WI, OH, WI, CT and Wales, UK)

    • Foundation Volunteers

  • Project

    • Kick-Off Videoconference Event with Gerda Weissmann Klein (November 16, 2006)

    • 60 Day Service Learning Challenge

    • Culminating Project Collage Videoconference (January 17, 2007)

Click for “Stand Up” Video!

Internet2 in your future

  • Interactive Videoconference Program: Students interact with distributed peers and experts from The Future Earth Institute

  • Collaborative Data Collection: Students work to collect, visualize and interpret real data about community understandings and attitudes

  • Authentic Contexts: Armed with their data and research, students will create community-based educational campaigns

  • Technology: H.323 Videoconferencing

Internet2 in your future

  • Sponsored by the African American Museum in Philadelphia and MAGPI

  • 1.25 Hour Virtual Living History Presentation and Slide Show

  • Targeted Students in Grades 6-8; 9-12

  • Unique opportunity for students to ‘interact’ with history and photojournalism

Click for “Struggle for Freedom” Video!

Internet2 in your future

  • 2 week fundraiser/awareness event for Alex’s Lemonade

  • Project is co-developed with Alex’s Lemonade and Lower Merion School District

  • Kick-Off Videoconference Spirit Rally

  • Culminating Videoconference Project Sharing

  • A variety of curriculum-related special projects

Content providers1

Content Providers

where to find them…

Offered more than 72 different programs during the 05-06 Academic Year. FREE for MAGPI Members

MAGPI Programs

Part of the Internet2 K20 Initiative

“Matchmaking Service” for K20 Community. All projects use Internet2.

Internet2 K20 Community/Database

Search for Virtual Field Trips and find collaborative partners using a variety of fields. Database includes both Internet2 and Commodity Internet Projects. Teachers can rate project.

CILC Database

Cilc collaborative possibilities

CILC: Collaborative Possibilities

  • Videoconferencing Content: Programs for Learning and Collaboration by CILC Professional Development

  • Do you need to get your staff on board with interactive videoconferencing (IVC)? This awareness session serves a dual purpose. First, for your staff, it creates interest in IVC and its resources. Second, it provides a model from which to plan and deliver ongo.

  • Availability: By Request/On Demand ONLYAudience:Education: All members of the organization, Public Library: All members of the organization

Cilc collaborative possibilities1

CILC: Collaborative Possibilities

  • Bridge to Terabithia book clubMy fourth grade reading class has just finished the book Bridge to Terabithia. We are looking for a book club meeting on one of the following dates and times: March 13-16 8:45-9:15 CST, March 26-30 8:45-9:15 CST, April 2 8:45-9:15 CSTStatus: Seeking PartnersAudience:Education: Grade(s): 4, 5, 6

  • Of Mice and MenOur 9th grade students here in Central New York would like collaborate via blog and videoconference with another class to figure out how Steinbeck's classic, Of Mice and Men, applies to our lives today. Contact Chris Rogers (teacher) @ / ...Status: Seeking PartnersAudience:Education: Grade(s):

Cilc professional development

CILC: Professional Development

  • Since Monday, March 19, 2007, the following new professional development programs matching your profile were added to the CILC website:

  • Discover the Possibilities of Videoconferencing and other Collaborative Technologies by CILC Professional Development

  • I know what videoconferencing is, but what can I do with it? This brainstorming session will lead you to identify uses of IVC and other collaborative tools that align with the organization's mission and goals. Participants progress from initial awareness to a ...

  • Availability: By Request/On Demand

  • ONLY

  • Audience:Education: All members of

  • organization, Public Library: All members,

  • Business/Community: All members,

  • Content Providers: All members

Cilc focused prof dev

CILC: Focused Prof. Dev.

  • Free session to learn about professional development opportunities, particularly for Mathematics by Jeff HarkerJeff Harker is a Literacy Coach and Mathematics teacher in Indianapolis, Indiana. He has presented at national and state conferences and worked with teachers from across the country through CILC. Tune in to this session to hear about the professional develop...Availability: Published Date(s) and Time(s) ONLYAudience:Education: Superintendent, Curriculum Director, Professional Development Director, Principal, Teacher, Paraprofessional

  • New Technologies: A Virtual Symposium on Nanotechnology and Biotechnology for K-12 Science Teachers by UW-Madison Office of Education OutreachOn May 9, 2007 educators from around Wisconsin will join with educators throughout the U.S. to explore the convergence of nanotechnology and biotechnology with a panel of experts from the University of Wisconsin, the National Science Foundation, and Wisconsin'...Availability: By Request/On Demand ONLYAudience:Education: Curriculum Director, Professional Development Director, Teacher

Janine lim bcisd

Janine Lim, BCISD

  • Phenomenal supporter of instructional VC

  • Offers professional development opportunities

    • What kind of equipment and connections?

    • What kind of content is out there?

    • Who can I collaborate with? Make connections.

      • Washington State, Texas, and England all in one day

  • Creator of Read Across the Planet

    Janine’s Blog:

Support strategies

Support Strategies

  • K20 User Group and Virtual Forums

  • Tri-State Database/National Database

  • Collaboration Request

  • K20 Newsletter

  • Internet2 Commons Subscription

  • Training

    • Videoconferencing/I2 Commons Training

    • Curriculum Integration/Professional Development

E newsletter and weekly mailings

E-Newsletter and Weekly Mailings

Lessons learned a lot of ducks

Lessons Learned: A Lot of Ducks

  • Big picture connectivity

  • Content – Curricular connection

  • In-house collaboration

  • Timing/Logistics

  • Day of connectivity

  • Best practice teaching

Lessons learned ideas

Lessons Learned: Ideas

  • Auditoriums w/large screen projection

    • Chris Crutcher

  • Large classrooms with several small units connected

    • Inner World Discovery

  • Single classrooms/single units

  • Technology hub classroom – Friday Night Lights author

Coming soon

Coming Soon!

Innovation creativity

Innovation & Creativity

The world is but a canvas to the imagination.

- Henry David Thoreau

Q a thank you

Q&A - Thank You!

Heather Weisse

Applications Coordinator

Jane EnglertLibrary Media

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