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Best 5 stages you should know before starting Software Company in India

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Best 5 stages you should know before starting Software Company in India - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Read the stages you should know to start a new software company in India. There are many rules and policies of government which you have to follow. You have to organize your structure, prepare a plan, research on market area and other many stages are there. PPT will help you in the start up of a Software company.

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stages you should

know before starting

Software Company in India


How to Start a Software Company in India?

Start a new software company in India, is not as easy as anyone think.

But you have to consider the different types of formalities before taking any decision.

The Indian government has set standards regulations and rules that should be followed by Indian Entrepreneurs before taking any final ownership.

Also, he should know about business products and services clearly.


How to Start a Software Company in India?

There are different rules to set up product firm or service firm in India.

Business Entrepreneurs need to be clear on all facts before making any actual implementation.

Here, we will discuss on basic requirements that you should follow step by step as explained by the government.

In the next Slide, I Discussed the step by step explanation to help your business the most.


Prepare a Business Plan

First of all, you should write one business plan by keeping mission, visions, and goal in minds.

It forces you to think logically, objectively and unemotionally about your business .

It will contains all description about product, services, technologies, expertise, staffing etc.

You can refer the plan of other Software Company in India also.


Focus on the Related Market

You should also focus on your niche market and software you are supposed to develop for target market.

In case, you need software for medical field then you should hire experts from same field to get clear on different facts.

The description of the industry can be taken from industry leaders itself or professionals developing similar software.


Design Organization Structure

Further, you should decide on organization structure wisely.

This depends on product or services you are going to sell.

Also, you need to decide either you wanted to provide services nationwide or particular area only.

You have to decide between private firm, Limited Company and partnership firm etc.


Decided Targeted Area

Now decide the target area you want to focus on.

You may distribute your products either in local market or nationwide.

This would always be best to focus on high density areas only.

If you wanted to sell pharmaceutical software then you should focus on western areas most of the time.


Register the Company

Now talk with Registrar of Companies (ROC) to register your firm.

In which you have to present your business plan first as per government plan.

Get all the needed certification and go through the all rules and policies of the government.

You must have to register your company.



To start a software company in India, you have to go through the Government rules and policies.

Prepare a Business plan including every aspects.

Register your company to government , get the certification.

Decide the targeted Area, Related market and design the organisation structure.

This will make starting up your software Company in India easy and effective.


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