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Reproductive system
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Reproductive System. Today. Male Structures/Functions. Testes. Found in scrotum Size of small egg Made of 250 lobules, each coiled with seminiferous tubules. Epididymis. Collection of tubules above the testes Connect the testes with the vas deferens. Vas Deferens.

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Reproductive System

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Reproductive system

Reproductive System



  • Male Structures/Functions



  • Found in scrotum

  • Size of small egg

  • Made of 250 lobules, each coiled with seminiferous tubules



  • Collection of tubules above the testes

  • Connect the testes with the vas deferens

Vas deferens

Vas Deferens

  • Runs from the epididymis to ejaculatory duct

  • Seminal vesicles connect to vas deferens

  • Ejaculatory duct connects vans deferens with urethra



  • Sack of skin that contains testes



  • Contains erectile tissue

  • End covered by foreskin- loose fitting

Prostate gland

Prostate Gland

  • Surrounds beginning of urethra

  • Size and shape of chestnut

Bulbourethral glands

Bulbourethral Glands

  • Located lateral of prostate, inferior to prostate

Anticipated questions questions i thought em would ask about

Anticipated questions…(Questions I thought Em would ask about)

What exactly is an erection

What exactly is an erection?

  • 2 chambers on top of penis (coporacavernosa)

    • Made of spangy tissue, veins, arteries, spaces, and smooth muscles that hold in-flowing blood

  • Stimuli

    • Arousal, REM Sleep, pressure, urinary bladder pressure

What about erectile dysfunction

What about erectile dysfunction?

  • Penis cannot maintain local blood pressure

How might someone fix e d

How might someone “fix” E.D.?

“The first real breakthrough in the treatment of erectile dysfunction came in 1983. Prior to that time, it was thought that erectile dysfunction -- the inability to achieve an erection -- was primarily mental.

That concept came crashing down at the 1983 American Urological Association meeting in Las Vegas when Dr. Giles Brindley injected his penis with the drug phentolamine. Following the injection, Brindley appeared on stage and dropped his pants to display one of the first drug-induced erections to the incredulous audience of urologists.”

How might someone fix e d1

How might someone “fix” E.D.?

  • Viagra

    • Same muscle relaxing-type drug as phentolamine

    • Relaxed smooth muscle = easier blood flow through arteries

What about the dreaded 4 hour painful erection from viagra

What about the dreaded 4+ hour, painful erection from Viagra?

  • Viagra induces a cascade of hormones that speed blood flow. Sometimes they don’t leave your system correctly!

What actually happens during an ejaculation orgasm

What actually happens during an ejaculation/orgasm?


What about circumcisions

What about circumcisions?


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