Anim breath or soul
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ANIM = breath or soul. An animal is a living, breathing thing. Words to know: Animated Magnanimous Animosity Inanimate. FIG = to shape or mold. A transfiguration changes the shape or appearance or nature of something. Words to know : configuration, effigy, figment, figurative.

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ANIM = breath or soul

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ANIM = breath or soul

  • An animal is a living, breathing thing.

  • Words to know:

  • Animated

  • Magnanimous

  • Animosity

  • Inanimate

FIG = to shape or mold

  • A transfiguration changes the shape or appearance or nature of something.

  • Words to know: configuration, effigy, figment, figurative

ANN/ENN = year

  • A wedding or birthday anniversary is an example, although the older you get the more frequent they seem to be.

  • Words to know: superannuated, annuity, millennium, perennial

EV = age or lifetime

  • This Latin root only appears in English a couple times, but is related to the Greek aion, “age” from which we get eon, meaning a very long period of time.

  • Words to know: coeval, longevity, medieval, primeval


Having the same or lasting the same amount of time


A long duration of time; length of life

Words to know…


Relating to the middle ages of European history; extremely out of date


Having to do with the earliest ages; primitive or ancient; existing from the beginning

Did you know? Pearls melt in vinegar…

CORP =Latin for body

  • A corporation is one kind of body, a corpse is another.

  • Words to know:

  • Corporeal

  • Corpulent

  • Corporal

  • Incorporate


Having or relating to a physical body; substantial


Having a large,bulky body; fat

Did you know…more than 10 people a year are killed by vending machines…


Relating to or affecting the body


To blend or combine into something already in existing to form one whole; to form into a corporation

TANG/TACT= to touch

  • Latin

  • A person who shows tact has a delicate touch when it comes to dealing with other people.

  • Words to know:intact, tactile, tangential, tangible


Untouched by anything that harms; entire, uninjured


Able to be perceived by touching; relating to the sense of touch

CODI/ CODE = trunk of a tree or document written on wood tablets

  • From the Latin codex

  • A codecan be either a set of laws or a system of symbols used to write messages.

  • Words to know: codex, codicil, codify, decode


A book in a manuscript or handwritten form, especially a book of Scripture, classics or ancient text.


An amendment or addition made to a will. An appendix or supplement.


To arrange according to a system; classify


To put a coded message into an understandable form; to find the underlying meaning of; decipher


Touching lightly; incidental


Able to be perceived, especially by touch; physical, substantial

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