why people like visiting russian river wineries in sonoma country
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Why people like visiting Russian River Wineries in Sonoma Co

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Why people like visiting Russian River Wineries in Sonoma Co - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Russian River Wineries in California are a main wine growing region and you will also find many restaurants, café and hotels.

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The Russian River Wineries in California are a main wine growing region and you will also find many restaurants, café and hotels. The world famous wine area remains a popular tourist destination and millions of visitors come each year on summer weekends.


Peak times remain during the summer months and with wine as a focus, the winery allows visitors to enjoy a variety of cuisines also. The vineyard remains California’s most diverse wine region. As a part of Sonoma country, the area has more vineyards.


The place allows visitors to enjoy a Mediterranean climate; the summer remains warm during day time and cool during the night. Wine tour remains a popular trip in that region and you will get opportunity to cycle in the vineyards.

wine tour and tasting
Wine tour and tasting

Wine tour and tasting is just a fun way to relax and people who are passion for wine can see how the wine is made. Wine collectors can visit Russian River Wineries so that they can invest in them. Wine tour offers other leisure activities such as hot air balloon ride, boating, fishing, gliding, golfing and spa treatment.


Small wineries in California offer tasting only by appointment. Guided tours reserve rooms for tasting. Most vineyard open daily with large hosting facilities and guided tours reserve rooms for tasting expensive wines.


Most vineyards will charge you a small fee for tasting and winery tours remain interesting and informative. Tasting rooms provide an opportunity to taste sample wines without spending a large amount for a bottle. You may also enjoy a trip along the Westside road of any wine visit to the Russian river.

reasons to visit vineyards
Reasons to visit vineyards

There are a number of reasons we hear from people what really forces them to meet wineries. First of all, many people considering, experiencing the taste of wine and to enjoy the moment. When escorted from vinery to vinery, one doesn’t have to rush and they can enjoy tasting wine at their own pace.


A great wine tasting tour will have a guide with you and will explain to you about various wineries and why they remain popular and their specialties. You must make sure the guide has plenty of knowledge about wineries you are going to visit and what type of wine each winery specializes in.


People who go for a wine tasting tour also enjoy eating different cuisines and the trip will be finished with dinner. People prefer going for a wine tasting tour because it allows them to indulge with other people and being a part of 4 to 8 friends, the tour allows them to enjoy a lot.

wine trips are affordable
Wine trips are affordable

You will get plenty of time to enjoy with your group of friends. You don’t have to worry about driving and there are many taxis and limousine available that offer such services at affordable cost. They will drive you in comfort from one place to another. Make sure how the operators work and how they charge per group.


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