Tire rotation ensures stability and durability of a car
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Tire rotation Ensures Stability and Durability of a Car PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tire rotation Ensures Stability and Durability of a Car

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Tire rotation: Ensures Stability and Durability of a Car

Tire rotation is moving of the tires of a vehicle or automobile from one position to another to ensure tire wear.

It is an important factor to be considered to extend the useful life expectancy of a set of tires. Tire rotation is very easy auto maintenance tasks to perform, though it is equally important. When it is done correctly, it extends the lifetime of the tires, improves the gas mileage and it also ensures that the auto mobile is steady, smooth and predictable, especially when there is a sudden need to make a stop or a turn around the corner.

Tire rotation does not only mean the rotation of the tires around the axles when the auto mobile is in motion, it also includes the moving of the tires to different locations around the auto mobile so that the tires are all wear evenly.

Now the reason for uneven wear among most four wheeler is that the weight on the front and rear axles are quite different. This is mainly due to the fact that most of the cars have front engine and thus the front tires has to carry most of the weight. The front wheel drive vehicles have another issue that causes uneven wear;

it is because of the transaxle in the front which adds to the weight differential. In addition to the stress that is placed disproportionately on the front two tires after braking. Thus it is quite important for tire rotation to occur more frequently on four wheelers.

In case of right turns in right-hand traffic, most of the right turns are tighter than the left turns and parking place have right hand curves. So left front wheels wears faster than right front because the left tire travels a greater distance around the turns. Same way in case of left-hand traffic countries the cars have most of their right wheels wear out because of the sheer pressure and the force that they go through during the sharp turns.

It is like the way when an athlete in the leftmost lane runs further around the oval track that the athlete on the right most if the race is being run clockwise from a flat line start. So the sidewall of the right tire tends to get more rubbed and bumped while parking the vehicle. It causes asymmetric sidewall wear and symmetric opposite occurs in countries with drive on the left.

Regular rotation of tires is not only important for vehicles with four tires but also with six wheelers that has dual rare wheels. During the rotation of each tire the wheel is removed from the vehicle and it moves to a different position to make sure all tires wear evenly. So this way they last longer.

Most of these tires rotate almost every six months. So it is extremely important for the owners of the vehicle to have knowledge about tire rotation and tire wearing to know when to replace to estimate the life time or the tires.

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