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Skagen of Area Trend

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People do not just own a singular watch that they wear all of the time anymore. Most people have an average of five watches. Yup you heard me correctly FIVE watches!

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Watches are not just functional bracelets that adults wear on their wrists anymore; they have become a status symbol as well as an accessory. Skagen timepieces have been spotted on the wrists of celebrities like KourtneyKardashian.


People do not just own a singular watch that they wear all of the time anymore. Most people have an average of five watches. Yup you heard me correctly FIVE watches! This means that the watch industry is booming with hundreds of choices to choose from in all different price ranges.


Now, why do people need so many watches? Shouldn’t one watch at a time do the trick? The answer, apparently, is no.


You see, people wear watches these days like they wear shoes, you would not wear that same pair of tennis shoes everywhere for every type of event, right? Well, the same goes for a watch. You cannot wear that same expensive watch that you wear to the office to do yard work, because you need different levels of durability as well as completely different looks to both watches.


You don’t wear the same watch that you use to do yard work to exercise, because you need different functions for both activities. You also probably should not swim with the same watch that you wear into the office, for obvious reasons.


Also, a nurse or doctor probably wears a different type of watch to work than say a lawyer or a construction worker. Before you say it, no, you should not be bringing your phone to all of these various destination and activities because, honestly, it is just not practical. So, does that answer your question?


Now, why should you buy Skageninstead of a better known brand? Skagen watches are fitted with the same exact equipment as those expensive European watches that you sit and drool over.


Skagenwatches exude the same luxury as the more expensive watches; however, they are much, much less expensive and still have the look of a designer watch.Skagen watches originated from a small village of the same name in Denmark. The creators of this brand wanted to be able to create quality watches at an acceptable price. The Skagen motto is that luxury should not have to be expensive.


Skagenwatches come in a variety of colors for both men and women. Although the look is simple and clean, the company makes watches with all the bells and whistles anyone could possibly want. There are even watches with some understated bling for those of you who need a little sparkle.


Skagenwatches come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, metals and styles that when combined create an elegant, clean look that is bound to go with any wardrobe. The Skagen brand of watches will turn heads no matter where you go.


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