hdf eos status related tools and issues
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HDF-EOS Status, Related Tools and Issues

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HDF-EOS Status, Related Tools and Issues - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HDF-EOS Status, Related Tools and Issues. Abe Taaheri, Raytheon IIS 2010 THG Briefing to ESDIS. TOOLKIT / HDF-EOS Support. Maintenance support is funded on EODDIS Evolution & Development (EED) Bridge contract (EEB) through May 2010 - Support will continue on EED starting May 2010

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hdf eos status related tools and issues

HDF-EOS Status, Related Tools and Issues

Abe Taaheri, Raytheon IIS

2010 THG Briefing to ESDIS

toolkit hdf eos support
  • Maintenance support is funded on EODDIS Evolution & Development (EED) Bridge contract (EEB) through May 2010

- Support will continue on EED starting May 2010

  • Current support
        • HDF-EOS 2 & 5
        • SDP & MTD Toolkits
        • HDF-EOS2 to GeoTIFF Converter (HEG)
        • HDF-EOS plug-in for THG HDFView
        • Other Toolkit/HDF-EOS related software
        • Toolkit/HDF-EOS/HEG helpdesk
ecs support of hdf eos
ECS Support of HDF-EOS
  • Both HDF4 and HDF5 based flavors of HDF-EOS are part of ECS baseline.
  • OS’s:Solaris (10), Linux (32 & 64-bit, including IA64), Mac OS X (Power PC and Mac Intel), Cygwin, Windows XP (MTD Toolkit, HDF-EOS2 & 5,


  • Compilers:Fortran 77/90 , g77/pgf90

C, C++, gcc, g++

Intel Fortran (SGI Altix), gfortran (Mac Intel)

downloadable software
Downloadable Software
  • DAACs are supported with TOOLKIT/HDF-EOS & HEG deliveries during yearly DAAC releases

or patch deliveries

  • Other users can download our software from
    • our tools’ web sites
    • directly from our ftp site (edhs1.gsfc.nasa.gov)
downloadable software1
Downloadable Software

SDP Toolkit(Science Data Processing Tools)

MTD Toolkit(Metadata, Time/ Date Tools)

HDF-EOS2 (HDF4 based)

HDF-EOS5(HDF5 based)

heconvert (converts HDF4 - based Grid/Point/Swath structures to HDF-EOS 5 equivalents)

DumpMetadata(Dump HDF-EOS metadata)

downloadable applications
Downloadable Applications


- GeoTIFF conversion

- Spatial subsetting, Field Subsetting

- reprojection

- stitching, sub-sampling and more ….

HDFView Plug-in, Java-based browser (HDF4, HDF5, HDF-EOS 2 and 5 access)

HE5View*(HDF5 - based browser)

EOSView*(HDF4 - based browser)

*Dropped support for OS updates on July 2006

software releases
Software Releases

SDP Toolkit/HDF-EOS:

Last release – July 2009

TOOLKIT 5.2.16

HDF-EOS 2.16, HDF- EOS5.1.12

with HDF4.2r4, HDF5-1.8.3, Szip2.1

Next release – June 2010

TOOLKIT 5.2.17

HDF-EOS 2.17, HDF-EOS5.1.13

with new releases of HDF4 (2r5), 5 (1.8.4 patch 1)

software releases1
Software Releases

MTD Toolkit:

Last release – Dec 2006

Version 5.2.13

in-sync with SDP TOOLKIT 5.2.13

with HDF4.2r0, HDF5-1.6.3, Szip1.2

Next release – July 2010

Version 5.2.17

in-sync with SDP TOOLKIT 5.2.17

with new releases of HDF4 (2r5), 5 (1.8.4 patch 1)

HEG (HDF-EOS2 to GeoTIFF Converter):

Last release – Dec 2009

Version 2.10

Patch release Jan 2010

Next release – Aug 2010

Version 2.11

Software Releases

software releases2
Software Releases

HDF-EOS Plug-in for HDFView:

Last release – Sep 2008

Version 2.4

Next release – Apr 2010

For HDFView Version 2.6

software releases3
Software Releases


Last releases

– 2001, 2004No Versioning

– Oct. 2008Version 2.0

DumpMetadata(ASCII Dump of HDF-EOS metadata)

Last release

Dec. 2008Version 1.0


XML metadata writing capability for inventory metadata in SDP toolkit (MLS)

ODL fix (WriteLable) for potential core dump while writing long input pointer metadata attributes (AIRS)


pccheck utility fix for problems resulting with empty space at a line beginning in PCF file

Recent Development/Fixes


Correcting wrong tiling and compression info

in the structure metadata

Use of unlimited dimension in HDF-EOS5 (Users Guide clarification)

Correction of output attribute data types in attribute inquiry routine

Fix for writing int8 data correctly to output hdf5 file with C calls. There was no such a problem with Fortran calls

Recent Development/Fixes


Correction for internal compression method detection for the products that are compressed internally after the production, possibly using hrepack (structure metadata has no record of compression info)

Fixed PTdeftimeperiod to return an error when stop time < start time

Recent Development/Fixes

HDF-EOS Plug-in for HDFView:

Support for all features in HDFView2.6

Correction for displayed lat/lon in a swath around the international date line

Bug fix for HDF5 fillvalue and chunking info display

Bug fixes for saving HDF-EOS5 files after modification

Recent Development/Fixes


Added Product Support:

AMSR-E Daily 25 Km Sea Ice AE_SI25

AMSR-E Daily land AE_Land3

MOD29E1D: MODIS/Terra Sea Ice Extent & IST Daily L3 Global 4km EASE-Grid Day, Version 4

Tested many new products and updated the list of Hegable MODIS, ASTER, AIRS, MISR, and AMSR-E products in HEG Users Guide and HEG web site

Recent Development/Fixes


Added a new projection, Cylindrical Equa Area (CEA), to support AMSR-E Daily Land product.

Pixel resampling support for gridded data with No-Reprojection

Outputting all fields in a file to a single HDF-EOS output when HDF-EOS output is requested.

Setting of projection parameters for multiband geotiff only once in the GUI

Recent Development/Fixes

Bug fixes:

Pixel size unit correction for consistency between conversion and stitch GUIs.

Problem resolution with several products MOD43C3, MOD10CM, MOD29P1N, AE_RnGd, AE_Rain

Correcting sphere radius written to outputs for MODIS SIN grids

Resolving problems

with band selection in stitch GUI

with occasional core dump (runs that take long time to complete) in Datapool HEGserver

Recent Development/Fixes

future plans
Future Plans


XML Metadata reading in TOOLKIT

Support for new versions of HDF4 - HDF5

Update of DEM land-sea mask

Auto Configuration for TOOLKIT

Support (or improvements) for 64-bit platforms

Validation tool for HDF-EOS5 files

Fix for reported bugs

future plans cont
Future Plans (cont.)

HDF-EOS Plug-in for HDFView:

More functionalities :

Cut/paste objects, modify/delete attributes.

Create new grid/swath

Support Zonal Average object for HDF-EOS5


Performance improvement for Lambert Azimuthal Projection conversion

Support HEG in MAC Intel

Resolve reported bugs or requests from DAACs/Users


Access to libraries, applications, Documentation:









[email protected]

[email protected]