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Welcome. A Case Study in Community Wind New Ulm Public Utilities Commission - Success with Due Diligence. Introduction. Advanced wind resource assessment brings success to community wind developments. Defining Community Wind. What is community wind? Is it… Size? Location? Economics?

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A Case Study in Community Wind

New Ulm Public Utilities Commission -

Success with Due Diligence


Advanced wind resource assessment brings

success to community

wind developments

defining community wind
Defining Community Wind
  • What is community wind?
  • Is it…
    • Size?
    • Location?
    • Economics?
  • Community-based wind energy development is partially owned by local land owners or local stake holders
who is new ulm public utilities commission
Who is New Ulm Public Utilities Commission?
  • New Ulm Public Utilities Commission (NUPUC) is a municipal utility serving ~6,000 consumers
  • Goal to identify an economically viable and long-term new electrical generation resource
  • NUPUC analyzed ~10 options for existing and new generation
    • NUPUC ascertained that wind was the most competitive long-term
  • Called for RFP’s form third party power producers
    • This was unsuccessful because third party vendors were too costly
nupuc and wind energy
NUPUC and Wind Energy
  • Advanced methodology wind resource assessment enabled NUPUC to make time and risk sensitive decisions
    • By providing detailed long-term analysis in weeks vs. years
      • Leads to making time sensitive and capital investment decisions
    • Robust methodology and detailed analysis results were used in the economic analysis
    • 3D gridded data vs. singular met data
      • Giving high detail across the entire development site
    • Long term data analysis vs. 1-year data
    • Provided opportunity-cost benefits and project planning advantages
      • Original wind turbine cost estimates were for $1,200/kW, now $1,500/kW
  • NUPUC has completed their economic projections
    • Determined that they need 5 MW of wind energy
    • They were able to scope and model project cost
    • They will achieve their MN RPS mandate
      • (Renewable Portfolio Standard)
    • They will be able to use CREB’s for their project
      • (Clean Renewable Energy Bonds – IRS website)
    • Project output and projected revenue are now known
  • NUPUC’s high confidence in economic projections started with detailed wind resource analysis
determining economic benefit
Determining Economic Benefit
  • Three main initial due diligence components:
    • Wind speed
    • Access to transmission/site constructability
    • Economic analysis
wind resource assessment value
Wind Resource Assessment Value
  • Long term wind resource assessment provided NUPUC with valuable data
    • P-95 wind speed is around 7 to 7.5 m/s annual average
  • NUPUC has less risk in spending capital
    • Interconnection studies and permitting
    • Met tower assessment
    • Turbine vendors down payments
    • Balance Of Plant design
  • High value at the beginning of project
next steps for nupuc
Next Steps for NUPUC?
  • The challenges of being local – working with your neighbors
  • Further planning and investment is now feasible
    • BOP
    • Local stakeholder negotiations
    • Validation of wind speed
    • Financing
    • Permitting
    • Maintenance contracts
  • Building in 2009 2010 season
points to remember
Points to Remember
  • Community wind is economically viable and valuable to communities
  • Advanced wind resource assessment mitigates long-term and near-term capital and time sensitive risk issues
  • The development process is sensitive – work with and educate your neighbors about the advantages of community based wind
  • Successful community wind is based not just on economics but also local ownership and involvement
thank you
Thank you!
  • Wind energy is great for communities – local wind farms empower communities
  • A special thank you to Pat Wrase and the New Ulm Public Utilities Commission

Yusef Orest

WindLogics Inc

[email protected]