Bible 101 the books of the law
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Bible 101 – The Books of the Law - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bible 101 – The Books of the Law. Genesis In the Beginning…. Books of History. Joshua Judges Ruth 1&2 Samuel 1&2 Kings 1&2 Chronicles Ezra Nehemiah Esther. Disclaimer. DISCLAIMER – NONE OF THIS EFFECTS SALVATION Matt 24. The Pre Flood World Gen 6:1-7.

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Bible 101 the books of the law

Bible 101 – The Books of the Law


In the Beginning…

Bible 101

Books of history
Books of History

  • Joshua

  • Judges

  • Ruth

  • 1&2 Samuel

  • 1&2 Kings

  • 1&2 Chronicles

  • Ezra

  • Nehemiah

  • Esther

Bible 101



  • Matt 24

Bible 101

The pre flood world gen 6 1 7
The Pre Flood WorldGen 6:1-7

  • By the time of Noah, men had been on the earth for about 1500 yrs.

  • Vs.1 They were having children (multiplying).

    • Life spans were huge… 1 woman could have had hundreds of children

      • Some have speculated numbers over 7 billion people on earth before the flood

  • The pre-flood environmental conditions still existed

    • Impossible to know hom much different it is now, even though they were under the curse.

  • But then vs. 2 – the weird stuff starts to happen

    • More on them in a bit

  • Vs. 3 God decides that man will only live 120 yrs

    • Look at the chart, Jacob lived 147 years (800-1200 years after God made the decision)

      • Jacob and his predecessors were exceptions to the rule?

      • God allowed the life-spans to slowly drop over time, perhaps as a result of the environmental changes after the flood.

    • Some feel this was not a limit on life spans but a limit on the time remaining until the flood – Noah would have been 480 yrs old at the time of this statement.

  • vs. 4 there were Giants on the earth (Nephilim - Fallen ones)

  • Vs. 5 Man’s heart was wicked – every intent of the thoughts of his heart was evil, continually

    • Vs.11 The Earth was corrupt and filled with violence, ALL flesh was corrupt.

  • Vs. 6 the Lord was sorry (repented) He had made Man, Man Grieved God

  • Vs. 7 God decided that He would destroy everything on earth (Man, beast, birds and creeping things)

Bible 101

The two views of vs 2
The two Views of vs. 2

  • The “Godly line of Seth” view

    • View emerged around the 5th century

    • Son’s of God are Seth’s descendants

    • Daughters of men are Cain’s descendants

    • These two lines started to intermarry (ess. Christians marrying non-Christians, believers marrying non believers)

      • By product of these marriages were “famous and mighty men of renown”

      • But they were also wicked, because the ungodly influence of their mothers corrupted them.

    • So, God repented of creating them and decided to destroy them

      • And the animals had to suffer as well…

  • Why do they believe this?

    • It’s a more rational view, who would believe that fallen angels and human women could mate and produce offspring?

    • Main reason is from Jesus teaching in Matt 22:30 about the angels not marrying in heaven.

  • My main issues with this view:

    • Sons of God – only used 5 times in the OT, twice here, three times in Job – the Job references are angels (1:6; 2:1; 38:7) – every time the reference is to angels, never to men.

    • Sons of God – the title implies direct creations of God, Adam could have been “a son of God”

      • we are not creations of God, we are all born of women (sons and daughters of men - Gen 5:1-3)

    • True that angels in heaven don’t marry,

      • These angels aren’t in heaven, they are on earth

      • we could assume that these angels are fallen, rebellious angels that have an agenda.

    • MOST OBVIOUS REASON - Godly men who marry ungodly women do not have gigantic offspring, while they may become famous and/or mighty… they do not usually exceed 6-7feet tall.

    • If everyone on earth died except Noah’s family (all of the Godly line), how did the giants re-appear after the flood? (Vs.4)

    • If God had meant to convey “Sons of Seth” and “Daughters of Cain”, why didn’t He just SAY that?

Bible 101

The fallen angels view gen 6 2 4
The fallen angels viewGen 6:2;4

  • The Sons of God – “bene-Elohim”

    • Every ref. to this phrase (5 total) refers to angels, never once to men.

    • Job 1:6; 2:1; best one 38:7

  • Daughters of men – human females – duh!

  • Children of these unions were called:

    • Giants (Nephilim)

    • Mighty Men

    • Men of renown

  • How is this possible?

    • I dunno

    • Jude 6-7 – confirms that it did happen

      • There are angels reserved in everlasting chains, why?

      • Left heaven… I assume came to earth

      • Like the men of Sodom, gave themselves over to sexual immorality

      • Went after strange flesh (law of reproduction… each after its own kind)

Bible 101

The fallen angels view p2
The fallen angels view, p2

  • Why would the fallen angels do this?

    • To corrupt the human race – for sure…

    • we are bad on our own… but these Nephilim were evil all the time

    • If Satan had corrupted all of us… then we wouldn’t be “men” anymore.

    • A man could not be born of a woman who could come back and crush Satan’s head.

  • Another interesting fact – 1 Cor 11:10 – girls hate this portion of scripture anyway… here is another reason.

    • Symbol of authority (in those days – a cover) on her head

    • Because of the Angels – hmm… you bunch of tempters

    • If angels stumbled over you girls, us men don’t have a chance – so cover up!

  • This view was the generally accepted view by:

    • The early rabbis (not modern)

    • The early church

    • The new testament writers (Jude, Paul)

    • Many conservative scholars today, but not all

Bible 101

Giants gen 6 4
GiantsGen 6:4

  • One of the ways we figure out what a word means is to look at how its used

  • Hebrew word – Nephilim –

    • Verb form – Gen. translated to fall (fallen by the sword) or to fall away

    • Gen 6:4/ Num 13:33 are nouns – found only 2 times in the OT

      • (YLT) translates as “the fallen ones”

      • So where did we get the word “Giant” – They were really big people

  • Greek word (LXX) – Gigantes – “earth born”

    • Greek, I thought the OT was in Hebrew… it was, up until 285 b.c. (300 years before Jesus was born)

    • Jews needed the OT in a language they could read

    • Every time Paul quotes the OT in his letters, its from the LXX, not the Hebrew

    • Same word used to describe the “Titans” – part God and part man

  • Descriptions:

    • 1 Chron 20:6 - 6 fingers/6 toes (20:4-8 interesting read)

    • Deut 3:11 - Og of Bashan’s bed was 9 cubits wide X 4 cubits wide (15.75ft long, 7 feet wide) – Og may have been 13-14ft tall.

      • Our beds are generally 7 ft. long

    • 1 Sam 17:4 – Goliath was between 10-11ft tall, armor weighed 156lbs… (smaller than Og?)

  • Death…

    • Isa 26:14 – the word for “they are deceased” is “Rapha” which is a form from which we get Rephaim.

      • Rephaim is one of many names for the Giants in the promised land.

      • Other names are Anakim (Goliaths family), Emim, Zamzummim, Zuzim

      • Og of Bashan was a remnant of the Rephaim

    • Apparently when they die, they go to hell (sheol), they are not going to be resurrected to judgement.

      • Some creepy examples – Isa 14:9 – the dead; Isa 26:14 – “they are deceased”;

Bible 101

Noah gen 6 8 10
NoahGen 6:8-10

  • Vs. 9 – 3 statements about Noah

    • A just man

      • Lawful, righteous correct

    • (like Enoch) He walked with God

    • Perfect in his generations

      • Tamiym – complete, whole, sound, entire

      • Appears 47 times in the OT, used 2 ways

        • Translated as upright, perfect – moral sense

          • Sometimes as a command, rather than an accomplishment “be perfect”

        • Sometimes used to describe the quality of perfection – not moral but in quality

          • It was a perfect day.

        • also used to describe the perfection of the sacrifice – in the sense of Physical perfection – without defect or blemish

      • Some speculate that was perfect about him was not his Morality, but his Genome – he wasn’t tainted by the fallen angels

  • Vs 8 – most important verse about Noah

    • Found grace

      • (Khane - grace, favor, acceptance)

    • Praise God so did we.

Bible 101

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Review the rest Genesis 6

The world before Noah’s flood.

Memorize the names of the first 17 Books of the OT

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Bible 101