sigma 101 sigma organization
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Sigma 101 Sigma Organization

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Sigma 101 Sigma Organization. Goals and Objectives. To spark interest in brothers to seek leadership roles at all levels of Sigma. To have consistent and timely paperwork to manage the chapter. Documented and repeatable processes.

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sigma 101 sigma organization
Sigma 101Sigma Organization

Goals and Objectives

  • To spark interest in brothers to seek leadership roles at all levels of Sigma.
  • To have consistent and timely paperwork to manage the chapter. Documented and repeatable processes.
  • To instill how to effectively conduct a general or committee meeting as well as talk about what does it mean to be a Sigma.

sigma 101 sigma organization1
Sigma 101Sigma Organization
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Chapter Officers
  • Roles and Responsibility of the State Executive Board
  • Roles and Responsibility of the Regional Executive Board
  • Roles and Responsibility of the International General Counsel
  • Sigma Beta Club

Sigma 101Sigma Organization

Roles and Responsibilities of Chapter Officers, elected and appointed (Executive Board)

  • Core 4 Elected:
  • President
  • 1st Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Core 3 Appointed (Sigma Wellness)
  • Bigger and Better Business
  • Social Action
  • Education
sigma 101 sigma organization2
Sigma 101Sigma Organization


Serve as Chapter Chief Executive Officer

Serve as presiding officer at all general and Executive Committee Meetings

Shall see that the meeting be conducted with decorum and discipline and shall exercise due care that his attitude be at all times fair and impartial.

Coordinate the functions of all officers and committees, with the exception of the nominating committee.

Appoint committees to address items beyond the scope of The Chapter’s standing committees.

Ensure that the organization is operated in conformity with the principles set forth in the National, Regional , State and Chapter Constitution and Bylaws.

sigma 101 sigma organization3
Sigma 101Sigma Organization

1st Vice President

Perform all duties of the President in the event of absence, death, disablement, or removal from office.

Serve as an ex-officio member of all committees.

Serve as Chairman of Intake for the Chapter.

* Head or supervise such committees as designated by the bylaws.

* Serve as Chairman of undergraduate advisor team.

sigma 101 sigma organization4
Sigma 101Sigma Organization


Shall receive all funds on behalf of The Chapter.

He shall keep a complete record of all funds received, carefully noting under what budget the funds are received.

He shall keep a complete record of the budgets and expenditures of the various committees and officers.

Shall deposit such funds in a bank chosen by the Executive Board and agreed to by The Chapter.

He shall keep a complete record of all disbursements and shall make such disbursements as designated by The Chapter or the Executive Board after receiving signed vouchers.

He shall keep an accurate record of all bills received by The Chapter.

Shall at all times keep an accurate account of members dues and update the financial roster accordingly.

sigma 101 sigma organization5
Sigma 101Sigma Organization


Shall keep the minutes of the meeting of The Chapter and the Executive Board.

Taking care to record the maker and the seconding voice of all motions as well as the record of the outcome of all votes.

He shall notify all committees of their appointments and the assignment of business.

He shall sign all official documents when requested.

Shall receive and present to The Chapter all correspondence of all media types.

Shall be charged to respond to all necessary correspondence in a timely manner and shall seek guidance from The Chapter when the mandate of The Chapter does not cover the text of the correspondence.

sigma 101 sigma organization6
Sigma 101Sigma Organization

The president, acting on behalf of The Chapter, shall establish the following standing committees to support the international directive of Sigma Wellness:

The Bigger and Better Business Committee

The Bigger and Better Business Committee shall design such programs as may promote and foster ideas for the effective organization, improvement, and expansion of business and the dissemination and propagation of information for the advancement of sound business principles and practices.

sigma 101 sigma organization7
Sigma 101Sigma Organization

Education Committee:

The Education Committee shall design such programs as may promote academic education.

sigma 101 sigma organization8
Sigma 101Sigma Organization

Social Action Committee:

The Social Action Committee shall design such programs as may promote the social welfare and full participation of all persons within the society. The committee shall carry out such programs as may provide needed social services. The committee shall maintain a close working relationship with the appropriate campus and city-wide social action organizations.

sigma 101 sigma organization9
Sigma 101Sigma Organization
  • National Partners
  • American Cancer Society
  • March of Dimes
  • Center for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • Thurgood Marshall College Fund
sigma 101 sigma organization10
Sigma 101Sigma Organization
  • State Executive Board: (
  • State Director – Corey Stayton (Kappa Alpha Sigma)
  • 1st State Vice Director – Trae Johnsoon (Kappa Alpha Sigma)
  • 2nd Vice State Director – Sean Perry (Psi)
  • Secretary – Brian Dawsey (Tau Beta Sigma)
  • Treasurer – Frank Wright (Alpha Phi Sigma)
  • Financial Secretary – Richard Bradley (Nu Psi Sigma)
  • Director of Bigger & Better Business – Don Andrews (Epsilon Gamma Sigma)
  • Director of Social Action – Leroy Griffin (Tau Beta Sigma)
  • Director of Education – LaSella L. Hall (Phi Beta Sigma Sigma)
  • Director of Collegiate Affairs – Andrew Scott (LambdaSigma)
  • Legal Counsel – Darrell Reynolds (Lambda Sigma)
  • Assistant Director of Collegiate Affairs – Vacant
  • Director of Sigma Beta Club – Vacant
  • Director of Publicity – Danny Wade (Kappa Alpha Sigma)
  • Parliamentarian – Terrence Slaton (Kappa Alpha Sigma)
  • Advisor to the State Director, Alumni – Robert Eason (Lambda Sigma)
  • Advisor to the State Director, Alumni – James E. Smith (Kappa Zeta Sigma)
  • Advisor to the State Director, Collegiate – Shawn Williams (Alpha Pi)
  • Immediate Past State Director – Greg Brown (Gamma Pi Sigma)
  • Director of Technology – Ricky Moss (Beta Delta Sigma)
sigma 101 sigma organization11
Sigma 101Sigma Organization
  • What does the State Executive Board Do?
  • The Aim of the body is to make the objectives which our National and Regional Constitutions embrace become realities.
  • Not to conflict with the Regional and International Constitutions. In the event of a conflict, the Regional and International constitutions will have priority.
  • Discussion Points
  • How should the board serve the state?
  • Areas of improvement
  • What works well?
sigma 101 sigma organization12
Sigma 101Sigma Organization
  • Southern Regional Executive Board (
  • Regional Director – Marcus Chaney
  • 1st Vice Director – Roy Edmunds
  • 2nd Vice Director – Kobe Garner
  • Secretary – Lyric Cosby
  • Treasurer – James Walker
  • Director of Bigger & Better Business – Ken Straughter
  • Director of Social Action – Ben Otay
  • Director of Education – Carlos Williams II
  • Director of Collegiate Affairs – TweailMoten
  • Director of Publicity – Mark Cornelius
  • Director of Sigma Beta Clubs – Raymond Rideout
  • MIP Coordinator – Rev. Lucien Ward
  • Training Coordinator – Jeremy Speaks
  • Parliamentarian - Joseph T Alexander Jr.
  • Alabama State Director – Reggious Bell
  • Bahamas State Director – Gerrard Sawyer
  • Florida State Director - Errick Farmer
  • Georgia State Director – Corey Stayton
  • Mississippi State Director – Dr. Eric Cook
  • Historian – Mark “Mallet” Pacich
  • Chief of Staff – Anthony Welch
  • Immediate Past Regional Director - Ray Smith
  • Special Assistant – Kevin Lawrence
  • Collegiate Member at Large – Nicholas Wright
sigma 101 sigma organization13
Sigma 101Sigma Organization
  • What Does the Regional Executive Board Do?
  • To stimulate chapters in the Southern Region to promote and sponsor educational programs, social action programs, bigger and better business programs and other designated by the National and Southern Regional bodies.
  • To enhance the image of Sigma and to provide scholastic assistance to brothers.
  • The executive board shall consist of the elected officers for the current year, the Immediate Past Regional Director and the State Directors.
  • Discussion Points
  • How do you feel about the communication and coordination within the Region?
  • What do you think about the impact of the Region with the International Body?
  • What are areas of improvement?
  • What do we do right?
sigma 101 sigma organization14
Sigma 101Sigma Organization

International General Counsel (

sigma 101 sigma organization15
Sigma 101Sigma Organization

International General Counsel Cont.

sigma 101 sigma organization17
Sigma 101Sigma Organization
  • What Does the International Leadership Do?
  • Sigma Men are born leaders, representing a wide variety of career paths in today’s society.
  • The General Board of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. is comprised of thirty-seven elected and appointed members.
  • Whereas the Conclave is the governing body of the Fraternity, these esteemed leaders are responsible for the day-to-day operations and function of the Fraternity between Conclave Sessions.
  • Discussion Points
  • Is the direction of the fraternity relevant to the global society?
  • Is the direction of the fraternity relevant to the African American Community?
  • What are the areas of improvement?
  • What do we do right?
  • How affective are we with more top heavy management layer than 75% of Fortune 500 companies?
sigma 101 sigma organization18
Sigma 101Sigma Organization

Sigma Beta Club

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. continues to lead all Greek organizations in programs that bring about social change. In 1950 Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity became the first Greek organization to develop a youth auxiliary group. Under the direction of Dr. Parlette L. Moore the Sigma Beta Club was founded. Brother Moore was concerned about our changing needs in our communities and recognized the important role that Sigma men could play in the lives of our youth.

The Sigma Beta Clubs\' four major principals focus on Culture, Athletics, Social and Educational needs. The Sigma Beta Club offers our membership a unique opportunity to develop values, leadership skills and social/cultural awareness in our youth during their developmental years. Sigma Beta Club programs are geared to meet the needs of its member, but at the same time provide them with a well-rounded out look that is needed to cope with today\'s society. Phi Beta Sigma is confident that investing in our youth today will produce effective leaders of tomorrow.

sigma 101 sigma organization19
Sigma 101Sigma Organization
  • Sigma Beta Club cont.
  • Is it a teenage fraternity?
  • Are they Jr. Sigma’s?
  • What is our level of involvement as mentors?
sigma 101 sigma organization20
Sigma 101Sigma Organization

“Our Cause Speed on It’s Way!”