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Catalyst. Finish these sentences: Elements are… I THINK atoms are…. Homework Time. Unit 1 – Atomic Theory and the Periodic Table. Death by Element. Who’s in Charge?. It takes 31 cuts to get to the size of the atom! It is 0.0000007 mm!. Lecture 1.1 – Introduction to the Atom.

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Finish these sentences:

  • Elements are…

  • I THINK atoms are…

Homework time

Homework Time

Unit 1 atomic theory and the periodic table

Unit 1 – Atomic Theory and the Periodic Table

Death by Element

Who s in charge

Who’s in Charge?


It takes 31 cuts to get to the size of the atom! It is 0.0000007 mm!

Lecture 1 1 introduction to the atom

Lecture 1.1 – Introduction to the Atom

Today s learning target

Today’s Learning Target

LT 1.1 – I can identify the size, location, and mass of the three subatomic particles found in the atom.

Size of the atom

Size of the Atom

  • The atom has a diameter between 0.1 – 0.5 nm

  • Point of reference: A basketball has a diameter of 234,500,000 nm

Three types of subatomic particles

Three Types of Subatomic Particles

  • All atoms contain the following subatomic particles:

    • Protons

    • Neutrons

    • Electrons



Protons are found in the nucleus of an atom.

The nucleus is located in the center of the atom.

Protons have a positive charge. We say that their charge is +1



James Chadwick discovered the neutron in 1932!

Neutrons are found in the nucleus of an atom.

Neutrons do not have a charge. They are neutral

Mass of protons and neutrons

Mass of Protons and Neutrons

  • Protons and neutrons have the same mass.

  • Each subatomic particle has a mass of 1amu.

    • amu= atomic mass unit



Electrons are found in the electron cloud.

The electron cloud surrounds the nucleus of an atom.

Electrons have a -1 charge

Mass of electrons

Mass of Electrons

Electrons have a mass that is 0.00054 amu.

Electrons do not contribute to the weight of an atom.



  • Like the car gear, like water, like switzerland!

To be neutral, the positives and negatives must cancel out!

Neutral Tweet!

Equal nmbr of protons and electrons #Chemswag #Learning #MrAstorIsABoss

The resulting charge is zero!



Collaborative station death by element reading

Collaborative Station:Death by Element Reading

  • Complete the reading with your table

  • You must answer all questions

Rate yourself

Rate Yourself

  • Based on the exit ticket and your current level of understanding, rate yourself 1 – 4 on LT 1.1

Closing time

Closing Time

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