intel international science engineering fair iisef los angeles california may 11 16 2014
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You will find EVERYTHING you need to know about Intel ISEF at:

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You will find EVERYTHING you need to know about Intel ISEF at: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Intel International Science & Engineering Fair (IISEF) Los Angeles , California May 11-16, 2014. You will find EVERYTHING you need to know about Intel ISEF at:.

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You will find EVERYTHING you need to know about Intel ISEF at:


The International Rules for Pre-college Science Research: Guidelines for Science and Engineering Fairs

They are the official rules of the Intel ISEF. The purpose of these rules is to:

  • protect the rights and welfare of the student researcher
  • protect the rights and welfare of the human participant
  • ensure adherence to government regulations
  • ensure use of safe laboratory practices
  • protect the environment
  • determine eligibility for competition in the Intel ISEF 2014

Intel ISEF Rules Wizard 

  • This "wizard" asks a series of questions about your planned project and will provide a list of forms that you need to complete.
  • SRC Rules FAQs
  • Common questions about our rules and guidelines from our scientific review committee
  • Overview of Forms and Dates
  • Provides a brief explanation of each form in the Rules and Regulations, and when it should be completed.
  • Common Scientific Review Committee (SRC) Problems
  • Summarizes SRC reviews leading up to the Intel ISEF, with pointers about what NOT to do.
  • Most Common Reasons for Projects to Fail to Qualify at Intel ISEF
  • This document summarizes the most common reasons that a project fails to qualify at the Intel ISEF.

Intel ISEF Categories and Subcategories

Summarizes the categories and subcategories at Intel ISEF. 

Sources of Information for 2014 International Rules and Guidelines

Listing of outside sources of information to supplement the Rules and Guidelines.

Intel ISEF  Student Handbook

An aid to help in the research process and judging criteria.

Science Fair Project Guide

Steps to take to do a good project.

  • Students from grades 9 to 12.
  • High quality projects – keep an eye on your best projects and encourage the student(s) to consider IISEF.
  • Experimentation and design projects only.
  • Must be able to travel to USA (in May) with a valid passport.
get involved

The IISEF is a great experience for participants to meet other international students (about 1600 finalists from 70 countries) and present their projects in the “Science Fair Olympiad”.

They will be judged by high profile Scientists and Nobel Laureates (about 1000 judges).

…..and can win numerous awards..more than $4 million dollars worth!

approval before experimentation
Approval before experimentation
  • Certain projects (involving: human subjects, vertebrate animals, and PHBA\'s (potentially hazardous pathogenic agents) including microorganisms, recombinant DNA, and human or animal tissue) that are done in research labs and other institutions require the approval of a supervising scientist before the experimentation starts.
  • This “approval before experimentation” information must be sent to SRC by certain deadlines (consult: Intel ISEF Rules Wizard  - Overview of Forms and Dates - Overview of Forms and Dates - Intel ISEF  Student Handbook).
  • December 16, 2013is the firstdeadline for submitting IISEF proposals to SRC for projects that require approval before experimentation begins.
  • To submit to SRC: (a) a research plan (not necessarily the final one) with experimental details and procedures along with (b) risk assessment forms and (c) forms that need to be signed by the research supervisor (mentor) and (d) a draft of the abstract.

February 21, 2014 is the second and final deadline for submitting IISEF proposals to SRC for projects that require approval before experimentation begins.

  • This 2nd deadline may be needed in case the research scientist is away or the project started in 2014. This date is also very close to the local fair dates when teachers may have a better idea of IISEF caliber projects.
risk assessment form
Risk Assessment Form
  • If a project is done at home or at school, a supervising adult (teacher) must assess the risks involved.
  • To help with this procedure, a Risk Assessment Form is provided. Concern for the students’ safety is the priority.
  • If a teacher recognizes an IISEF level project then, based on the risk assessment form, have the student(s) fill out the appropriate IISEF FORMS in case that project is chosen for IISEF at the MRSTF.
  • It may be best if ALL projects filled out this form to cover all possible scenarios so that we do not miss out on those “really good projects” that become eligible at the MRSTF but can’t go because necessary forms have not been filled out.
final src approval needed for iisef
Final SRC Approval needed for IISEF
  • SRC has the obligation to sign off on all projects that win at the MRSTF to go on to the IISEF.
  • This means that ALL required FORMS must have been completed according to the International IISEF Rules and Guidelines.

Overview of Forms and Dates