Chapter 5
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Chapter 5. Ancient India and Persia. A subcontinent is a large region of land that is separated from the rest of the. continent by a mountain range or other large landform. The country of India is. an example of a subcontinent.

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Chapter 5

Ancient India

and Persia

A subcontinent is a large region of land that is separated from the rest of the

an example of a subcontinent. country of India is

or Maldives. Islands

temperatures are mild to cool, from March through May they quickly shift to very hot, and from June

through September comes the rainy season or quickly shift to very hot, and from Junemonsoon

season. quickly shift to very hot, and from June

depend on these rains for crops. full of life again. Farmers

Subsistence farming other vegetables are consists of families growing food for themselves or

This region is called the point of a “diamond.”Deccan Plateau which lies between the

Western Ghats mountains, the, and rolling mountains, the Eastern Ghats. Each of these

and even garbage collection. large public bath

she was. Priests and teachers, or with who he orbrahmins held high positions in society. Warriors,

cultivators – artisans, traders, and merchants. The a group called thesudras or serfs were given

that can be found in South Asia today is cultureZoroastrianism a religion that

enemy of evil. supreme and the

the decimal. digits, zero, and

Hinduism digits, zero, and is the main religion of India, and one of the world’s oldest religions.

The digits, zero, andRig Veda is the oldest of the vedas. Some hindus recognize only one

universal being, digits, zero, andBrahman, the source and final destination of everything.

Hindus believe in digits, zero, and dharma the order of the universe and reincarnation the

social group he or she is born into.





were considered polluted. as worthy beings

Meditation during is a way of clearing the mind, and enlightenment is a state of pure

Truths during of human suffering which are: 1.Suffering is part of all people’s lives.

The Eightfold Path as way of living for Buddhists to find relief from