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Master School Identification File. Presenter Rhonda Forbes June 2009. Master School Identification (MSID) File. Background Contains information about all PK-12 public schools in Florida Also contains information about adult and vocational-technical schools run by school districts.

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Master school identification file l.jpg

Master School Identification File


Rhonda Forbes

June 2009

Master school identification msid file l.jpg
Master School Identification (MSID) File


  • Contains information about all PK-12 public schools in Florida

  • Also contains information about adult and vocational-technical schools run by school districts

Master school identification msid file3 l.jpg
Master School Identification (MSID) File

  • Changes, additions and deletions are sent to DOE each summer (and periodically thereafter) by the MSID contact.

  • There is an MSID contact in every district.

Msid web application l.jpg
MSID Web Application

  • Displays MSID information for each school (active and inactive).

  • Look up by school and district and by school name or number.

Msid web application5 l.jpg
MSID Web Application

  • Download files (Excel format): Active Schools; All schools, all fields; Schools by type

  • Three screens

    • Addresses & phone numbers

    • Administrative information

    • Accountability information (controlled by Evaluation and Reporting Office)

Msid web application6 l.jpg
MSID Web Application

(Address and Phone Numbers Screen)

Msid web application7 l.jpg
MSID Web Application

(Administrative Information)

Msid web application8 l.jpg
MSID Web Application

(Accountability Information)

Downloading msid file l.jpg
Downloading MSID File

  • Access the MSID web site

  • Click on “Download files” button at bottom of page

  • Click on “Download” option on next page

  • Click on “Open”

  • Choose “File” and “Save As”

Downloading msid file10 l.jpg
Downloading MSID File

  • Specify a destination and specify Excel as the file type.

  • Close the web application & open Excel

  • Open the saved file

  • Sort as needed & delete unneeded columns and rows.

Downloading msid file save as option l.jpg
Downloading MSID file (“Save As” Option)

Msid layout l.jpg
MSID Layout

  • Provided in the MSID Technical Assistance Paper on the web

  • Appendix A

  • Lists each element name, size, short description and codes

  • Additional description is included in the body of the paper

Coordination l.jpg

  • Program area offices within district need to work with MSID contact person to ensure information on the file is accurate.

    • Facilities

    • Finance

    • Title I

    • Charter

    • Accountability

    • Assessment

    • Alternative Programs

    • Career and Technical

Reporting to u s department of education l.jpg
Reporting to U.S. Department of Education

  • Common Core of Data/Education Data Exchange Network (EDEN).

  • All national statistics are based on these schools.

Reporting to u s department of education15 l.jpg
Reporting to U.S. Department of Education

  • Assignment of federal ID numbers for E-rate, etc.

  • Submit schools that will open in next two years.

Accountability l.jpg

  • Provides universe for school grades and Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)

    • Each school number designated an analysis unit (a school).

    • Department of Juvenile Justice schools (School Function/Setting = D).

    • Principal’s Name and Address for School Grade checks.

Editing data l.jpg
Editing Data

  • All Student, Staff and Finance database records are rejected if school is not on the MSID file.

  • Title I Supplemental Educational Services format.

Editing data18 l.jpg
Editing Data

  • TI SES School must be SINI 1+ on MSID or record is rejected.

  • Career Academy Participant must be in a school with a career academy. (Fed/St Indicator format).

Neglected delinquent l.jpg

  • Institution Number, Neglected/Delinquent (Student Demo) must show as a Neglected/Delinquent school on MSID

    • Student generates funding for Title I, Part D

    • Institutions that house neglected/delinquent students, but do not provide on-site instruction- District-assigned number (AXXX) submitted to DOE.

Neglected delinquent20 l.jpg

  • Designation as residential and non-residential has funding implications.

  • MSID categories used in Consolidated State Performance Report (CSPR) data aggregation.

Fte funding l.jpg
FTE Funding

  • Must be an active school or the student course record used for FTE funding is rejected.

  • Must be DJJ (School Function/Setting = D) to receive summer FTE (surveys 1 and 4).

  • Every school should have FTE or the school should be Closed or Future on MSID.

Categorize schools for various reports l.jpg
Categorize Schools for Various Reports

  • Elementary, middle, high, and combination for most reports.

  • NCLB School Public Accountability Reports (SPAR).

Categorize schools for various reports23 l.jpg
Categorize Schools for Various Reports

  • Reports produced for Legislators that include all schools in their districts; Uses Senate and House districts.

  • Return on Investment reporting; Uses ROI type.

School function setting l.jpg
School Function Setting

  • A=Alternative

  • This code will be deleted for 2009-10:

  • All schools coded “A” will be changed to “Z” (not applicable).

Importance of correct grade codes on msid l.jpg
Importance of Correct Grade Codes on MSID

  • Schools are pulled from MSID and used by the Reading Intervention office--enables districts to enter K-12 Reading Plans.

  • Schools are used by Enables districts to submit data for EPEP and Major Areas of Interest (MAI).

Selecting data for reports and files l.jpg
Selecting Data for Reports and Files

  • Populating annual reports (charter schools, Title I, etc.)

  • Data files and mailing labels for schools with selected grade levels; Uses Grade Codes and School Types from Appendix C of TAP.

Selecting data for reports and files27 l.jpg
Selecting Data for Reports and Files

  • Reports for charter schools, alternative education schools, virtual schools, DJJ schools, Title I schools (school-wide and targeted) assistance), magnet schools, etc.

Assessment l.jpg

  • Routing Codes

  • Used by approximately 19 districts

  • Indicates place to which the test company is to ship the school’s test documents

Assessment con t l.jpg
Assessment (Con’t.)

  • Comprehensive English Language Learning Assessment (CELLA).

  • FCAT-maybe in future.

Research l.jpg

  • Does turnover in school principals correlate with school grades?

  • What are the characteristics of students who drop out from schools in urban vs. rural locations?

Research31 l.jpg

  • How does the progress of students who moved away from schools in need of improvement compare to the progress of students who stayed at the schools in need of improvement?

District virtual schools l.jpg
District Virtual Schools

  • When a district establishes a virtual school, the district should contact DOE to submit an MSID application for the virtual school to be activated on MSID.

  • Special school numbers are already

    established for each district virtual school.

District virtual schools33 l.jpg
District Virtual Schools

  • 7001-Distirct Virtual School

  • 7004 –Approved franchises of the Florida Virtual School

School verification report l.jpg
School Verification Report

  • Sent to MSID District Contact Person by DOE each Summer

  • Required information updated by District

  • Return to DOE on time

School verification report35 l.jpg
School Verification Report

  • Important Items include:

    • School Name

    • Principal’s Name and Title

    • Physical/Location Address

    • Mailing Address

    • Telephone Number

Identifying information l.jpg
Identifying Information

  • Web Address

  • Email Address

  • Magnet Status

  • Career Academy Status

  • Grade Code

Applying for a new school number l.jpg
Applying for a New School Number

  • Complete the MSID Application form

  • E-mail it to Rhonda Forbes ([email protected])

  • DOE School Approval Committee will act on the request

Applying for a new school number38 l.jpg
Applying for a New School Number

  • Committee meets every other Friday

  • Rhonda will notify district of status

  • No school will be given “active” status until approved by the committee.

Guidelines for assignment of school numbers l.jpg
Guidelines for Assignment of School Numbers

  • Generally, a school number should follow the student body when a new school is built. This provides continuity for accountability purposes.

  • A school should have separate student and staff populations and its own school principal.

Guidelines for assignment of school numbers40 l.jpg
Guidelines for Assignment of School Numbers

  • One charter equates to one charter school number

  • Apply early because non-active schools will not generate FTE dollars

  • Specific numbers are not always available because non-public schools use the same pool of numbers

Msid contact person l.jpg
MSID Contact Person

Rhonda Forbes

Education Information Services

Florida Department of Education

[email protected]

(850) 245-0400

FAX: (850) 245-9097

Follow up question and answer session l.jpg
Follow Up Question and Answer Session

Submit Questions to

[email protected]

Or call

(850) 245-0400