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I'm 16 years old. Now I'm in the twenty-second classroom, Kaohsiung Girls High School. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Personal File. I'm 16 years old. Now I'm in the twenty-second classroom, Kaohsiung Girls High School. Many of my friends say that I'm a little "stupid", but I am cute, too. I'm healthy, just like a phrase-well grown!

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Personal File

I'm 16 years old. Now I'm in the twenty-second classroom, KaohsiungGirls High School.

Many of my friends say that I'm a little "stupid", but I am cute, too. I'm healthy, just like a phrase-well grown!

I have a small but warm house. My mom is the most wonderful lady of the world. She loves us very much, and we do too. My mom is very very busy, so I always volunteer to do all the housework for her. Don't you think that I'm a nice girl? ^^

My mom is also a great English teacher, I've learned from her a lot. Myyounger sister, Alice, is a naughty junior high student. She dances very well, like a super dancingqueen! I love them, and I hope I can be with themforever.

Julia's Experiences

Let’s talk about my hobbies. I like dancing, drawing, swimming, watching movies, and running! Some girls don't like sports, but sports brings me many good memories. I have got a prize of 100 meters in anathletic meeting when I was in elementary school. That's my best memory of children time.

I had a special experience--dancing in the culture center. There are a giant stage, spotlight, and curtain.I enjoyed dancing there, because I felt thatI was abig star when I performed there . (A bigshining star!)

Our Ballet Performance

This picture was taken by our junior high school principle when we had a performance in Culture Center in Kaohsiung .

We decided that we have to do something different from before, so our Ballet teacher composed the dance- The dancers, we called it 舞姬 in Chinese.

I think all the audiences who watched our performance were touched by our united spirits.

That night when we finished our last performance in junior high, all of us cried out right at the stage. We were not sad but happy. ..^0^..

Our Folk Dance

This is our folk dance- The Mongolian.

The teacher, who composed this dance learned folk dances in Beijing in mainland China. She danced very well, so we adored her.

There was a long hard time during we practiced this dance. Since the Mongolian often ride a horse, we had to run and run in this dance to show how a Mongolian ride a horse.

We all liked the teacher, but we did not like this kind of dance very well.

Our Modern Dance

We made three different songs into one dance in this dance, so we also had three kinds of dancing styles in it.

I like this one the best because I like modern dances the most. For the first,we don’t care about many details when we do modern dances. For another, modern dances usually have special incidental music.

Do you like modern dances?


Michael Jordan is the best basketball player I've ever heard. Do you know why? Though I don't know much about basketball, Michael Jordan is "the only one" in my heart. During his basketball career, he showed many fantastic skills, like slam-dunk, dribbling quickly, passing the ball to his partners directly to a basket, etc. According to the sports news, we know Michael got some harm when he played in NBA. It was the worst thing to athletes, Michael especially. He retired in 1998, but on account of his merits, he became a legend in the history of basketball.

Now he comes back and joins a new team- Washington Wizards. That means we have one more chance to see his fantastic skills again, and I just can't wait to see that

Julia's Research

Since we’ve focused on this project- Mudslide for months, we’ve also got some points. To show our points, I made them become power points in order to let all of you understand us more clearly and direct .

Hope you will like them after you check them out. ^0^


  • 土石流在發生的時候,往往挾帶了大量的石塊和泥沙,且又因發生時天氣雨量的多寡,所含有的水量也大不相同,造成的流速也不同。土石流的定義:是在非陡峭,植被也不算少的地方,有挾帶大量泥沙與石塊且以河流流動為行進方式,比山崩的瞬時間劇烈發生緩慢一些,但比潛移威力明顯的崩壞,就可稱之為土石流


  • 就地震所造成的地形改變及它大量釋放之能量而言,這些是造成土石流的一大原因,不過使之真的發生的前提是:那地區早已存在有發生土石流的因素。如果地震發生時使某河流產生“回春作用,如又遇天氣不佳,外在誘發因素大增。因此地震使土石流發生的機率真的很大。

Hey, what do you think about me? Am I really a cute girl? ^0^

[ Ha ha, just kidding.]

If you have any advices for me, please write to:

[email protected]

I’ve joined AJDS for a few months, so you can contact with me in this website:

My dear mother school- Lin-ya Junior High School:

Now I’m studying in KGHS-Kaohsiung Girls high School:


Well, just check out those webs, and you will find out that there’re many interesting things around us!

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