Creating learning objectives
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Creating Learning Objectives PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Creating Learning Objectives. What’s it all about?. Why create learning objectives?. Learning Objectives…What’s the big Deal anyway?”. ASSURE MODEL How’s it Connected?. What’s the “A”…in the assure model?

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Creating Learning Objectives

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CreatingLearning Objectives

What’s it all about?

Why create learning objectives?

  • Learning Objectives…What’s the big Deal anyway?”

ASSURE MODELHow’s it Connected?

  • What’s the “A”…in the assure model?

  • In this lesson we are going to look at the 2nd letter of the Assure Model…State your Objectives

What is a course outcome?

a general statement that indicates what will be covered AND assessed in a course

What’s a Course Outcome?Is this different than an learning objective?

Course Outcome

Course Outcome

Course Outcome

Building Curriculum

If a course outcome is a general statement….

Then what is a learning objective?

Learning Objectives guide the lesson

Linked back directly to a specific course outcome


What’s a Learning Objective?Is it really different from a course outcome?

Creating Learning Objectives

  • Consists of 4 components

  • Audience: learner

  • Behaviour: action word…learner demonstrates

  • Criteria: when performance is good enough

  • Degree: special conditions

Learning Objective Examples

  • Learners will create3 learning objectives using all 4 componentsby the end of this lesson.

  • Learners will create2 mini lessons using 2 different learning objectivesby the end of this course.

Your Turn

  • In pairs or 3s reconstruct a learning objective for making a peanut butter sandwich.

What component do you think is the most important part of a learning objective?

Behaviour or action word.

Making your own learning objective

Where do we get the Action Words?

  • Bloom’s Taxonomy

    • Cognitive (knowledge)

    • Psychomotor (action)

    • Affective (feelings)

  • Page 27 of your books..modified version

  • Novice vs Expert

Course Outcomes & Learning Objectives Linked

Course Outcomes & Learning Objectives Linked

Course Outcome

Course Outcomes & Learning Objectives Linked

Course Outcome

Learning Statements

Course Outcomes & Learning Objectives Linked

Course Outcome

What do I need to do to change the statements into learning objectives?

Learning Statements

Learning Objective Examples

  • Learners will correctlydefine the words shoe and shine 100%on a paper and pencil test.

  • Learners will describe 3 parts of shoe shining equipment during a 5 minute presentation.

Create 3 Learning Objectives

  • White Paper

  • Draw org chart like the one I did

  • Break your Course outcome into mini steps or statements (hint find a verb that describes the step)

  • Write learning objective below each step.


  • Share your work….write one objective on the white boards

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