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JEOPARDY. Test Your Knowledge of the Wikispace!. Biopsychosocialspiritual Interventions Protective/Risk Factors for Soldiers Transitions Jasawa Drumheller. Categories. Biopsychosocialspiritual 100.

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Test Your Knowledge of the Wikispace!



Protective/Risk Factors for Soldiers


Jasawa Drumheller

biopsychosocialspiritual 100
Biopsychosocialspiritual 100

Injury or complications from training in demanding environment (high temperatures, dry air, extreme physical engagement) is a biological risk factor. What is a biological protective factor?

biopsychosocialspiritual 1001
Biopsychosocialspiritual 100

Entry into military requires rigorous training and physical fitness, which can promote good health.

biopsychosocialspiritual 200
Biopsychosocialspiritual 200

Stress and trauma of facing death daily lowers resistance to what?

biopsychosocialspiritual 2001
Biopsychosocialspiritual 200

Disease, raises heart rate and blood pressure, and hinders body’s ability to heal.

biopsychosocialspiritual 300
Biopsychosocialspiritual 300

Stress and trauma of facing death daily affects an individuals ability to do what?

biopsychosocialspiritual 3001
Biopsychosocialspiritual 300

…to feel safe and trust others.

biopsychosocialspiritual 400
Biopsychosocialspiritual 400

What are the four military values that give soldiers a sense of self-efficacy and connection?

biopsychosocialspiritual 4001
Biopsychosocialspiritual 400

Loyalty, service, courage, and honor.

biopsychosocialspiritual 500
Biopsychosocialspiritual 500

Growing up in an impoverished, dangerous, or isolated neighborhood may lead to what?

biopsychosocialspiritual 5001
Biopsychosocialspiritual 500

Insecurity and lack of connectedness.

interventions 100
Interventions 100

What does PIES stand for?

interventions 1001
Interventions 100

Proximity to battle, Immediacy, Expectancy of recovery, Simplicity

interventions 200
Interventions 200

Name three of the six intervention strategies used in the Wikispace.

interventions 2001
Interventions 200
  • PIES
  • Cognitive-behavioral Therapy
  • Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR)
  • Yoga
  • Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy (VRET)
  • Quantitative Electroencephalography Intervention (QEEG)
interventions 300
Interventions 300

Mindfulness-based stress reduction therapy seeks to do what?

interventions 3001
Interventions 300

Reduce stress, depression, and anxiety by focusing on the present moment.

interventions 400
Interventions 400

What does yoga emphasize?

interventions 4001
Interventions 400

Physical exercise, breath control, and deep concentration; encourages inward focus and nonjudgement.

interventions 500
Interventions 500

Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy stems from what other intervention listed in the Wikispace?

interventions 5001
Interventions 500

Cognitive-behavioral Therapy

protective risk factors for soldiers 100
Protective/Risk Factors for Soldiers100

List three protective factors for soldiers that are stated in the Wikispace.

protective risk factors for soldiers 1001
Protective/Risk Factors for Soldiers100
  • Job stability
  • Sense of purpose
  • Sense of family
  • Job training
  • Chance to see the world
  • Debriefing
  • Supportive sources
  • Family support
  • Media support
protective risk factors for soldiers 200
Protective/Risk Factors for Soldiers200

List three risk factors for soldiers that are listed in the Wikispace.

protective risk factors for soldiers 2001
Protective/Risk Factors for Soldiers200
  • PTSD
  • Substance abuse
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Suicide
  • Homelessness
  • Intimate partner abuse
  • Long-distance relationships/separation
protective risk factors for soldiers 300
Protective/Risk Factors for Soldiers300

Why is debriefing is a protective factor for soldiers?

protective risk factors for soldiers 3001
Protective/Risk Factors for Soldiers300

Soldiers who have combat exposure are at-risk for post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Debriefing is an intervention strategy that has been use to decrease the effects of trauma. It reduces anxiety in the soldier, preventing the lasting effects of PTSD

protective risk factors for soldiers 400
Protective/Risk Factors for Soldiers400

Why do Iraq soldiers have a higher risk of developing a traumatic brain injuries than soldiers from previous wars?

protective risk factors for soldiers 4001
Protective/Risk Factors for Soldiers400

Because of better equipment, soldiers are surviving extreme bomb blasts. Soldiers from previous wars did not have the equipment that allowed them to survive those blasts.

protective risk factors for soldiers 500
Protective/Risk Factors for Soldiers500

Suicide rates of Iraq personnel are surpassing suicide rates from what other military conflict?

transitions 100
Transitions 100

What are the three major transitions that an Iraq soldier makes during young adulthood?

transitions 1001
Transitions 100
  • Transition from adolescents to military life.
  • Transition from Iraq to home.
  • Transition from military to civilian life.
transitions 200
Transitions 200
  • Name two reasons that were listed in the Wikispace why an individual joins the military.
transitions 2001
Transitions 200

The following list has reasons why individuals join the military…as stated in the Wikispace.

  • Educational and monetary benefits-GI Bill, Tuition Assistance, Servicemember Opportunity Colleges, Education on Duty, etc.
  • Personal satisfaction and pride
  • Answering the call to serve your country
  • Taking a stand against terrorism
  • Family tradition
  • Honor
  • Devotion to duty
  • Learning new skills
  • Full-time employment
  • Job security
  • Personal improvement
  • Means to take care of family
  • Learning self discipline
transitions 300
Transitions 300

Name three “survival mode” attitudes and behaviors.

transitions 3001
Transitions 300

The following list has attitudes and behaviors of “survival mode”.

  • Heightened arousal
  • Being on constant alert for danger
  • Narrowed attention and focus
  • A hostile appraisal of events
  • Not trusting people
  • Make quick, unilateral decisions
  • Expecting others to obey directive without questions
  • Sticking to a “mission” no matter what
  • Reacting quickly and asking questions later
  • Keeping emotions sealed off
transitions 400
Transitions 400

Why is it difficult for some individuals to leave the military?

transitions 4001
Transitions 400

Because the military has given individuals a sense of community, support, and comfort.

transitions 500
Transitions 500

The Wikispace states that 1 in 3 Iraq war veterans will return to home with what?

transitions 5001
Transitions 500

Psychological problems.

jasawa drumheller 100
Jasawa Drumheller 100

When was Jasawa deployed to Iraq for his first tour?

jasawa drumheller 1001
Jasawa Drumheller 100

March 9th, 2003

jasawa drumheller 200
Jasawa Drumheller 200

What is Jasawa’s wife and son’s name?

jasawa drumheller 2001
Jasawa Drumheller 200

Sarah and Gabe

jasawa drumheller 300
Jasawa Drumheller 300

What was the first traumatic event that Jasawa experienced in Iraq?

jasawa drumheller 3001
Jasawa Drumheller 300

Pulling Martinez out of a burning vehicle.

jasawa drumheller 400
Jasawa Drumheller 400

How much weight did Jasawa lose in his first tour?

jasawa drumheller 500
Jasawa Drumheller 500

Who did Jasawa receive counseling services from?

final jeopardy1
Final Jeopardy

What campaign has been created to allow civilians to connect with soldiers through donations, emails, care packages, and campaign merchandise?

final jeopardy2
Final Jeopardy