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BRINGING YOU THE KNOWLEDGE AND TOOLS TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS. …your gateway to financial success. Why use Virtgate?.

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…your gateway to financial success

Why use virtgate

Why use Virtgate?

Our goal is to provide widespread Internet connectivity allowing advisors the freedom to work wherever they desire. Virtgate makes it easy to move prospects through each phase of the sales process and provide top-notch client services while sharing key customer data between staff across our branches and their advisors.

“John Hamilton, President Financial Horizons”

Summary of features
Summary of Features:

  • The days of paper reports that are out of date the moment they are printed is over and connectivity and freedom of information is in.

  • Advisors are looking for information, interaction, transaction, convenience, integration and collaboration. They want the right information at the right time, delivered thru the right channels, 24 hours a day.

  • Advisors can run their own commission statements.

  • View all customer records, new business, contracts, licenses, E&O plus customized reports.

Summary of features1
Summary of Features:

  • Advisors can email documents to their clients directly thru Virtgate – no need to fax then scan.

  • Advisors can run an illustration thru Virtgate and send it via email to their clients.

  • A copy of every application submitted is scanned directly into Virtgate and the advisor can print if off – copies are no longer necessary.

  • Advisors can now generate one report that combines all investment and insurance holdings of their client and can send it via email directly to their client.

Summary of features2
Summary of Features:

  • Batch reports can be created by the advisor for all clients and mass mailing can now be done with flick of a switch.

  • Client anniversaries, birth dates, GIC renewal letters can be generated from the batch report.

  • Carriers such as Equitable and soon Manulife allow us to submit applications via scanned copies – applications can be at the carrier in 5 minutes!

  • Cannex illustrations can be done on-line at no charge to the advisor and the results sent via email to the client!

Main Screen: After logging in to Virtgate, click the Virtgate Symbol at the top middle of the screen. From this page, you can choose several options.

BROKER CALENDAR: Each client’s birthday, policy anniversary is shown on your calendar which allows you to link directly to the client’s particulars by pressing on the blue button or you can print of a version by using the ‘Click Here for Print Friendly Version’.

CLIENT ACCOUNTS:All Policy Files: this brings up all of your client’s policies written/issued/settled and allows you to view them individually if needed. Client Contact Extracts can be used for data downloads for mass mailings.

► CARRIER CONTRACTS:All your carrier contract numbers, expiry dates etc. are shown in one location.

COMPLIANCE/LICENSING info along with scanned copies of your licensing which enables you to print them off if need be.

PRODUCTION REPORTING:Advisor’s can run their own production reports for pending, inforce, GIC letters, maturities, client searches.

CANNEX QUOTES:Advisor’s can run Cannex quotes for their clients at no charge thru Virtgate, if their client is already on Virtgate the client info can be downloaded into the illustration system and run automatically for your client.

NOVINSOFT:Novinsoft is now available thru Virtgate at no charge to advisors. You can run Online Carrier Illustrations for UL’s, Personal Needs Analysis, desktop downloads of latest software for a select number of carriers. They expect to have life/ci available shortly along with more carriers.

Segregated funds holding statements
Segregated Funds, Holding Statements

  • ►By mid summer, Virtgate will be set up with all plans for Seg Funds along with the history on each of your client’s holdings that are on Cannex / Fund Serve. A client holding statement is now available for insurance and paper investments but will also include Funds in the near future.

…your gateway to financial success