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Educational games for kids
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List of educational and learning games brought to you by

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Educational and Learning Games for Kids

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Educational games for kids

Educational Games for Kids

Education with Entertainment for Kids



To educate kids through internet, you must choose activities that provide entertainment and fun besides learning.

What are these activities?

We will learn all about this in the presentation which is under discussion

List of productive activities

List of productive activities

By Playing Games Such As:

  • Math Games

  • Puzzle Games

  • Cooking Games

  • Car Games i.e. Car Parking Games (for making quick decisions)

In depth math games

in Depth: Math Games

Math and learning games i.e.

  • Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and division games

  • Math Puzzle Games

  • Other Number Learning Games

In depth math games cont

in Depth: Math Games cont.…

These games normally selected for kids in early grades i.e. nursery level etc. by parents and teachers. Number and math games with best user interface are available on different websites online as well as available for different mobile platforms like Windows phone, iOS, Android

In depth puzzle games

In Depth: Puzzle Games

Puzzle Games are best for kids which helps kids in making quick decisions.

These games are helpful for kids brain training and education.

Puzzle games helps kids to grab things more quickly

In depth cooking games

In Depth: Cooking Games

Cooking games are helpful for little girls who are interested in cooking and kitchen activities.

Different cooking games helps kids to learn different things in funny way.

It is easy for kids to grab cooking activities more quickly.

In depth car games

In Depth: Car Games

Car games cannot be categorized directly in learning games, but these are helpful in some angles.

From these games, kids can learn all about driving a car.

Car parking games (with limited time) helps kids to make right decision in quick time.

Thanks for reading

Thanks for Reading


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