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Friday 12/3/10

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Friday 12/3/10. Warm-up: Was th e election of Louis-Napoleon a victory for the radicals? Explain your opinion. -Monday 12/6: Quiz on Nationalism NOTES!!! So pay attention ! Notes will be posted online!. What did the Russians do?.

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friday 12 3 10

Friday 12/3/10

Warm-up: Was the election of Louis-Napoleon a victory for the radicals? Explain your opinion.

-Monday 12/6: Quiz on Nationalism NOTES!!! So pay attention! Notes will be posted online!

what did the russians do
What did the Russians do?
  • In1853, to go to war…Czar Nicholas I wanted to expand empire…threatens Ottoman Turk Empire-Crimean War
  • Lack of industry….causes LOSS!
  • Nicholas’ son…Alexander II…moves Russia out of old age and modernizes
alexander s reforms
Alexander’s Reforms
  • 1861 free serfs …but…still tied to land that was split up and “given” (49 yrs. To pay debt) to peasant communities
  • Alexander II ASSASSINATED! 1881
  • Alexander III
    • Nationalistic competition led drive for industrialization
  • Empire made of-
    • Slovenes, Hungarians, Germans, Czechs, Slovaks, Croats, Serbs, Poles and Italians
  • 1866-Prussia defeats Austria in Austro-Prussian War
  • Prussian win control of newly formed North German Confederation (union of Prussia & 21 smaller German political units)!
  • Hungarians push- Emperor Francis Joseph of Austria splits empire in two-Austro-Hungary Empire…hangs out until AFTER WWI
back to russia
Back to RUSSIA!!!
  • Made of many ethnic groups-Jews, Latvians, Poles & Romanians to name a few
  • Romanov MUST keep Control!!!
    • New policy…Russification-forced Russian culture on ALL peeps!
    • After WWI…Russian czar gives up power 1917.
what about those ottomans
What about those Ottomans?
  • Controlled-Greeks, Arabs, Bulgarians…
  • 1856-Brits and French pushed for equality in Otts’ Empire
  • Conservative Turks angered…killed some deported Armenians (1894-1896)
  • Broke up after WWI too!
  • Italy forms from crumbs! 1815-1848
  • Piedmont-Sardinia: largest, liberal constitutional state
  • 1852- Sardinia King, Victor Emmanuel II
  • Count Camillodi CAVOUR-Prime Minister
  • Skilled diplomat, used alliance
  • Wanted to expand P-S power
  • Roadblock was AUSTRIA!
  • 1858-Nap. III helped Cavour win provoked! War w/ Austria-gained North Italy….except Venetia
garibaldi unites
Garibaldi Unites!
  • Leader of Southern Nationalist rebels-Red Shirts!!!
  • 1860-captured Sicily
  • Allowed all of Italy to unite under Emmanuel
  • 1866-Venetia joins Italy
  • 1870-Papal states joined Italy-Pope still owned Vatican City-Rome became capital
germany unites
Germany Unites!!!
  • 1815-Autrian Empire dominates the confederation
  • Prussia-ready to UNIFY all German states
    • Advantages-
      • mainly German population
      • nationalism unified it
      • most powerful army in central Europe
      • Has liberal constitution
otto von bismarck
Otto Von Bismarck!!!
  • 1861-Wilhelm I wanted $ from bigger army…liberals refused…Wilhelm didn’t like not having authority…so picks a JUNKER (Prussian conservatives, wealthy land-owners)
  • 1862-Otto Von Bismarck is made Prime Minister
  • O.V.B.-a Realpolitik: tough power politics…no room for idealism
otto von bismarck1
Otto Von Bismarck
  • Rule without parliament’s approval…king okayed it
  • VIOLATED the constitution!
  • Told Prussian Parliament… “ It is not by means of speeches and majority resolutions that the great issues of the day will be decided- that was the great mistake of 1848-1849- but by blood and iron.”