tobacco free workplaces
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Tobacco-Free Workplaces

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Tobacco-Free Workplaces. Sandy Bernier, CSW Fond du Lac Co Health Department Fond du Lac, WI. Raise your hand if…. Your state has implemented a comprehensive SF workplace law. Your state has passed but not yet implemented a comprehensive SF workplace law.

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tobacco free workplaces

Tobacco-Free Workplaces

Sandy Bernier, CSW

Fond du Lac Co Health Department

Fond du Lac, WI

raise your hand if
Raise your hand if…..
  • Your state has implemented a comprehensive SF workplace law.
  • Your state has passed but not yet implemented a comprehensive SF workplace law.
  • Your state is still working on passing a SF workplace law.
policy continuum
Policy continuum

“Building the critical mass”

Tobacco use causes substantial human suffering
  • It is the most preventable cause of disease and death
  • Tobacco addiction is a chronic disease
benefits of being tobacco free
Benefits of Being Tobacco Free
  • Save peoples lives
  • Improve employee’s health
  • Lower health care costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Reduce liability
  • Longer careers
  • Retention of talent
smoke free or tobacco free
Smoke Free or Tobacco Free?
  • Tobacco-free emphasizes health for all, not just innocent bystanders
  • Clear and equitable policy for managers
  • Promotes cessation rather than dual use
  • May support “ideal” corporate image
  • Changes societal norms
tobacco rates by occupation

Transportation/Material Moving 46%

Waiters/Waitress 45%

Construction Trades 40%

Laborers, except construction 39%

Fabricators, assemblers, inspectors 37%

Health service occupations 35%

Sales and retail workers 27%

Executive administrators, managers 24%

Secretaries 21%

Teachers 12%

Smokeless tobacco:


Youth/young adults




Tobacco Rates By Occupation
opportunity s to promote policy
Opportunity’s To Promote Policy
  • Business is proactive
  • Local ordinance
  • State goes smoke-free
types of workplace policies
Types of Workplace Policies
  • Smoke-Free Workplace
  • Smoke-Free Buildings and Grounds
  • Tobacco Free
  • Tobacco Free On/Off Duty
intent purpose of tobacco free workplace
Intent/Purpose of Tobacco Free Workplace

“Protect the health, comfort, safety, and welfare of the employees by prohibiting tobacco use in the workplace.”

policy development
Policy Development
  • Develop a tobacco-free workplace committee
  • Review current policy
  • Seek employee input (Union)
  • Research state statutes (off duty) policy
  • Decide on the type of policy
working with labor unions
Working with Labor Unions
  • Labor unions and management both want healthy workers, and safe and healthy work environments
  • Does the union have a stated position on tobacco use?
  • What is the opinion of labor relations regarding whether a policy on tobacco use must be negotiated?

state smoker protection laws
State "Smoker Protection" Laws
  • An employer’s ability to make employment decisions based on whether someone smokes off the job varies from one state to the next.
  • Twenty-nine states and the District of Columbia have laws in effect elevating smokers to a protected class
  • Wisconsin1991WIS. STAT. §§ 111.31 et seq
scotts miracle grow
Scotts Miracle Grow
  • The Legal Ability to Mandate a Smoke-Free Workforce
  • Ohio Employers Can Hire Nonsmokers Only

In December 2005, Scotts Miracle-Gro, based in Marysville, Ohio, announced that it will no

longer hire applicants that smoke. Scotts further announced that current employees who do not quit smoking by October 2006 may lose their jobs, even if they smoke only outside of work.

city of fdl police dept
City of FDL Police Dept.

between the CITY OF FOND DU LAC POLICE DEPARTMENT And______________________________________________________________ (please print)

  • The applicant by signing below, agrees to recognize his/her part and agrees not to smoke or use any type of smoking materials or tobacco during their employment with the City of Fond du Lac, while on or off duty. Violation of this agreement will be cause for immediate dismissal.
  • Agreed to by: ________ Date: ________
city of fdl fire department
City of FDL Fire Department

(PLEASE PRINT)A Firefighter / Paramedic’s duties and responsibilities sometimes require working in a smoke-filled environment and/or hazardous environment.

  • In recognition of these occupational hazards, special privileges are granted to firefighters regarding disability retirements State Statute 40.65 (Heart and Lung Bill).
  • The City recognizes the need to minimize effects on employees and provides self-contained breathing apparatus for all hazardous situations. The applicant by signing below, agrees to recognize his/her part and agrees not to smoke or use any type of smoking materials or tobacco during his/her employment with the City of Fond du Lac, whether on or off duty.
  • Violation of this agreement will be cause for immediate dismissal.
fdl fire chief peter o leary
FDL Fire Chief Peter O\'Leary

"Heart attack is the number one killer of firefighters in our country. The City of Fond du Lac fire department\'s proactive stance to restrict tobacco use by its members which we hope will prevent heart attacks. We hope our approach serves as a model for the people of our community."

sample policy
Sample Policy
  • Best policy has clear and simple language
  • Determine coverage for cessation
  • Identify personnel involved with implementation and compliance
  • Make sure your procedures have clear guidelines
city of fdl smoke free ordinance
City of FDL Smoke-Free Ordinance
  • October 22, 2008 City of FDL passed a

comprehensive Smoke-Free workplace ordinance

  • January 2, 2009 the ordinance was implemented
fdl reporter
FDL Reporter
  • Oct. 9, 2008 — Council takes testimony from both sides of proposed citywide workplace smoking ban.
  • Oct. 22, 2008 — City Council, in a 4-3 vote, adopts ordinance that bans smoking in all city workplaces. The ordinance includes taverns and bowling alleys.
  • Feb. 2, 2009 — Amended start date. Smoking ban begins at 6 a.m.
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front page of the fdl paper
Front page of the FDL Paper
  • The Emotional Testimony Vote Night
smoke free workplace ordinance 9 15
Smoke-Free Workplace Ordinance 9.15
  • All workplaces
  • Private Clubs
  • One entrance must be smoke-free
  • Identify partners for collaboration
  • Create communication opportunities
  • Implement count down and timeline
  • Develop FAQ
tobacco free workplace toolkit
Tobacco-Free Workplace Toolkit
  • No-smoking /Tobacco Free Workplace Signage
  • Posters
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Cessation Information

implementation resources on line
Implementation ResourcesOn-Line
  • No Smoking Signs
  • Posters
  • Check Stub Stuffers
  • Frequently Asked Questions

implementing the policy
Implementing the Policy
  • Start from the top-down: Management → Supervisors → Line Workforce
  • Distribute notification to workers and public
  • Understand that not everyone will quit using tobacco, recognize tobacco use is addictive, and know quitting is hard work
prior to implementation
Prior to Implementation
  • Post visible signage
  • Remove ashtrays
  • Identify creative ways to inform public
  • Communicate a clear message of the consequences of non-compliance
  • The workplace policy applies to all levels of employees
continue a visual countdown
Continue a visual countdown
  • Start the countdown at least 6 months prior to implementation
  • Frequently remind employees, vendors, community members using a consistent message
  • Provide communication early on with supervisors, managers, anyone responsible for enforcement
encouraging compliance
Encouraging Compliance
  • Focus on the product, not the individual
  • Information and resources vs. Punishment
  • Goal is safe and healthy workplace
  • Have compassion for those who are addicted
  • Stay on the public health message
  • Human Resource Managers should review policies, procedures, and benefits as needed
  • Continue to offer cessation information to employees
evaluate and modify
Evaluate and Modify
  • How was it implemented?
  • Implemented as planned?
  • Need modifications?
  • Based upon the most recent evidence-based recommendations for tobacco cessation?
share your success
Share Your Success
  • Workplace newsletters
  • Local Media
  • Local and State Legislatures
  • Blog, Twitter, Face book
thank you
Thank You


Sandy Bernier: [email protected]

Lynn Hrabik: [email protected]