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Västernorrland  County
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Västernorrland County. Västerbottens län. Örnsköldsvik. Sollefteå. Jämtlands län. Kramfors. Pop.: 242 000 inh . Area: 21 678 km 2 Pop.dens .: 11,1 inh./km 2. Härnösand. Timrå. Ånge. Sundsvall. Gävlebors lä n. Forest and rivers. Electricity production.

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Rnsk ldsvik

Västernorrland County

Västerbottens län



Jämtlands län


Pop.: 242 000 inh.

Area: 21 678 km2


11,1 inh./km2





Gävlebors län

Rnsk ldsvik

Forest and rivers

Electricity production

Bio refinery for the future

BioNorr - Woodpellets


Rnsk ldsvik

Future Västernorrland!- Regional countydevelopmentstrategy 2011-2020

Rnsk ldsvik

Future Västernorrland 2020

  • Vision: ’A proud Västernorrland – functional and attractive’

  • Overall strategyobjectives:

  • With collectiveresources, wewillmobilise the assets of Västernorrland to create a powerful new trend that willgiveus:

  • Populationgrowth => 250 000 inh,

  • Increasedaccessibility

  • Strengtened innovative capability

Rnsk ldsvik

  • Focus areas – for the realisation of the objectives

  • People as an asset

  • Skills as an asset

  • Innovation capability as an asset

  • Assessibility and infrastructure as an asset

Rnsk ldsvik

Standpointmade by ’ The County Partnership’ as part of the RUS-decision:

As representatives of the County Partnership in Västernorrland, and of our respective organisations, we endorse the Västernorrland Regional Development Strategy 2011-2020. We intend it to be the starting point of the future regional growth effort, of our joint efforts and of our individual development efforts.

Härnösand, 1 December 2011

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Rnsk ldsvik

Programme structure for the Västernorrland regional growth effort

Rnsk ldsvik

3. Innovation as a driving force

Directional goal: In 2020, the county will have a collaborative and supportive structure that pushes for a dynamic entrepreneurial and innovative climate on a high level in Sweden.

  • Measures will be implemented until 2020, in order for Västernorrlandto

  • • become one of the best entrepreneurial environments in Sweden, with an increasing share of young business owners,

  • • be characterised by a speedy and competitive transition from ideas/research to sustainable implementation,

  • • become known for its regional innovative environments and for the development of dynamic networks and clusters,

  • • have had strong commercial success in, e.g., a growing energy and environmental technology industry,

  • • be seen and heard as a successful and interesting part of Europe.

Rnsk ldsvik

  • 3. Innovation as a driving force.....

  • Measurement structure of the programme:

  • Innovation and investment climate

  • Entrepreneurship and start-up promotion

  • Clusters and innovation systems

  • Strategic regional marketing

Existing networks/clusters: The forest as a resource: Number One Forest Industry Network, the Biorefinery of the Future, Safety and Rescue Region (SRR), Bank/insurance/pension (CER), Environmental/energy technology (Clean

Tech), Digital information management/archives, The tourism industry

Examples of new strategic networks: Sensor IT, Materials science, Electric hybrids/hydraulics, The ‘experience’ industry, Local food production, Logistics & transport

Rnsk ldsvik

  • Bio refineries

  • – innovation perspectives in times of

  • structural changes in pulp & paper industry,

  • growing potentials for residual energy flows in forest-based processing plants

  • The Bio refinery of the Future

  • ProcessumBiorefinery Initiative AB, Örnsköldsvik

  • A cluster in biorefinery matters, and a technology park (ethanol pilot, etc,) started 2003

  • – focus: Bio and energy technology, inorganic and organic chemistry

  • Forest Innovation Arena

  • Number One Forest Industry Network

  • Åkroken Science Park, Sundsvall

  • Process industry cluster with technology park and world-leading R&D in mechanic cellulose pulping (Fibre Science and Communication Network, FSCN, Mid Sweden University)

  • Pilot Park Norrland

  • BioFuel Region,

  • Formation of a biorefinery hub in northern Sweden for new

  • product & energy solutions based on forest raw material

Rnsk ldsvik

The regional innovation support system of Västernorrland






Ideas => ALMI / Innovationsalliansen => Reg. Innov. Council => CAB grants

Entrepreneurship/start-up promotion:

Project co-operationbetweenmunicipalities in the county

Local business pilots; incubators


Ung Företagsamhet/’Young Entrepreneurship’

Financial infrastructure:

ALMI Företagspartner


Reg. Growth policy grants / CAB

Regional Ven. Cap. Organisations

(SamInvest, Mittkapital, EkoNord, Inlandsinnovation…)

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