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Ugo Abbagnano Trione – COGEA srl

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Ugo Abbagnano Trione – COGEA srl. Organizational models for promoting territory and Italian typical agri-food products. The consumer is expecting more quality and typical features of products.

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ugo abbagnano trione cogea srl
Ugo Abbagnano Trione – COGEA srl

Organizational models for promoting territory and Italian typical agri-food products

the consumer is expecting more quality and typical features of products
The consumer is expecting more quality and typical features of products

…….. however, he is able to simply recognize the outward appearance of products, whereas he cannot identify if a product actually meets his own requirements. In order to do so, the user has to rely on related certifications and signs.

it is a distinctive sign or indicatorused to identify quality standards of products in relation both to its own geographical origin and to production, processing and promotion techniques.

Quality sign

market requires conformity with official requirements of quality labels
Market requires conformity with official requirements of quality labels

a) identify the product labeled by other similar products;

b) certify the origin of a product;

c) promote effective communication.

it does the following:

  • promoting regular quality certifications, together with the related certification of origin;
  • meeting the constant requirements of mass distribution channels.

…..however, its positive results depend on matching at least other two main aspects:

provenance or origin
Provenance or origin?

The territory is ever more considered not only as the “identity” of a product but also as the “territorybeing able of certifying the quality of the product itself”

This question, as a matter of fact, clearly makes the difference between the word “origin”, giving it the meaning of a place certifying the quality of the product itself as well and the word “provenance”, which simply indicates the place of origin of a product without involving any related particular feature.

good cuisine is currently considered by consumers as a cultural experience towards local traditions
Good cuisine is currently considered by consumers as a cultural experience towards local traditions

The real and overall value of agri-food products is thus recognized, including different types of elements of these products, as their own capacity of reminding a specific geographical area to consumers, which, in turn, could also consider the particular origin of a product as a valuable aspect for them, not only as far as foodstuffs are concerned but for cultural reasons as well.

The promotion of territories, traditions, handicraft products and the quality of raw material are actually being discovered by consumers again.

pdo pgi

As a result, the European Union considered the protection and identification of products linked to their own geographical environment or geographical origin as elements playing an essential role for everybody. Therefore, two Regulations have been adopted:

  • Reg. EC n° 510/2006 on the protection of geographical indications and designations of origin for agricultural products and foodstuffs;
  • Reg. EC n° 509/2006 on agricultural products and foodstuffs as traditional specialities guaranteed.
the two types of signs pdo and pgi indicate different levels of connection with a geographical area
The two types of signs (PDO and PGI) indicatedifferent levels of connection with a geographical area

They may live up to the expectations of consumers in two ways:

  • firstly, because many suchproducts possess exceptional qualities of taste, flavor,etc…
  • secondly, because the local methods used to producecreate a bond of trust between the consumer,the product, the place where it originates and the peopleliving there who helps developing it
in 2007 pdo and pgi agricultural products had an estimated wholesale value of 14 2 billion euros
In 2007 PDO and PGI agricultural products had an estimated wholesale value of 14.2 billion euros.
the collective quality sign prodotti di puglia products from apulia
The collective quality sign: “Prodotti di Puglia” (Products from Apulia”)

The quality sign “Prodotti di Puglia” belongs to the Apulia Region - Department of Agriculture for protection and development of typical agri-food products.

This mark aims at promoting Apulian agri-food traditions and the Region itself on a national and international basis.

A partnership among institutions, Apulian farms and local communities:

Region – Producers – Food Processing Companies – Professional Associations – Protection Consortia


The above mentioned quality sign “Prodotti di Puglia” can be joined by all farms, even Consortia and Organizations of Producers, which comply to the following:

  • have the registered and operating offices in the regional territory,
  • produce Apulian traditional products,
  • constantly meet the expected production requirements,
  • obtained the product certification according to UNI EN ISO 45011 regulation
  • sign up the Accession Convention for quality sign
  • are controlled and certified by an independent accredited company
  • sign up the usage of regulation for quality signs
the targets of quality signs
The targets of quality signs

Certify the product regional designation of origin

Certify the origin of products

Create a connection between the origin of products and their own quality and typical features

Promote Apulia Region traditional products

quality standards
Quality Standards

PDO or PGI products are compliant with the related specifications,

Organic products refer to Community and National legislation,

The other kinds of products should comply with a particular product specification registered at the related department of “Prodotti di Puglia” (“Products of Apulia”).

Quality Standards

slow food the presidi presidia 1999
“Slow Food”: the “Presidi” (Presidia) - 1999

The “Presidia” program was created in Italy in 1999 and was coordinated by the “Arca del Gusto” (“Ark of Taste”), a movement of international catalogue designed to preserve at-risk food .

After cataloguing hundreds of products at risk of extinction through the “Ark of Taste”, the “Slow Food” organization, thanks to the Presidia, decided to take a step forward by engaging concretely with the world of production, getting to know the places, meeting the producers and promoting their products, their work and their wisdom.

The two initial “laboratories” have been created in Piedmont (Morozzo’sCappone) and in Tuscany (Zolfino’s bean) Regions.

international presidia 2002
“International Presidia” - 2002

The attention is paid to social and environmental aspects.

It not only aims at guaranteeing a viable future for traditional food but it gives its own contribution for improving the specific product quality by offering and stabilizing production techniques, establishing stringent production standards and promoting local consumption (also hanks to educational training courses and exchanges of experiences in high-quality organizations

what does a presidium do
What does a “Presidium” do?
  • Looks for relevant producers, experts, institutions and whoever could be interested in this project;
  • Identifies the production area and, together with producers, gathers all the information necessary to write down the related Specification.
  • Helps producers in the construction and constitution of a professional association with its own name and brand (a specific organization, consortium and so on).
  • Promotes the celebration of food all over the world as a cornerstone of pleasure, culture and community, by raising public awareness, improving access and encouraging the enjoyment and tasting of foods that are local, seasonal and sustainably grown.
presidium products were disappearing because they were no longer profitable
Presidium products were disappearing because they were no longer profitable 

Economic objectives: improve the overall situation of producers, develop local facilities, promote related employment

Environmental objectives: defending biodiversity, improving the sustainability of products. Every set of production rules (the Specification, in particular) requires producers to eliminate or reduce chemical treatments, guarantee animal wellbeing, defend local breeds and native vegetable varieties, use ecological packaging and favor the use of renewable energy.

Social objectives: improve the social position of producers, strengthen their organizational capacity

Cultural objectives:strengthening producers\' cultural identity and promoting production areas are linked to the ability of the presidium to stimulate publications about the local area, the creation of tourist routes and other cultural initiatives.

with more than 4 000 farmer s market usa are proved to be the world leaders
With more than 4.000 Farmer’s Market, USA are proved to be the world leaders

The foundation “Campagna Amica (“Friendly Farm”) of the “Coldiretti” association is promoting a specific format all over Italy, which follows the American style and creates an authentic and original place for meeting producers and consumers.

the Markets of “Campagna Amica” are considered as an enjoyable meeting-place guaranteed by producers themselves, who directly sell their own products by accepting a strict and severe code of ethics.

an italian food supply chain which certifies the origin and quality of products
An Italian “Food Supply Chain” which certifies the origin and quality of products

anationalnetwork of producers direct sale which is able to:

meeting the consumers’ expectations as far as identity, typical features of products, food security, greater convenience and better quality services.

suggesting new income solutions to farmers, thus creating better market transparency, more competition and higher negotiation skills within food supply chain.

campagna amica direct sale
“Campagna amica” = Direct sale

“Punti Campagna Amica” (the “Campagna Amica Points”)

  • Farmer\'s market, business points of sale, rural cooperatives, rural consortia, farms joining the “0 Km” distribution channel (direct selling from farmers) and purchasing groups: thanks to related points promoted by “Campagna Amica”, the rural products supply is directly available from producers to consumers.

The markets of “Campagna Amica”

  • “Campagna Amica” supports markets directly managed by producers: a lot of “Campagna Amica Points” indicate several types of products which are offered to consumers in a single point of sale
  • Shopping information guide
  • Food supply chain, price fluctuation, purchasing styles, origin of rural products, respect of nature and related seasons, “0 Km” channels, no GMO, short distribution chain.
campagna amica farm holidays
“Campagna amica” = Farm holidays

Rural tourism

Stays, sale of products, hospitality, local products.


Roads of wine and taste, tourist routes, trekking and excursions: exploring excite or relaxing experiences according to its own ideas and expectations.


Popular and village festivals, educational farms.

campagna amica sustainability
“Campagna amica” = Sustainability

promotion of territory and enhancement of natural and cultural heritage;

application of appropriate measures aiming at educating consumers through cultural and scientific experiences, which are focused to local productions, protectionof quality in terms of taste and “food education”;

promotionof projects focused on representing quality and typical features of national territories and their own historical and geographical traditions.

In those farms joining the national network of “Campagna Amica Points”, it is possible to find the name plate with related logo, the farm’s name and its own registration number to the Point of Sales National Register