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Safety All The Time. Oyuki Ogawa Executive Vice President DENSO CORPORATION. Advanced Automotive Society . A society where people, cars and the environment co-exist DENSO meets demands for Environment & Safety systems, components . Conserve Energy & Protect the Planet.

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Safety all the time l.jpg

Safety All The Time

Oyuki Ogawa

Executive Vice PresidentDENSO CORPORATION

Advanced automotive society l.jpg
Advanced Automotive Society

  • A society where people, cars and the environment co-exist

  • DENSO meets demands for Environment & Safety systems, components

Conserve energy protect the planet l.jpg
Conserve Energy & Protect the Planet

  • Improving fuel economy for all power sources and various fuel types

  • Reducing C02 emissions in all company activities

Safety advances l.jpg
Safety Advances

  • 43,000 U.S.-road fatalities in 2006

  • DENSO supplies a variety of safety technologies

  • Aiming to create safer vehicles for drivers, pedestrians, society

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Safety All The Time

Doug Patton

Senior Vice President

Engineering Division

Technical leader l.jpg
Technical Leader

  • Passive safety, for minimizing damage

  • Active safety, for warning & avoiding possible collision

Airbag sensing system l.jpg
Airbag Sensing System

  • Supplying airbag sensing components to carmakers worldwide since 1989

  • G sensor, front & side impact sensors detect severity of collision

  • ECU deploys airbags

Adaptive cruise control l.jpg
Adaptive Cruise Control

  • Latest technology allows safe driving from zero to 85 mph

  • Sensor data enables smoother, unnoticeable control for full speed range

Pre crash safety l.jpg
Pre-Crash Safety

  • Identifies obstacles & vehicles a split-second before collision

  • Automatically tightens seat belts

  • Helps activate pre-crash braking

Its technology l.jpg
ITS Technology

  • DENSO has built and tested wireless communications for real-world effectiveness

  • Expanding sensor range to non-line-of-sight areas

  • Potential to reduce intersection accidents, pile-ups

  • Opportunities to relieve congestion

  • Improve fuel use, lessen C02 emissions

Haptic technology l.jpg
Haptic Technology

  • Allows remote operation of cabin equipment

  • Provides mechanical feedback for precision “feel”

  • Customized haptic controls may operate a variety of body electronics

  • Two design options

    • Steering wheel

    • Center console joystick

  • Minimizes driver head movements to promote eyes on road

Driver monitoring l.jpg
Driver Monitoring

  • Technology measures eye blinking & heart rate to detect degree of drowsiness or fatigue

  • System then supplies neck ventilation and sounds warning

Future safety demonstrator l.jpg
Future Safety Demonstrator

  • Camera monitors eye-gaze direction

  • System alerts driver if eyes are away from road too long

  • Combined with other technology this assists drivers’ vision

Adaptive front lighting system afs l.jpg
Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS)

  • Predicts curves ahead using navigation info

  • Redirects headlamps before vehicle enters curve

Denso s vision l.jpg
DENSO’s Vision

  • Fewer traffic accidents, less burden on environment

  • Provide improved safety systems & products, enhanced driver assistance

  • Aim to protect drivers, passengers, pedestrians

Safety all the time17 l.jpg
Safety All The Time

Thank you

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