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The Undergraduate Center. Interdisciplinary connections among courses Learning communities Strong student to student collaboration Team-teaching Proven track record of student success and satisfaction (27 year history). Goals In Moving Courses Online. Preserve interdisciplinary focus.

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The Undergraduate Center

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The Undergraduate Center

  • Interdisciplinary connections among courses

  • Learning communities

  • Strong student to student collaboration

  • Team-teaching

  • Proven track record of student success and satisfaction (27 year history)

Goals In Moving Courses Online

Preserve interdisciplinary focus

Connect virtual community of online learners to classroom community of campus-based learners

Community of One



Instructional Design

Course Management

UC Online Courses


One Of 15In Nation

UC Online Courses


One Of 15In Nation






Social Psychology

Most Exemplary,

Community College

Distance Education Program

In Nation


Boxes of our Own Making

On-Line On-Campus

Students Students

Boxes of our Own Making

  • On-Campus “sections” and on-line “sections” had been separate;


  • 5 seats were set aside in “on-campus” sections for “on-line” students.

  • The daily calendar for on-campus sections was made available to on-line students so they knew exactly what their classmates were doing on any given day.

  • The “calendar” feature of WebCT was used to link to the on-campus daily syllabus.


  • Our registration database contained a field for “combined with” originally used for non-credit students.

  • This was used to set aside 5 seats (of 25) for net students.


  • It didn’t matter how few on-line students enrolled; even one or two students could take an on-line class.


  • Several on-campus students reported the only way they were able to complete the term was by doing part of their work on-line.

  • Data for on-line

    students is

    incomplete, but

  • retention rates

  • were higher.


  • About 3/5ths of the on-line students did come to their “section” to attend a class or attend a performance of a local play with their on-campus classmates.


  • Dr. Terry Fencl, the theater professor, said “There is no such thing as an absence in my class; a student has to do the work in one place or the other.”


  • On-line students had a large enough class to conduct discussions, and on-campus students were motivated to use the computer to communicate with on-line students.




Translate Best Practices

Guided Discussion









I’m part of the Children’s Life/Education team, and I’ll talk mostly about education. In Elizabethan England, a child’s privileges relied on his/her social class (and gender), and this includes educational opportunity. Only boys went to school; unless a girl showed

Susan Goodlearner


Shared Resources

Guest Lectures

Translate Best Practices

Make Interdisciplinary Connections

Translate Best Practices

Team Teaching

Common Units

Community Of One

5 Units

Seamless Links

To Other Courses

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the class. It was convenient yet I still managed to learn quite a few things. It also allowed me to participate more in the class. I would probably not be participating at all if it were otherwise.

I liked the freedom of doing work whenever it was efficient for me. Being employed full-time as well as being sick a few times this last semester, it was helpful and beneficial for me.

I liked the fact that I had the choice of going to class or online. After I was in an accident, it was a huge benefit for me since I could go on the internet to see what I missed. I also liked how quickly the communication between student/teacher occurred.

What I enjoyed most about the course was that the students developed relationships with one another over the period of time we were with together. In other courses peers could go the entire semester without saying one word to a fellow student. But it was different with this course. I totally enjoyed it.

I am a single mother who has to work. Due to my responsibilities, it is very hard to complete college. Taking internet courses is the greatest thing that has happened to my college career.

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