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Sample Assignment Steven Stark

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Sample Assignment Steven Stark - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sample Assignment Steven Stark. The Assignment. Introduce these. The Assignment. To them. Objectives. {your favorite snacks, now in pouches} {1 million samples} portable unique fun interest excitement buzz. Awareness + Trial Communicate Create. A Few Assumptions.

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Presentation Transcript

Sample Assignment

Steven Stark


The Assignment

Introduce these.



{your favorite snacks, now in pouches}

{1 million samples}













A Few Assumptions

The time period is the present.

The client wants integrated ideas.

Gigunda has a way with a buck.


Point 1

The Tube

Gripz isn’t a new snack, it’s a new way of packaging a snack. Given this, the tube deserves consideration as the main area of focus.


Point 1

The Tube: Big Hand

The tube is meant to fit neatly in your hand. It’s kid-sized, made to be gripped, and has a tactile Rip ‘n Tip activation. All perfectly suited for a fun, exaggerated demonstration.

Gripz can create a new myth for tweens based on Big Foot, called, appropriately, Big Hand; a fuzzy, elusive little character equipped with exaggeratedly big hands, whose life is a constant celebration of his favorite snack, Gripz.


The Tube: Big Hand


Big Hand lives on Keebler’s website, in a half kid’s room, half secret lair. He loves to talk about Gripz — they are all he thinks about. In daily webisodes he explains everything tweens need to know: from how to eat them (rip ‘n tip, slam it, pour it, eat them one by one) to all the places and ways you can enjoy them.


Shy about being seen in public, Big Hand offers you a taste of Gripz with downloadable discount coupons for whole box purchases.


Spotting Big Hand on the web, in wild posting and on other Keebler products becomes a new tween sport, with prizes as rewards.


Point 2


Though it wasn’t called out in the brief, energy is important to kids. They’re on the move from morning to night, and need a snack that can help them get through their hyper-scheduled days.


Point 2

Energy: Snack Power

The pouch size and portability of Gripz makes them just right for fueling any activity, from music lessons to soccer games to marathon homework sessions.

Gripz can be portrayed as the ultimate source of snack power, one that gives tweens instant energy and keeps them going strong.


Energy: Snack Power


Snack Powered Kids look like everyday tweens in all their forms: from jocks to brains to nerds, but see what happens to these average kids when they get the power of Gripz. Follow their Gripz-energized adventures in daily emailable Gripz Comic Stripz for computer and mobile phone viewing.


Create multiple action figures, representing tween boys and girls, each with their own special tween-appropriate power. Drive trial by including Snack Power action figures in each box of Gripz.


Turn Snack Power into comic books and graphic novels, and give them away as premiums.


Point 3


Kids live for fun. That’s why they can see the possibilities of fun in everything, and why things that aren’t fun are so painful to them.


Snack Power

Fun: Get a Gripz

Sometimes fun is a challenge. There are times, like pop quizzes, dodge ball day or saying the wrong thing to the opposite sex, where you could use some fun relief, fast.

Gripz snacks can be that fun, interjecting a bit of lightness into a situation, and making it better. Because sometimes, you just have to take a moment and Get a Gripz.


Fun: Get a Gripz


Post funny situation videos on the web that offer Gripz as the solution. Create an interactive Gripz Fun Advice Columnist and offer advice to the fun-challenged in real time.


Give away sample packets at potential points of stress for tweens, like school offices, sports leagues, doctor’s offices and church dances.


Turn Get a Gripz into a catch phrase by letting tweens print out customizable locker posters, stickers and buddy icons.


Point 4

On The Go

With school, sports, lessons and play, Tweens have a non-stop lifestyle, and like their parents, they are kind of proud of that.


Point 4

On The Go: Gripz a Go Go

Gripz are the perfect on the go snack. Their size and portability make them the ultimate snack food for the kinds of kids who never slow down.

Gripz can fuel nonstop kids by being there with them every frenzied step of the way, and by giving them even more to do!


On the Go: Gripz a Go Go


The Gripz Games are going to be a simplified version of the kinds of video games found on tween web sites. Each challenge is going to involve fast snacking, like tossing Gripz into kid’s mouths when they are on the move and passing Gripz packages along in relay races.


Gripz are going to get trial on the go with a grassroots blitz of samples handed out at after school programs, sports rec leagues and playgrounds.


Gripz will develop local sponsorships based on parent response solicited on the package and web, to keep sale’s action going.


Point 5

Mighty Tiny

This phrase immediately jumped out at me from the brief — it seems to perfectly represent a tweens’ aspiration to do bigger things than their size might indicate.


Point 5

Mighty Tiny: The New Keebler Elf

Gripz have the Keebler heritage behind it, so there’s a natural opportunity to use that heritage, and the characters tweens already know, to make a quick and impactful connection to a something bigger.

Gripz could create a new Keebler elf named Mighty Tiny, who can do things that are way beyond his size, thanks to his love of Gripz.


Mighty Tiny: The New Keebler Elf


A web-centric activation where this new, spunky and kind of punky elf can show off his attitude and strength, thanks to Gripz. The adventures (and misadventures) of Mighty Tiny will be featured in short animations on the Keebler site and on YouTube.


Mighty Tiny hijacks the supermarket checkout candy display and, thanks to a motion-activated shelf strip, invites kids and parents to help themselves to a free single pack sample.


A Mighty Tiny bug is given free reign to play in Keebler’s collateral, print and TV ads, and strut his Gripz-fueled stuff.


Concepts That Could Have Made It

Put a Gripz in Your Pocket

Gripz the Nation

Gripz U

Rip Into Gripz

Make a Gripz Stop


Concepts That Shouldn’t Have Made It

Let ‘er Rip

In the Grips of Gripz

Gripz Fits

That’s Some Gripz!

Gripz Are for Kidz


Elements I Couldn’t Quite Work In

Mad Scientists

Shrink Rays

Secret Handshakes

Kids Doing Stand Up Comedy

School Elections

Gripz Scout Cookies



No animals were harmed during the making of this presentation, but a lot of Gripz were.



All concepts were approved by actual tweens, who even called a few of them “cool.”