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The vehicle for the last journey ready !

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The vehicle for the last journey ready ! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The vehicle for the last journey ready !. The passenger but motionless, feeling-less, life-less. It (not ‘ he ’ anymore) need a well-defined set of purification. … perfectly cleaned before releasing it to the dust that it came from !.

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Till few hours ago, ‘it’ was an icon or legend, but now a grave concern to others in keeping it among them …


And they bring ‘it’ here, called grave, with a universal standard in depth and breadth for a poor or rich …!


The inevitable destination for the never-challenged-&-never-failed “From-Dust-to-Dust” metamorphism …


Not a fiction, but a real moment of

moments-away-from-total-burial-of-decades-long-melodrama !


None to accompany to this six feet depth…the moment of realization of the epitome of life, but too late … the moment of repent, alas, missed the boat!!!


Done !! There are hundreds of such grave. All are similar. The whole cycle will dawn upon me too at any time !

No exception or exemption in this rule of our Lord !


‘Life is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing’, Shakespeare.

It seems so, but not really….!