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Fraser Marlow VP Research & Marketing BlessingWhite. Charlie Ungashick Chief Marketing Officer Globoforce. About Globoforce. Globoforce is the world’s leading provider of employee recognition solutions . . About BlessingWhite.

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Fraser Marlow

VP Research & Marketing


Charlie Ungashick

Chief Marketing Officer


About globoforce
About Globoforce

  • Globoforce is the world’s leading provider of employee recognition solutions.

About blessingwhite
About BlessingWhite

A global leadership consulting firm dedicated to creating sustainable high-performance organizations

Started in 1973 by Buck Blessing and Tod White, two pioneers in the field of employee engagement

Offices in Chicago, San Francisco, Princeton, London, Melbourne

The research
The Research

Download the 2011 Employee Engagement research and other BlessingWhite reports for free from

October 2012

The Engagement Equation:

Leadership Strategies for an Inspired Workforce

Why are you here?

  • Retention worries

  • Disappointing engagement scores

  • A new focus on engagement in your organization

  • Data to help “sell” engagement in your organization

  • General interest/education

    Check only one.

View the animated version at: or YouTube

Scores are not the prize
Scores Are Not the Prize

By department
By Department

Sales [Most engaged]

Finance [?]

Customer Service


Human Resources/Training



Information Technology

Research & Development

Engineering [least engaged]

Key drivers
Key Drivers


  • Opportunities to use talents [31%]

  • Career development [17%]

  • More flexible job conditions [14%]

  • Improved cooperation among coworkers [11%]


  • More resources [28%]

  • Greater clarity about the organization’s priorities [18%]

  • A coach or mentor other than my manager [16%]

  • Regular, specific feedback [14%]

Trust is up
Trust Is Up

2012:57% trust senior leaders vs. 52% in 2010

Trust is up1
Trust Is Up

2012:57% trust senior leaders vs. 52% in 2010

2012:74% trust their managers vs. 72% in 2010

I trust my manager na
I trust my manager - NA

Key to manager trust:

Developing a personal connection by ‘becoming known as a person’.

Recognition Drives Engagement

Elements that increased as a result of the implementation of an employee recognition program:

SHRM/Globoforce Winter 2012 Report

Did being recognized for your efforts/contribution motivate you in your job?

Spring 2012 Globoforce Mood Tracker Survey

Engagement Feedback Loop


  • Series of acquisitions doubled the company size, creating a “culture of cultures”

  • Foster ONE Symantec culture

  • Boost engagement to drive employee loyalty


  • 14% Increase In Engagement

  • One Symantec Culture

Social recognition is fundamentally changing the way that we are doing business at Symantec. The ability for employees to cross functionally thank and recognize other employees has absolutely taken us where we need to be.

Tom AurelioVice President of Global HR


  • Employees dissatisfied with rewards program

  • Serious problems with merchandise quality and shipping failures

  • Only 50% employees participated


  • Sustained Increase In Engagement

It starts with employee engagement. That will obviously rub off on how they solve customer problems and create great products and provide excellent customer service. And that will then lead to shareholder value.

Jim GrenierVice President Rewards & Workplace

How worried are you about employee retention?

  • A big concern – people are already leaving.

  • Very concerned – although no evidence of flight yet.

  • Somewhat worried.

  • Not worried.

    Check only one.

Intent to stay is flat
‘Intent to Stay’ Is Flat

Assuming you have a choice, do you plan to remain with your organization through the next 12 months?

Recognition drives retention
Recognition Drives Retention

Are You Looking for a New Job?

Spring 2012 Mood Tracker Survey


  • Low employee recognition scores

  • High turn over, particularly among highly skilled, hard to find employees.


  • 13% Increase In employee retention

Increasing our retention score was a key ambition. In just 13 months with Globoforce, new hire retention rates are incredibly high at 86%. Overall retention is 90% or higher.

Betsy WalkerVice President, Human Resources

Affect of recognition on retention being strategic
Affect of Recognition on Retention:Being Strategic.

Percentage of respondents answering ‘Yes, definitely’ to the question ‘Assuming you have the choice do you intend on staying with your current employer for the next 12 months.’

pitfalls and


Surveys less less more more
Surveys: Less, Less, More, More

  • Less (fewer) survey items

  • Less focus on benchmarking

  • More frequent surveys

  • More strategic

Don’t separate engagement from “the work.”

Engagement should bea daily priority

andshared responsibility.


  • Organization-wide: Check your value proposition

  • Drive manager-employee dialogue

  • Coach the Disengaged up or out.

Performance Appraisal

Priorities, goals


Values, competencies

Development ideas


Engagement. Review




Working together

What can I do?

What can you do?

Career Coaching

Interests, goals

Strengths, weaknesses

Development ideas

Projects, opportunities

People to meet

Engagement conversations
Engagement Conversations


  • Work that excites, meaning, job fit


  • Toppriorities now, resources, challenges, connection to strategy

Talent Utilization

  • Opportunities to use strengths, growth

Working Together

  • Ideas, challenges, do more, do less


Your culture can be positive, empowering, poisonous, passive-aggressive or anything in between.

Successful companies invest in building a purposeful culture where engagement is a daily priority and shared responsibility of individuals, managers, and executives


Align Your Practices

Training / Development

Internal Communications

Rewards & Recognition

Employer Branding




Employee Experience

Create an Engagement Feedback Loop

Thank you

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