Football history
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Football History PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Football History. By : Tala 7A. Choose a FIFA World Cup Competition to research and communicate when and where the competition was held. Communicate this in your introduction.

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Football History

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Football History

By: Tala 7A

Choose a FIFA World Cup Competition to research and communicate when and where the competition was held. Communicate this in your introduction.

The FIFA World Cup Competition that I chose was the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The competition was held in South Africa and each match was in a different city such as, Johannesburg, Nelson Mandela Bay, Durban, Cape Town, and so on. It started from 26th of June and ended on the 11th of July in Johannesburg.

Who were the finalists, who won, include the score.

Here are the matches and who won. In the semi-finals, Uruguay and Netherlands battled and Netherlands won 1:1, Netherlands won with the free kicks when the time finished. Then, Span and Germany played against each other and Spain won 1:0. So that concludes that Uruguay and Germany played against each other for 3rd place and Germany won. Spain and Netherlands played against each other and fortunately, Spain won the FIFA World Cup 2010 by 1:0.

Using the Internet research the actual game itself and answer the following questions.

A - What was the scoring sequence and who scored?

Andres Iniesta from the Spain team scored at 1:16 minutes in the first half on the 11th of July 2010 against Netherlands in Johannesburg.

B - Choose 1 of the goals and describe using Football terminology the sequence of play leading up to the goal.

Thegoal that I chose was Spain’s goal by Andres Iniesta. The sequence was as follows: Iniesta drilled his right-foot strike across goal - but the Dutch were incensed after referee Howard Webb had failed to award their side a corner moments earlier when a free-kick took a sizeable deflection off CescFabregas.

C – What could the defense have done to more effectively try and stop the goal being scored?

The Netherlands team should have been faster to attack the shooter (Andres INIESTA) to block him and steal the ball, since there were five Netherland team players on him but he was fast. Also, the goalie (Maarten STEKELENBURG) was trying to catch the ball but he hit the ball into the goal with the back of his hand accidently.

D – Using the same scoring sequence what individual skills have been used by the attacking team?

They should have put more effort in trying to steal the ball from Andres Iniesta and CescFabregas so then they could avoid the ball from being shot. Also, the player from the Netherlands team should have got up and took the ball faster.

E – Was there any movement ‘off the ball’ by other attackers to draw defenders away from the goal scorer? If yes what happened and what was the effect of this?

Yes there was by the Spanish team and the effect was that the Spanish team was fast, and that was what cause them to score.









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