e learning for healthcare
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e-Learning for Healthcare

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e-Learning for Healthcare. e-Learning for Healthcare. 3 rd E-learning Communication & Consultation Event 10 th October 2008. e-LfH is a centrally funded Department of Health (DH) programme

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e learning for healthcare

e-Learning for Healthcare

e-Learning for Healthcare

3rd E-learning Communication & Consultation Event

10th October 2008


e-LfH is a centrally funded

Department of Health (DH) programme

We work in partnership with Professional Bodies and the NHS to deliver e-learning solutions primarily for the medical community throughout the UK

What is e-Learning for Healthcare?



  • A Need for Consistency
  • Full curriculum coverage
  • A ‘revision’ tool
  • Clear tracking and reporting of progress
  • An enhancement of traditional learning not a replacement

“There is 24/7 access to excellent images and learning tools wherever you are. You do not have to wait for teaching sessions as you can learn whenever you get the chance.” (Trainee)

“There is no doubt that e-learning has improved our students’ knowledge and clinical ability; I am constantly being told how much better prepared they are now” Specialist at RCR.

What have we achieved?

history e lfh
History – e-LfH

e-Learning for Healthcare

  • Formed April 1st 2007
  • Initial team of 12 e-learning professionals
  • Management team of 4
  • To initiate work on 9 projects
  • 2008-2009 – 29 projects


Team of 12


Team of 36


Team of 80


Team of 160


Team of 220

what is an lms
What is an LMS?

Wikipedia defines an LMS as: “A Learning Management System (or LMS) is a software package that enables the management and delivery of online content to learners. Most LMSs are web-based to facilitate "anytime, any place, any pace" access to learning content and administration.”

how to access e lfh e learning
How to access e-LfH e-Learning

Learning Management System

Learning content


The front door to all content relevant to a specific user




E-Port LMS

external facing infrastructure future
External Facing Infrastructure - Future

Content Management System

Learning content


Learning Management System


The front door to all content relevant to a specific user

Other LMS (including NLMS)




E-Port LMS

what does that mean
What does that mean?
  • Users can search for learning content
  • Users can launch content
  • User activity is tracked
how does it work
How does it work?
  • e-LfH Programmes operate in conjuction with existing resources.
  • Trainees access content via the internet at www.e-lfh.org.uk
what kind of content
What kind of content?
  • Online learning content (i.e. sessions)
  • Online assessments
  • Forums
  • Chats
  • Offline learning content (lectures, seminars, tutorials)
  • Learning paths (mixtures of online and offline content)
tracking user activity
Tracking user activity
  • Completion status of each session
    • Not Attempted, Incomplete, Completed
    • Can be used to create ‘pre-requisites’
  • Time spent in session
  • Assessment scores
    • Pass or fail
  • Data can be extracted via reports, which we can be tailored to requirements.
other elements of the lms
Other elements of the LMS
  • Offline events can be stored in the calendar
  • Can be downloaded to Outlook
  • Forums and chats
  • Announcements
  • Enable individual training schemes to schedule their lectures, tutorials, seminars in the LMS
learning paths
Learning paths
  • Learning paths enable you to structure content better by combining online and offline content together to provide a path through the syllabus
  • Users can also create their own personal learning paths
learning paths1
Learning paths
  • Learning paths are a powerful tool within the LMS
  • Sessions can be ‘cherry picked’ to suit the requirements of the learner or to follow a particular curriculum
empowering local sites
Empowering local sites
  • Each Training scheme has their own user organisation
  • Local administrators are trained to use the LMS by their Customer Support Manager
  • This maintains local autonomy while protecting global integrity
empowering local sites1
Empowering local sites

Sample organisation structure might be:

  • Site (i.e. all ELA users)
    • Consultant (Senior fellows, SpRs etc)
    • Trainee
      • School 1
      • School 1
  • Secure reporting mechanism
  • Able to extract and export data
  • Ability to tailor report as necessary
“the most positive development in medical education in 20 years” by Chief Medical Officer Professor Sir Liam Donaldson

Award winning…