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A warm welcome To the PBL academy opening day - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A warm welcome To the PBL academy opening day. www.pbl.aau.dk. Program. Welcome and opening speech – by Rector Finn Kjærsdam Introduction to the PBL Academy – by Thomas Ryberg

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A warmwelcome

To the PBL academyopeningday



  • Welcome and opening speech – by Rector Finn Kjærsdam

  • Introduction to the PBL Academy – by Thomas Ryberg

  • Aalborg University and the Aalborg PBL Model – Challenges and Potentials – by StigLøkke Pedersen – Professional Board Member and Investor

    • An inspirational talk as background to discussing PBL principles

  • Reception and open discussion – time for questions

Background to establishing the academy
Background to establishing the academy

  • Emerging in-between management and an employee driven initiatives to strengthen PBL research and practice at AAU

  • Application made by representatives from three PBL research environments

    • UNESCO Chair of PBL

    • Department of Learning and Philosophy

    • E-Learning Lab – Center for user driven innovation, learning and design

  • Management’s ongoing initiative to strengthen awareness of AAU as PBL university (internal/external)

    • Developing common principles for the Aalborg PBL model

    • AAU-PBL ‘reality check’ – how is PBL implemented in Schools

    • Need for continued PBL introduction and training for staff (new as ‘old’) and increasing students’ awareness of PBL

The pbl academy
The PBL-academy

  • Application for funding of PBL-academy got accepted – big thanks!

  • A cross-faculty management board appointed

    • Thomas Ryberg (Humanities) - current head of the board

    • Diana Stentoft (Medicine)

    • Lars Bo Henriksen(Engineering and Science)

    • Erik Laursen (Social Sciences )

    • Administrative support: MortenMathiasen Andersen

    • In the process of identifying local campus representatives (Cph, Esb, Sbi) – Cph – Rolf Nordahl Jensen

Vision and aims
Vision and aims

  • Vision:

    • ensure AAU remains a leading international player in continuous development and research on PBL in all subject fields

    • ensure a vibrant internal development and discussion of the Aalborg PBL model and principles

  • Aims:

    • Create a strong PBL profile in all AAU subject areas

    • To render the Aalborg PBL model globally visible

    • Means:

      • Organising internal and external PBL related activities in a collaboration between and across campuses, faculties, and departments.

The pbl academy a network hub
The PBL academy – A network hub

  • Not management and control of activities, projects, teaching or research related to PBL

  • PBL academy a network or hub to strengthen coordination and collaboration across AAU

    • Increasing internal and external visibility and awareness of PBL research, resource-persons, teaching and dissemination activities

    • Draw on existing resource-persons, materials, and activities

  • But equally organising, coordinating and/or supporting:

    • Research Activities

    • PBL Teaching Activities

    • Dissemination Activities

  • We welcome participation and inputs – will return to that!

Research activities
Research Activities

  • Research:

    • Organising internal research seminars on PBL

    • Continued development of the AAU PBL principles grounded in research and experiments

    • Establishing research networks on PBL - connecting people across AAU

    • Create and maintain an internationally recognised (open access) web based journal on PBL

    • Developing joint guest PhD programmes

    • Establish research projects to support the development of the AAU PBL model and general PBL-practice and theory

      • Providing more weight behind a research application

      • Developing research projects in the research networks

Teaching activities
Teaching Activities

  • Global activities

    • Develop joint visitor programmes in collaboration with AAU PBL environments

      • Research seminars and introduction to AAU-PBL model for visitors

    • Initiating joint PhD courses and running a PhD Summer school on various aspects of PBL and the AAU PBL model in collaboration with AAU PBL environments

  • Cross-campus activities

    • Introductory courses for new staff and students (national and international) – in a collaboration with AAU PBL environments

    • Development of online resources and introductions to the AAU PBL model for new staff and students in a collaboration with AAU PBL environments

  • Not replacing or displacing existing offers – widening participation and drawing on greater diversity of resources and persons

Two recent examples
Two recent examples

  • PBL academy hosted a visit from Siam University (Thailand)

    • In collaboration with PBL environments across departments and faculties

    • Presenters from UNESCO-chair, Learning Lab, Department of Learning and Philosopy, e-Learning Lab, Dept. Of Communication

    • Drawing on Thai PhD students from various departments to act as facilitators and discussants (translating experiences)

  • Joint course on PBL for new staff in collaboration with Learning Lab and UNESCO Chair

    • Presenters from UNESCO-chair, Learning Lab, e-Learning Lab

    • Further developing the course to be run twice a year

    • Widening participation and engagement across environments – we know there are great resources in various departments – but need better overview

Dissemination activities
Dissemination Activities

  • Dynamic web-site (www.pbl.aau.dk) to aggregate and present the variety of research projects, publications, activities and resources from the different AAU PBL environments

  • Presence on VBN to collect and represent AAU PBL research – anyone can link themselves, PBL publications, activities or events with the PBL academy

    • Gaining overview across campuses, faculties and departments

  • Collaborating with communication staff on presentation materials to new students about PBL - by developing or drawing together existing resources

  • Developing open presentational material available for all employees to use in relation to presenting PBL

  • To help locate relevant people for presentations and activities

We welcome participation and engagement
We welcome participation and engagement

  • We will organise open research networks on various topics regarding PBL

  • We welcome people who are interested in sharing experiences with international visitors within their subject areas

  • We are happy to provide inputs to and support any ongoing activities

  • We will happily publicise on our webpage:

    • Activities related to PBL

    • Publications related to PBL

    • Resources related to PBL

    • Research projects related to PBL

  • Create profiles/link to people who work with PBL as to provide an overview of PBL-resource persons at AAU

  • We welcome any thoughts, feedback, suggestions which can help develop our common interest in PBL

So don t hesitate to contact us
So don’t hesitate to contact us

  • We are here to connect, facilitate, initiate or support activities and ensure the widest possible platform for a common and broad engagement in the continued development of PBL across AAU

  • We cannot do it alone and we therefore we heartily welcome participation and engagement from all across AAU

  • Write to any of us – share your thoughts, comments or suggestions

  • To [email protected]

  • Link yourself or publications to PBL academy on VBN

  • Visit the web page www.pbl.aau.dk for more information