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ADOLESCENT GUIDANCE. SERVICE CENTRE AT. NIPCCD. Dr. Dinesh Paul. & Team. Problems Encountered in Adolescents. Adolescence is characterized by conflicts of values, emotional stress and readiness to extreme attitudes, which invariably leads to several psycho-social problems of adolescents.

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Dr. Dinesh Paul

& Team

Problems encountered in adolescents l.jpg
Problems Encountered in Adolescents

Adolescence is characterized by conflicts of values, emotional stress and readiness to extreme attitudes, which invariably leads to several psycho-social problems of adolescents.

  • Personal and social problems.

  • Problems of health and physical self-esteem.

  • Sex and reproductive health problems.

  • Home and family related problems.

Adolescents some facts and perceptions l.jpg
Adolescents : Some Facts and Perceptions

  • Adolescents between 10-19 years make up one fifth of India’s population and also a potential group for contracting HIV.

  • Adolescent girls constitute a disproportionate (25%) portion of the 5 million abortions performed annually.

  • Teenagers lack easy access to contraceptives and feel guilty and embarrassed to use them.

  • Cultural practices often involve sexual abuse or exploitation, and act as barriers to responsible sexuality.

  • Boys and girls reveal a poor understanding of their sexuality and information sources seem to be media and peers.

Adolescent health and guidance services proposal l.jpg
Adolescent Health and Guidance Services - proposal

Broad Objective

  • To provide health and psycho-social services for adolescents through a comprehensive Adolescent Health Programme.

    Specific Objectives

  • To assess health and psychological needs and problems of adolescents through differential diagnosis;

  • To support adolescents to cope with problem behaviour, by providing psychotherapy, guidance and counselling;

  • To promote positive attitudes and values in adolescents for healthy sexual behaviour;

  • To enhance adolescent’s potential through various strategies of life skills education;

  • To establish linkages with schools, PTAs and civil service organizations in order to strengthen services for the adolescents; and

  • To provide referral services for adolescents with specific health related problems.

Adolescent guidance services centre at nipccd proposed l.jpg
Adolescent Guidance Services Centreat NIPCCD (Proposed)


  • Need Assessment of adolescents.

  • Provide psycho-social services.

  • Development of training modules.


    Adolescents from South Delhi Government & 5-6 private schools identified as high risk and referred by school Principals, Counsellors, Social Workers etc.


  • Counselling

  • Psycho-therapy

  • Behaviour modification

  • Parental counselling

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Who can Visit?

  • Adolescents/students referred by

    • Schools

    • Parents

    • Peers

    • Professionals

Walk-in-clients are also welcome.

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We maintain the professional ethics extending the best of every possible support to achieve success of every adolescent and his/her


Confidentiality is assured.

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ICDS Training - Addition of Adolescents

Slide9 l.jpg

Process of Establishment




Head Quarter

Step i preparatory work of agsc l.jpg

  • Survey of Existing AGSCs at Delhi-for designing a better Adolescent Guidance Service Centre.

  • Proposal submitted to Department of family

    welfare for WHO support.

    Constraints- Lack of Information regarding existing voluntary organizations working in this area.

Step ii starting up of agsc l.jpg

Formation of An Advisory Committee- Who will be recommending on various issues and also monitor the progress of the work etc.

Dissemination of Information

A brochure describing special features of AGSC – prepared and sent to all schools.

Few knowledge based pamphlets on various issues of adolescence for persons visiting AGSC


Meetings could not be organized due to busy schedule of experts

Slide12 l.jpg

Infrastructural Development

Client Friendly Centre

  • Waiting room.

  • Well equipped therapy room.

  • Cubical for multi disciplinary team of AGSC.

  • Appropriate furniture for storing documents.


    Difficult government procedures for construction and procurement of furniture

Slide13 l.jpg

Staffing- Recruitment of Multi-Disciplinary Team

  • Physician

  • Clinical Psychologist

  • Behavioural Psychologist

  • Social worker

  • Data entry operator

  • Psychiatrist ( Shortage of Psychiatrists and not willing to come as consultants on part time-Yet to be appointed)

Step iii collaboration and networking with private and govt schools of south delhi l.jpg

  • Out of 400 Delhi based private schools, 50 schools were selected .The inclusion criteria include:

  • Schools without any facility for mental health services.

  • Those schools who have not been associated with any Adolescent Health and Guidance Centre.

  • Senior Secondary Co-Education Schools.

Slide15 l.jpg

  • Education Department has been contacted for seeking permission on to have liaisoning with Govt. schools.

  • Meeting with school principals, counsellors, and senior teachers.


  • Did not receive any consent from principals of schools.

  • Delay in getting the permission from Govt. schools, for data collection, which further delayed the research work.

  • Non- cooperation from private schools.

Step iv induction of reserch work l.jpg
STEP IV- INDUCTION OF RESERCH WORK permission on to have liaisoning with Govt. schools.

  • An explorative study was conducted with following objectives :

  • Identifying adolescents with problem behavior.

  • Identifying major factors affecting adolescent mental health.

  • Identifying needs and problems of schools going adolescents.

  • A Standardized Youth Self Report (YSR) questionnaire by Achenbach for the course of data collection was selected & applied.

  • Pre-testing of Youth Self Report (YSR) in Hindi was done in one of the Private schools of South-West Delhi.

Step v commencement of work at agsc l.jpg
STEP V- COMMENCEMENT OF WORK AT AGSC permission on to have liaisoning with Govt. schools.

  • Research Study

  • Data collection from various schools ( 3 Govt. and 1 Private School).

  • Data processing and Interpretation of data.

  • Awareness generation programme on various psychological problems among adolescents were conducted in various schools for parents, teachers as well as for students.

  • Health check-ups and Health talks etc.

Slide18 l.jpg

  • Clinical Activity permission on to have liaisoning with Govt. schools.

  • Clients started visiting AGSC

  • Various psychological tools have been applied on the clients depanding on the requirement of the problem.

  • Adjunct Therapies are being used

  • Nutritional counselling.

  • Relaxation therapies.

  • Parental counselling.

  • Referral services.


    Clients did not come as per appointment

    Principals and Parents did not cooperate initially

Only after Health Check up was arranged in schools through

PGDMCH students.

Major findings of the study l.jpg
MAJOR FINDINGS OF THE STUDY permission on to have liaisoning with Govt. schools.

  • Sources Of Daily Stress

  • Too many things to do.

  • Concerns about weight / physical appearance.

  • Doing Home Work / Assignments.

  • Parental nagging

  • Frequent scolding

  • Meeting deadlines

  • Making many decisions.

  • Attending Tutions/ Tutorials

  • Responsibilities outside home.

  • Arguing with friends and family.

  • Slide20 l.jpg

  • Withdrawn Behaviour

  • Somatic complaints

  • Anxious/ Depressed

  • Social Problems

  • Thought Problems

  • Attention Problems

  • Delinquent Behaviour

  • Aggressive Behaviour

  • Slide21 l.jpg

    Multi-Disciplinary Service Delivery Team permission on to have liaisoning with Govt. schools.


    Clinical Psychologist


    Social Worker






    Child Development Expert

    Slide22 l.jpg

    SEX WISE DISTRIBUATION OF DATA permission on to have liaisoning with Govt. schools.

    Class wise bistribution of data l.jpg
    CLASS WISE BISTRIBUTION OF DATA permission on to have liaisoning with Govt. schools.

    Age wise distribution of data l.jpg
    AGE WISE DISTRIBUTION OF DATA permission on to have liaisoning with Govt. schools.

    Psychiatric morbidity of the total respondents l.jpg
    Psychiatric Morbidity of the Total Respondents permission on to have liaisoning with Govt. schools.

    Services l.jpg
    Services permission on to have liaisoning with Govt. schools.

    Slide27 l.jpg

    Health check-up and Nutrition Counselling permission on to have liaisoning with Govt. schools.

    Slide28 l.jpg

    THERAPY permission on to have liaisoning with Govt. schools.

    Slide29 l.jpg

    LEARNING OUTCOMES permission on to have liaisoning with Govt. schools.


    • Non-medical training and research institution

    • Multi-disciplinary team

    • Support from education department

    • Nutrition counselling

    • Procurement of tools and recruitment of staff

    • Screening and other Psychological tests are adapted & suitable to our situation

    • CGC in position for more than 2 decades.

    • Development of Modules for Holistic Development of Adolescent Girls, Adolescent Health and HIV/AIDS, Trafficking of Children & Women, FLE etc. for Voluntary sector and ICDS Training.


    • High demand of Psychiatrists

    • Lack of awareness at all levels for adolescents problems

    • Social Stigma – Poor response from girls school even for counselling services

    Slide30 l.jpg

    THANK YOU permission on to have liaisoning with Govt. schools.