Water conservation educational campaign project management course ucb spring 2010
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Water Conservation Educational Campaign Project Management Course UCB Spring 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Water Conservation Educational Campaign Project Management Course UCB Spring 2010. Acronym Consulting | The A-TEAM. About the Project. Resulted from philanthropic efforts dedicated to the sustainability movement.

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Water conservation educational campaign project management course ucb spring 2010

Water Conservation Educational CampaignProject Management Course UCBSpring 2010

Acronym Consulting | The A-TEAM

About the project
About the Project

  • Resulted from philanthropic efforts dedicated to the sustainability movement.

  • Is a water conservation educational marketing proposal targeting Contra Costa County.

  • Includes:

    • Water conservation educational kit for home owners

    • Website creation plan

    • Compilation of partnering opportunities in the county

  • Designed so the Client can choose The A-Team for project execution.

  • Designed to be implemented in other counties, if successful.


  • Victoria Cashwell, Bay Area philanthropist, is interested in funding water conservation strategies.

    • Retained Acronym Consulting to assist in focusing her philanthropist efforts Q1-3, 2011.

    • Dedicated $500k to this project.

      Why Water Conservation?

  • Northern California has been in a drought for years; causing communities to imposed mandatory water usage restrictions.

Background Con’t

  • The Contra Costa County Water District (CCCWD) implemented a residential Drought Management Program to reduce water usage by 15%, in 2009.

  • The Drought Management Program was replaced with the 2010 Conservation Program.

  • There is a need to collaborate and leverage existing conservation efforts with an effective educational marketing campaign to make water conservation a priority in every Contra Costa County household.


  • Reduce water wastage and improve water conservation efforts among county homeowners by 10% in 1H 2011.

Scope Statement

  • Reduce water wastage in Contra Costa County through effective strategies that are scalable and adaptable.

  • Research the areas of greatest water wastage and develop an educational plan that will leverage partnering opportunities and electronic media.

  • High-Level Deliverables

    • Research Documentation

    • Marketing Campaign Strategy

    • Community Partnership & Opportunities List

    • Sample Water Conservation Residential Kit

    • Website Mock-Up

Roles & Responsibilities

Project Sponsor

Victoria Cashwell / KimiHirotsuZiemski

Project Manager

Jennifer Burstedt

Additional Stakeholders

Contra Costa County Water District and local water conservation NGOs

Team Members

Michele Beleu, Paul Bonta,

Angie Kirk, Joe Marchel,

Cindy Nwoke

Project approach life cycle
Project Approach & Life Cycle

  • The project life cycle has a sequential phase relationship approach

First Review

Second Review

Final Review

Calendar Month by Number




Project Manage


Kit Items

Kit Item Research

Brochure Research

Store Coupons

Rebate Opportunity

Grey Water DVD

Kit Mechanical Items


Grey Water

DVD Proposal

Client Report







Brochure Vendors

Kit Mechanical Vendors

Marketing Brochure

Website Design

Website Operation




Project Charter



Stakeholder Analysis

Water Wastage Project



Marketing Strategy

Assumptions & Constraints


  • Mrs. Cashwell has positive relationships with the other key stakeholders

  • This is a new investment area for Mrs. Cashwell

    • no existing water conservation programs in place

  • Creation of new marketing collateral is out of scope

  • The residential kit will be provided to homeowners free of charge


  • Time constraints in executing this plan:

    • seasonal and environmental meta-factors may force the need of this campaign to begin sooner than plan

The top five identified risks:

  • Lose of team member.

  • Website vendor goes out of business.

  • Delayed delivery of gray water system DVDs.

  • Residential kit materials costs increase more than 20% of original estimate.

    A mitigation plan has been accounted for in the work breakdown structure to minimize the probability and impact for the identified risks.



  • This project will be deemed successful after all deliverables have been completed and Mrs. Cashwell has a clearly defined marketing strategy that she can authorize for implementation.

Team charter
Team Charter


Our mission is to provide value-rich consulting services to address the client’s unique situation through the use of effective project management methodology.


The A-Team will work in a collaborative environment that is respectful, honest, and transparent. Each member will take responsibility for their deliverables and will adhere to the ground rules agreed upon.


The team will use email and course wiki to communicate. If an assignment cannot be completed, the team will be notified by Wednesday at 5 p.m. Each member will take responsibility for their deliverables, including delegating as necessary. Deliverables will be submitted to the team every Thursday at 10 p.m. for review.


Disagreements are encouraged as long as alternative solutions are proposed. Communicate respectfully. Remember, it’s not personal.


Disagreement will be resolved by a vote. The Project Manager makes final decision if voting is deadlocked. There is no time limit on discussion.


The team will meet in-person after class on Saturday, staying as late as 5:30 p.m. All meetings must have an agenda, and end with conclusive/clear next steps, action items, owner, and due date.

The A-Team

Project ManagerJennifer Burstedt

Team Members

Michele Beleu

Paul Bonta

Angie Kirk

Joe Marchel

Cindy Nwoke