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V Online Training offers training by domain experts to train students in various, industry specific domains that are in demand. We impart knowledge through planned curriculum to make the learner understand the subject based on the current trends. Trainers, who have wide expertise on respective domains, carefully plan your modules. Salesforce Online Training with its unique visionary concept and Creative technology takes these complexities out from businesses who want to use IT minutes its headaches. Called “Cloud Computing model”, with it you do not need to have any IT infrastructure in terms of hardware, software, databases and hence no need worry about configuring networks, security and backups. Salesforce Online Training is a pioneer in providing high quality on-demand CRM software (referred to as “The Sales cloud” by salesforce). Salesforce Online Training is a customer relationship management tool (CRM), which means using this tool to track of and strengthen a company’s relationship with its existing and potential clients. Contact Us: USA : 1 610 990 3968, INDIA : 919293804171. Mail id: [email protected] Contact url: Facebook id:

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Online Training

salesforce online training
Salesforce Online Training

Course Name :

 Salesforce Online Training

Salesforce Online Training Course Details

1    Cloud Computing       30 mins

  • Introducing Cloud Computing
  • Different models in Cloud
  • Introducing the Salesforce Cloud computing With SaaS,PaaS
salesforce online training1
Salesforce Online Training

2    Application Design    1 hr

  • List and describe components of an application
  • Describe the model-view-controller design paradigm
  • Given a scenario, determine whether sufficient information is available to plan/build/design an application

3    Overview of Platform    2 hrs

  • List and describe the steps required to design and deploy a successful application built using the declarative capabilities of the platform.
  • List and describe the building blocks of an application provided by the platform
salesforce online training2
Salesforce Online Training
  •     Data Model 3 hrs
  • Describe how to create a functional data model for a business application
  • Given a scenario, select the features required to create a functional data model for a business application
  • Describe the properties and implications of choosing one object relationship type over another and distinguish among relationship types
  • Given a scenario, distinguish among object relationship types, describe how to create relationships, and determine which relationship should be recommended
  • List and describe the features used to set permission and data access in a custom app
  • Given a scenario, select the appropriate feature (e.g., profiles, defaults, roles) to provide appropriate permissions and data access in a custom app
  • List and describe optional (Salesforce-enabled) features for managing the application (e.g., create audit fields, encrypted fields, multicurrency)
salesforce online training3
Salesforce Online Training

5. User Interface    2 hrs

  • List and describe the components of any application user interface (e.g., tabs, applications, detail pages, list views)
  • Given a scenario, determine the capabilities and constraints of the declarative framework for building a user interface (e.g., what can and can’t be done in a page layout)
  • Describe use cases for how pages can extend the user interface in the declarative framework and when to do so
  • Describe the capabilities and functionality of sites

6    Business Logic    3 hrs

  • List and describe how to create formulas, validation rules, and workflow rules
  • Given a scenario, determine which feature to use to solve a business requirement and/or describe how to apply the solution
  • List and describe the capabilities of the approval processes
  • Given a scenario, select the appropriate features of approval processes to satisfy business requirements
  • List and describe the features of the platform for debugging and monitoring automated business processes
  • Describe use cases for extending business logic through code
salesforce online training4
Salesforce Online Training

7    Data Management    3 hrs

  • List and describe the capabilities and constraints of import wizards
  • List and describe the capabilities and constraints of API-based tools for managing data
  • List and describe the functions of the Data Loader
  • Describe use cases and functions of external IDs and upset
  • Given a scenario, determine appropriate uses of the GUI and command-line interface for the data loader
  • Describe the characteristics of record IDs

8    Reporting and Analytics    2 hrs

  • List and describe capabilities and constraints of reports and analytics of the platform
  • Given a scenario, determine methods for analyzing and displaying data
salesforce online training5
Salesforce Online Training

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USA : +1 610 990 3968,

INDIA : 919293804171.

Mail id:[email protected]

Facebook id: training/510581945740107