Military commanders of world war ii
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MILITARY COMMANDERS OF WORLD WAR II. ALLIED AND AXIS. LAST BRITISH SOLDIER TO LEAVE THE SHORES OF DUNKIRK Commander in Chief Middle East. Was the overseer of the allied victory at El Alamein Eisenhower wanted him to command D-Day. Major General Harold Alexander British Expeditionary Force.

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Major general harold alexander british expeditionary force


Commander in Chief Middle East

Was the overseer of the allied victory at El Alamein

Eisenhower wanted him to command D-Day.

Major General Harold AlexanderBritish Expeditionary Force

Simon bolivar buckner jr us
Simon Bolivar Buckner, Jr (US)

  • His father was Confederate General Simon Bolivar Buckner, SR.

    • He had surrendered to Grant in the Civil war

    • He was a HUGE RACIST

  • Alaskan Campaign

  • Commanded10th Army

    • Okinawa

    • Highest ranking American to have been killed during the War

Hermann goering
Hermann Goering

  • Top Nazi, a political mass-murderer

  • Hitler's deputy

  • Goering the highest military rank of Reichsmarshal

  • Signed the Nazi plan for "The final solution of the Jewish problem

Admiral isoroku yamamoto

Studied English in Harvard University

Planned Pearl Harbor

Yamamoto lost in the Battle of Midway

Dies in plane crash

Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto

Otto skorzeny

"The most dangerous man in Europe"

Hitler's commando leader

SS Special Unit Friedenthal

Operation Greif (Griffin)

Otto Skorzeny

General mark wayne clark

Deputy Commander for Operation Torch, the Allied invasion of North Africa

Clark was the youngest officer to become Lt. General in 1943

December 1944 he assumed command of the 15th and British and US Armies, putting him in command of all ground troops in Italy

General Mark Wayne Clark

General dwight d eisenhower

Supreme Commander of Allied Forces In Europe North Africa

Given Rank General of the Army

Although he had never seen action himself, he won the respect of front-line commanders

General Dwight D. Eisenhower

Heinz guderian hurrying heinz

XIX Army Corps North Africa

Panzergruppe Guderian during Barbarossa

Chief of OKH

Hitler dismissed him on 28 March 1945

Heinz Guderian“Hurrying Heinz”

Douglas macarthur

Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in the Southwest Pacific North Africa

“I shall Return”

Oversaw Invasion forces of Philippines

“Island Hopping”

Not a good Politician.

Accepted Japanese Surrender

Douglas MacArthur

Bernard law monty montgomery

B North Africa ritish Expeditionary Force

Commanded 8th Army in North Africa against Rommell

Victory at El Alamein

Butted heads with American Commanders during Invasion of Sicily and Italy

Commander at D-Day

Bernard Law “Monty” Montgomery

Chester nimitz

Commander in Chief of Pacific Forces for the United States and Allied forces

Carried out the Island Hopping campaign that leads through Iwo and Saipan and eventually on to Japan

Drank A LOT

Chester Nimitz

Georgi zhukov

Hard Core and Cruel known as “Howlin Mad” Holland Smith

Lucky and Skilled

Great Leader and teacher

Defeated Japanese in only Real attempt on USSR

Saved Leningrad, Stalingrad

Drafted women and children to save Moscow

Was 1st to reach Berlin

Georgi Zhukov

George c marshall

Humorless, Cold , and Formal known as “Howlin Mad” Holland Smith

He transformed the US Army from and force of 200,000 to 2 million

Formulated assault on France

Finest Soldier I have ever known

Stimson, SOW

George C. Marshall

Konstantin rokossovsky ussr
Konstantin Rokossovsky known as “Howlin Mad” Holland SmithUSSR

  • He was the Hero of Stalingrad

  • Crushed the 6th German Army

  • Commander at KURSK

  • Finest General in the Red Army

Frederich erich von manstien

Most Repsected of the German Officers known as “Howlin Mad” Holland Smith

Clear and Calculating

Altered Hilter’s plans for invasion of France by going through the Ardennes

Frederich Erich Von Manstien

  • Most successful as a tank commander known as “Howlin Mad” Holland Smith

  • Only German to achieve a major victory against the Soviets

    • Taking the Black Sea Peninsula

    • Credited with Last German victory of the war at Kharkov Rail station

George s patton

Flamboyant and charismatic known as “Howlin Mad” Holland Smith

Believer in Destiny

Unloved but respected

Took Casablanca in 42’

North Africa with 3rd Armored

Sicily Trouble


Headed 3rd in Ardennes at Battle of Bulge

Most successful in territory

1000 miles in less than a year

George S. Patton

Bertram ramsay
Bertram Ramsay known as “Howlin Mad” Holland Smith

  • Evacuated Dunkirk

  • Transports of US troops to the war

  • In charge of naval Operations for OVERLORD (Operation Neptune)

    • 4000 ships

    • Delivered 5 divisions to the shores of Normandy

Irwin rommel

“Desert Fox” known as “Howlin Mad” Holland Smith

Faster than any before in France

Afrika Corps

Captured Tobruk

Defeated at 2nd El Alamein


Failed at Normandy

Suicided for Plot against Hitler

Irwin Rommel

Wilhelm keitel
Wilhelm Keitel known as “Howlin Mad” Holland Smith

  • Appointed Chief of Staff of German High Command & in charge of all military strategy

  • Nazi PYSCHO


Friedrich paulus
Friedrich Paulus known as “Howlin Mad” Holland Smith

  • Commander of the German Sixth Army in January 1942 and led the drive on Stalingrad.

  • Russian-sponsored National Committee for a Free Germany

Albert kesselring

Chief of the Luftwaffe General Staff. known as “Howlin Mad” Holland Smith

Almost defeated British at BOB

Commanded German Forces in all of Italy

“Soft Underbelly” 20 months

Germany as Commander in Chief West in March 1945

Albert Kesselring