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21 Jan 2008. HK000KL3. I 、 PRC Auto Industry in 2007. II 、 DFG 2007 Business Overview. III 、 Outlook of PRC Auto Industry in 2008. I. Overview of PRC Auto Industry in 2007. Strong Growth of Auto Sales Enhanced Market Position of PRC Auto Industry

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21 Jan 2008


i prc auto industry in 2007

I、 PRC Auto Industry in 2007

II、 DFG 2007 Business Overview

III、 Outlook of PRC Auto Industry in 2008

i overview of prc auto industry in 2007

I. Overview of PRC Auto Industry in 2007

  • Strong Growth of Auto Sales
  • Enhanced Market Position of PRC Auto Industry
  • Upgrading of PV Consumption Structure
  • Higher Than Expected CV Growth, with HDT in the Limelight
  • Further Expanded Auto Export
1 strong growth of auto sales

000’ units

Growth: 22.25%

1、Strong Growth of Auto Sales

PRC Total Vehicle Sales Volume

PRC Total PV Sales Volume1


000’ units

Growth Rate: 21.68%

Growth Rate: 21.84%

PRC Total CV Sales Volume

China Association of Automobile Manufactures (CAAM)

Note1:According to CAAM’s segmentation, passenger vehicles include passenger car, MPV, SUVand cross-over vehicles

2 enhanced market position of prc auto industry
2、 Enhanced Market Position of PRC Auto Industry

Expanded Domestic Auto Consumption Scale

Increased Global Market Share

0000 unit

3 upgrading of pv consumption structure
3、Upgrading of PV Consumption Structure

Upgrading of PV Consumption Structure

PV Sales Structure by Engine Displacement in 2007

  • Mid-to-high end Sedan sales achieved fast growth. In 2007,mid-to-high end sedan sales grew by 43%, much higher than industry average growth of 22%.
  • Lackluster growth of economic sedans;
  • SUV achieved a strong growth of 50%, with City Cross-over SUV, Functional SUV and Recreational SUV favored by consumers.
  • MPV grew by 18% in 2007, lower than PV industry average growth of 21.68%.
4 higher than expected cv growth hdt in the limelight
4、Higher Than Expected CV Growth,HDT in the limelight

Favorable macro economy environment boosted the robust sales of HDT Segment

Impact from implementation of weight-tolling system

Upgrade of highway transportation system and increasing demand for highway cargo transportation efficiency

HDT technology advanced, with higher price-performance ratio and further expanding exportvolume

5 further expanded auto export
5、Further Expanded Auto Export

Change of Export Layout

Rapid Growth of PRC Auto Export

  • PRC auto export achieved fast growth in the past few years. Auto export volume has increased from 20,000 units in 2002 to 600,000 units in 2007.
  • According to statistics released by China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products, average unit export price in 2007 was US$ 11,800,representing a 31.9% growth compared with that of US$9,000 in 2006. Truck export unit price was more stronger, reaching 41.4% growth.
  • In terms of export revenue, truck export still held a dominating position . In terms of export volume, HDT with a loading capacity higher than 20t increased rapidly, while previously truck export used to be dominated by those with a loading capacity under 5t.
ii dfg business performance in 2007

II. DFG Business Performance in 2007

  • Auto Business Continued to Maintain Strong Growth Momentum
  • Sales and Market Share of DFG in Different Segments
  • Stable Growth of PV Business
  • Steady Production Capacity Expansion Plan
  • Newly Launched Models Well Received by the Market
1 business continued to maintain strong growth momentum


Growth: 28.89%


Growth : 26.5%


Growth: 21.88%

1. Business Continued to Maintain Strong Growth Momentum

Steady Growth of Auto Sales Volume

Rapid Development of PV Business

In 2007, DFG’s total sales reached 949,500 units, representing a YoY growth of 26.5%, higher than the industry average growth of 21.84%. PV sales reached 638,000 units, representing a YoY increase of 28.89%, while CV sold 311,500 units, with a YoY increase of 21.88%.

Steady Growth of CV Business

2 sales and market share of dfg in different segments

0000’ units

■11.4% ■11.6%

■12.3% ■13.3%

■10.6% ■10.6%

■21.8% ■18%

■24.8% ■27%

■14% ■16.2%

2. Sales and Market Share of DFG in Different Segments
3 rapid growth of pv business

Dongfeng Motor Company Ltd

Growth: 2.98%

Dongfeng Pegeot Citroen Automobile

Co., Ltd

PSA Peugeot Citroën

Dongfeng Honda Automobile Co., Ltd

Growth: 33.59%

3. Rapid Growth of PV Business

In 2007,PV sales of DFG reached 638,000 units, representing a YoY growth of 28.89%.

Growth: 100.32%



4 steady production expansion plan
4、Steady Production Expansion Plan

Steady Production Expansion Plan

Comparatively High Level of

Production Utilization Rate


5 newly launched models well received by the market




Upgraded Kinland




Livina Geniss


307 Hatchback

New Picasso

More new models/face lift to come in 2008



New 307

New Teana

New Teana



5、Newly Launched Models Well Received By the Market



Before 2006


iii growth prospect of prc auto industry in 20081
III. Growth Prospect of PRC Auto Industry in 2008
  • We expect PRC auto industry to continue the rapid development momentum in 2008, but due to macro economy tightening policy, auto growth speed is likely to slow down compared with that of 2007. If auto industry grows by a conservative 15%, total auto sales in 2008 will reach 10.1million units; if it grows by an optimistic 20%, then total industry sales will reach 10.54 million units.