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Jeopardy. Choose a category. You will be given the answer. You must give the correct question. Click to begin. Choose a point value. Choose a point value. Click here for Final Jeopardy. Around the World. Allocating Resources. Notable Geographers. Thinking Geographically. Population.

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Choose a category.

You will be given the answer.

You must give the correct question.

Click to begin.

Choose a point value.

Choose a point value.

Click here for Final Jeopardy

Around the World

Allocating Resources

Notable Geographers

Thinking Geographically


10 Points

10 Points

10 Points

10 Point

10 Points

20 Points

20 Points

20 Points

20 Points

20 Points

30 Points

30 Points

30 Points

30 Points

30 Points

40 Points

40 Points

40 Points

40 Points

40 Points

50 Points

50 Points

50 Points

50 Points

50 Points

A size of scale that would show the entire earth

What is a small scale

Remember the pie analogy

Because Japan is culturally homogenous, they are identified as this type of region.

What is a formal region?

From the Greek khartes and graphien.

The study and practice of making maps.

What is cartography?

To find out farming efficiency within a country one might want to calculate this.

What is the agricultural density?

In example… In 1492 it took Columbus 37 days, in 1912 it would have taken the Titanic 5 days, in 1927 it took Charles Lindbergh 33.5 hours, and in 1962 John Glenn did it in 15 minutes.

What is space-time compression?

The reduction in the time it takes to diffuse something to a distant place as a result of improved communications and transportation systems

Wind and oil represent these two types of resources.

What are renewable and nonrenewable resources?

Historically, people relied in this type of power that was powered by themselves or by animals.

What is animate power?

This location, geographically located between to mountains is known for its high levels of air pollution.

What is Mexico City?

The people who inhabit this island nation may not be large contributors to global warming, but they are definitely feeling its effects!

Daily Double!

What is Tuvalu?

Despite the denials from the Soviet Union in the 1970s and 80s, satellite imagery has proven the destruction of this, once considered the world’s fourth largest lake, due to water pollution.

What is the Aral Sea?Now between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, the Aral Sea may cease to exist by 2020!

This geographer created a map that had several advantages, shape was distorted very little and direction remained consistent.

It is usually known for its chief disadvantage though, that it greatly distorts area at the poles.

Who is Mercator?

This geographer believed that if population outran the food supply, there would be a certain catastrophe.

Who is Thomas Malthus?

According to this geographer, economic reasons were the largest motivator for migration.

Who is Ravenstein?

This contemporary analyst believed that a large population could actually stimulate food production.

Who is Esther Boserup?

By mapping the distribution of deaths from Cholera in 1854 London, John Snow contributed to this discipline of medical science

What is epidemiology?

2/3s of the world’s population live in these two regions.

What are Europe and Asia?

The total fertility rate most affects this calculation of when a locations population will double.

What is doubling time?

The birthrate tends to do this when people switch to a modern urban society.

What is decrease?

The promise of free land to farmers in a different country is an example of this.

What is a pull factor?

Areas between these parallels are inhospitable for humans because the combination of rain and heat rapidly deplete nutrients from the soil and makes farming very difficult.

Where are 20 degrees north and south of the Equator.

Mapping the usage of the words soda, pop, and coke is an example of this, which looks at language boundaries

What is an isogloss?

This popular road in the United States went through a revival to return back to its folk routes after a period of abandonment.

What is Route 66?

In contrast to Amish communities this society supports the use of technology for economic gains.

What are the Hutterites?

This cultural group that lives in the American Pacific Northwest fought modern day courts and organizations to return to traditional folk activities.

Who are the Makah?

Nigeria choose this as its official language upon independence.

What is English?

Final Jeopardy

Linguistic Geography

Make your wager

The GuuguYimithirr tribe commonly use cardinal directions and spatial orientation in conversation, a thought process that has been labeled as this.

What is geocentric?

(or geocentric reasoning)

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