Presidential powers and roles
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Presidential Powers and Roles PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Presidential Powers and Roles . Chapter 9, Sections 1-2. Presidential Roles Political Cartoon . Create a political cartoon that represents each of the roles the present. Constitutional Powers. Executive is needed to carry out laws and respond quickly to needs

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Presidential Powers and Roles

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Presidential powers and roles

Presidential Powers and Roles

Chapter 9, Sections 1-2

Presidential roles political cartoon

Presidential Roles Political Cartoon

  • Create a political cartoon that represents each of the roles the present

Constitutional powers

Constitutional Powers

  • Executive is needed to carry out laws and respond quickly to needs

  • Founding fathers create strong executive to

    • Protect liberty and private property

    • Hold legislative branch in check

  • Pres. Powers in Article II of the Constitution

    • Commander in chief – national security

    • Head of executive branch – appoints heads of depts.

    • Chief Executive – foreign policy, treaties, appoint ambassadors

    • Judicial Powers – appoint fed. Judges pardon people

    • Chief Legislator – ensures laws are faithfully executed

Informal sources of power

Informal Sources of Power

  • Personal Exercise of Power

    • Each pres. Defines office in own ways

    • Example: Jefferson’s purchase of Louisiana Territory

  • Immediate Needs of the Nation

    • Pres. Exercise more power in times of crisis

    • Example: Lincoln during Civil War

      • Suspended writ of habeas corpus

      • Raised army before congress’s approval

      • Illegally blockades Southern ports

  • Mandate of the People

    • Mandate – strong popular support for actions

    • Pres. Uses media to gain popular support for their policies

    • Media provides forum or space for discussion

Limits on presidential power

Limits on Presidential Power

  • Limitation by Congress

    • Congressional Override of veto

    • Confirmation power of Senate

    • Power of the purse

    • Impeachment

  • Limitation by Fed. Courts

    • Fed. Court can rule legislation unconstitutional

    • Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company v. Sawyer

      • Rules that Pres. can’t take over congressional powers when congress fails to act

  • Limitation by Bureaucracy

    • Bureaucrats can fail to provide info, misinterpret instructions, neglect tasks

  • Limitation by Public Opinion

    • Fail to re-elect pres. Who disregards public opinion

Role head of state

Role: Head of State

  • Represents nation

  • Performs ceremonial roles

    • Example: hosts visiting dignitaries

  • Head of state ad chief executive are different people in other counties

    • Example: England

  • Pres. Is symbol of the US

Role chief executive

Role: Chief Executive

  • Tools of Influence

    • Executive Orders – rules that have the force of law

    • Presidential appointments and remove officials

    • Impoundment – Pres. Refuses to spend $ congress has appropriated

  • Reprieves and Pardons

    • Reprieve – postpone legal punishment

    • Pardon – release from legal punishment

  • Amnesty

    • Group pardon to people for offense against govt.

Role chief legislator

Role: Chief Legislator

  • Propose legislation to congress

  • President’s Legislative Program

    • Describes program in state of the union address

    • Pres. Has large staff to write legislation

  • Tools of Presidential Lawmaking

    • Hand out political favors

    • Veto power

Role economic planner

Role: Economic Planner

  • Employment Act of 1946 gives pres. New powers

    • Pres. Gives annual economic report to congress

    • Created Council of Economic Advisors – studies economy to help prepare the report

    • Fed. Govt.  Responsibility to promote high employment rate, production, purchasing power

  • Prepares fed. Budget each year

Role chief diplomat

Role: Chief Diplomat

  • Struggle between congress and pres.

  • Power to make treaties

  • Power to make executive agreements

    • Pacts between the Pres and heads of other nations

  • Recognition of Foreign Govts.

    • Determines whether US will recognize legal existence of other govt.

Roles party leader

Roles: Party Leader

  • Lead within political party

  • Help members of their party get elected

  • Appoint members of their party to govt. jobs

  • Patronage – appointment to political office that rewards those who support the pres. During election

Role commander in chief

Role: Commander in Chief

  • Power to make war

    • Shares with congress

  • Military operations and strategy

    • Makes key military decisions

    • Many pres. Come from military background

    • Authority to order atomic weapons

    • Use of military in domestic cases

Presidential political cartoons

Presidential Political Cartoons

  • Create a political cartoon the represents each of the 7 roles the president plays.

  • You must include at least 3 symbols within your cartoon.

  • Explain the significance of your cartoon in a paragraph on the back of your sheet.

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