Chapter 9
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Chapter 9 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter 9. Physics A First Course. Matter and Energy. Matter and Energy Physical Properties of Matter. 9.1 Atomic Structure 9.2 Electrons and the Periodic Table 9.3 Quantum Theory of the Atom. Key Question: How is an atom organized?. 9A Investigation: The Atom.

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Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Physics A First Course

Matter and Energy

Matter and energy physical properties of matter

Matter and EnergyPhysical Properties of Matter

  • 9.1 Atomic Structure

  • 9.2 Electrons and the Periodic Table

  • 9.3 Quantum Theory of the Atom

9a investigation the atom

Key Question:

How is an atom organized?

9A Investigation: The Atom

*Students read text section 9.1

AFTER Investigation 9A

9a investigation topics

9A Investigation Topics

  • Build model atoms.

  • Use the periodic table.

  • Compare atomic structure to the layout of the periodic table.

Chapter 9 1 objectives and vocabulary

atomic theory






electromagnetic force

strong nuclear force


atomic number

mass number

Name the subatomic particles that make up an atom and describe their locations.

Describe the forces that hold atoms together.

Identify the number of particles in an atomic nucleus.

Chapter 9.1 Objectives and Vocabulary

Chapter 9 2 objectives and vocabulary

periodic talbe






energy level

valance electrons

chemical bond

noble gases

Use the periodic table to obtain information about the elements.

Explain the relationship between an element's placement on the periodic table and its chemical properties.

Understand a simple model of electron arrangement.

Chapter 9.2 Objectives and Vocabulary

9b investigation energy and the quantum

Key Question:

How does an atom absorb and emit light energy?

9B Investigation: Energy and the Quantum

*Students read text section 9.3

AFTER Investigation 9B

9b investigation topics

9B Investigation Topics

  • Build and model atoms.

  • Compare absorption and emission in atoms.

Chapter 9 3 objectives and vocabulary


spectral line


quantum theory

quantum state

Planck's constant

uncertainty principle



Explain the meaning of quantum theory.

Compare and contrast the Bohr and quantum atomic models.

Explain why probability is important when working with atom-sized systems.

Chapter 9.3 Objectives and Vocabulary

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